Eclectic Mix of Cat Pix and Probs

I thought, for once, I’d mix cat pix and probs to use the sort of language people like on the Internet.

So, here are ten cat behavior and health questions with quick answers. These are pretty typical. I find that a lot of the problems have similar causes. Often stress is a major or contributing factor. Below this section are some neat cat pix.

  1. My cat has a reoccurring ringworm problem. Can I use UV lamp when there is no sun to disinfect my cat’s skin? Answer: No, in my opinion. Although ultra-violet light can help treat a fungal skin infection, which ringworm is, a cat has fur and how do you propose that the light gets to the skin? Perhaps you have a hairless cat but even then it would be wrong and potentially dangerous to try this. UV light can burn skin and requires careful application. Also the conventional treatment of cat ringworm is quite long and not that pleasant, apparently. Please see a vet asap.
  2. Our 1-year old calico is eating rugs and various articles of clothing, not only tearing them, but swallowing them as well? Answer: This is called pica. It is probably due to early weaning. I would see a vet about this. Although, I have never heard the following suggestion mentioned before, you might try and find a substitute for the mother’s breast for him/her to suckle on. Some cats with the same problem suckle on a person’s ear lobe ;). If he/she is eating indigestible and inedible items that is obviously a danger to the cat’s health. It might cause an obstruction.
  3. My cat, is shaking her head and acts like ear infection but the side of her face is swollen? Answer: This is an abscess. The lump contains puss (a bacterial infection). This is due to a cat bite, probably. It needs to be drained, cleaned and antibiotics applied. You’ll have to give your cat a course of antibiotic pills after seeing the vet. If it does not clear up you’ll have to see the vet again and it may require surgery. The cat is shaking his head because it hurts and probably because it irritates, as well.
  4. My cat has a little opening beside his bum hole, and when you gently squeeze or put pressure on it brown puss comes out. Answer: These are anal glands. They provide a scent. They can become infected. Your vet should check this out and if necessary, drain the glands of the infection and probably treat with antibiotics.
  5. My cat has started sleeping in his litter box! it’s driving us crazy, I don’t know how to get him to stop. He has trees. Answer: Your cat is anxious for whatever reason. You will need to assess the matter and find the reason. The sort of reasons for this are: new cat, stray cats coming in, recent home move, noise, ill-treatment from someone, absence of cat’s owner etc.. In other words, it is something that you or your friends etc. are doing that is unnerving your cat. Have a think about that. Sleeping in his litter brings comfort to your cat because it smells of him. It is like home. It does indicate that other cats are intruding on his territory.
  6. Are Roses Poison To Cat? Answer: No, there is nothing to say that roses are poisonous to cats but many indoor and outdoor plants are. Here are two pages on the subject: Link 1 and Link 2.
  7. After he eats or plays, why does he stare at me until I sit down next to him so that he can lay down? Answer: This is probably a mixture of your interpretation of what he is doing and wanting and also your cat following a routine. What has happened is that you have interpreted his stare as a gentle demand for you to sit down and let him sit down next to you. Having done this for a while that is now what happens. Together you have created a routine. It started when he looked at you and you interpreted it in a certain way.
  8. My 3 yr old cat just started pooping in our bathtub, 3 days in a row. Just in the morning. Still uses his litter box. Answer: This is another cat who is anxious. Pooping in places other than in the cat litter is scent marking the house (his home range). Figure out what is making him anxious and remove it. Things should then return to normal.
  9. Newly adopted kitten not eating or drinking water since coming from the shelter. She was spayed before she left the shelter. Help please! Answer: This is a stressed kitten by the sound of it. Stressed because of a new home, new smells, new sounds and also just getting over recent surgery. Cats like routine. Her routine has been shattered. Give her time and plenty of TLC plus play and the best cat food you can find with plenty of protein. Things should improve. If not see the vet please.
  10. What makes a cat cough? A: I have a full page on the topic. There is a wide range of causes. This link takes you to a range of pages on the cat cough.

In my estimation, these cat pictures are in the public domain. If you disagree please leave a comment and I’ll respond with speed and efficiency 😉

Cat asleep
Cat asleep looking beautiful
Two useful tags. Click either to see the articles:- Toxic to cats | Dangers to cats
Beautiful cat claws
Beautiful cat claws
Cat and a Bubble
What is that? Never seen that before.
Cat asleep with crossed arms
Do not Disturb
Golden cat eye
Golden Eye
Cat in car in snow
Yes, I’m in a teapot in a car in the snow!
Cat drinking from a tap
Just to prove that I am still flexible even if I’m a bit tubby
Cats at an open window
I’ll go, you wait a bit
Dog-like cat playing fetch
I blame my parents. They raised me as a dog

2 thoughts on “Eclectic Mix of Cat Pix and Probs”

  1. I forgot to comment here. Did you make up the captions Michael? Because if you did – they are funny. Be careful, if you put the text on the pics like you have with some of the more serious pictures in past articles you are in danger of making some very good “——s” I won’t say it. They are funny. I especially like the last one.

    My cats love bubbles by the way. I like the bubble photo. My cats go crazy for bubble chasing them and trying to swat them.

    • They are my captions. All of them on the site are (except for Ruth and Elisa’s collages). You must have a bubble making machine! I’d love to be a fly on the wall at your home. In fact I am sure that A Day in the Life of Marc & His Cats would make a good video.


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