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Elisa’s Top 10 Cat Articles For 2012 — 3 Comments

  1. Elisa I love your articles they are all different and interesting, some serious and some light hearted. I love Sealy and liked him on facebook ages ago (I am Lilli Ĺ orn of facebook by the way – it’s my cat Lilly’s page technically speaking). You happen to write about things I am always interested in, from product reviews to cat healthcare and much more. All the articles above are great. I particularly liked Cat Grankids and Indoor v Outdoor Ilnesses. If it wasn’t for your article on Pyometra I would have not have not hurried to get my Molly spayed when she started her heat cycles. I just didn’t know about it. She is having her stitches out soon, it all went well. Most of all I like to hear the stories of how you came to be with the cats you have and had. The story of when you found Furby. Those are exciting and sad and happy and tragic – all the emotions come through and so does your love for cats. It’s unusual for one person to have so many different styles and kinds of articles. Some very technical and informative and others almost like a adventure story and yet more that bring ones thoughts to the meaning and issues and politics that really matter in our hearts when it comes to cats. Hope you are gonna write many more and thanks by the way!

    • Thank you for reading them. I’ve been lying in bed awake with the next story idea. It’s a legal issue and I have to get myself a bit more thought collected before I write it.

      When Abby got sick my daughter immediately knew what was wrong and called the vet. Abyy had already lost half her bladder because of dog treats containing calcium so she was considered high risk.

      We’ve had our hands full getting Sheela and Shirley situated after their return. My best tip on having a new arrival is to have a high quality kitten replacement milk on hand in case they won’t eat. I guess it was stress but both had to be syringe fed for 2 days until they began eating on their own. I’m learning a lot just from personal experience.

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