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Euro-leopard? — 9 Comments

  1. Sorry. Beautiful, regardless of anything. Absolutely! [Have you checked them all out, b/c my Iranian friends may have a say in these orgs. I am going to blv that they are all good, until I hear otherwise.

  2. I did have a broken rib at the time, but that is no excuse, since I never asked for painkillers. That beautiful Persian leopard is female, no?

  3. And I cannot see clearly the names of all of those ‘Cheetah’ protection orgs at the end of the clip…could you post a comment on this? TIA

  4. I’ve only watched it 5x, Michael, but I will view it more. Where does this cat get his water? He looks hungry and thirsty. I have to surmise that if they have a camera up, then they are providing water. ?

    • Good point. These wild cat species get a lot of their water from the prey they kill because animals are 70% water. There will be some water somewhere as well.

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