Endangered Nepal Tiger

The endangered Nepal tiger is heading towards extinction in the wild in that country. This is just one more sad, very sad for me example of the general apathy we as a world have about the survival in the wild of our beautiful wild cats. Obviously not enough people care otherwise something would be done about it.

Pokhara Valley Nepal
Pokhara Valley Nepal – this is not far from the reserve mentioned – photo by technopolitan

A census between Jan and April of 2008 at the Suklaphanta Wildlife Conservation Park in western Nepal (formerly Royal Sukla Phanta Wildlife Reserve) indicates greatly reduced numbers of tiger. The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) estimates that, currently, there are less than 150 tigers in Nepal. The kind of numbers of tiger left in this park is down to levels (10 to 17 tigers) where the population is unsustainable surely as inbreeding will take place which will undermine health and kill off the remaining tigers — see map of the conservation park below:

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We are talking about a “conservation park” where I presume the animals are “conserved” and therefore protected but sadly it is all a pretense. Big cat populations world wide have fallen by 95% over the last century and are heading to extinction in the wild. The park rangers are outgunned and out manned by the poachers who, driven by fantastic financial gain in supplying the Chinese tiger body part market, are gradually eradicating this magnificent animal from so called protected parks. The worst of it is that the people who are meant to do the protecting, the rangers or police, call them what you like, are on occasion the poachers too. Corruption and the idiotic idea that the parts of a tiger can do something for us, is at the root of the endangered Nepal tiger.

Why do we kill the most beautiful and most precious?

Endangered Nepal Tiger to Bengal Tiger Facts

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