European Union is Bad for Cats!

Stray cats and dogs can be used in labs under EU-wide legislation. Boy are we sick of the European Union in Britain – well, the vast majority are. The damn Eurocrats (European Union bureaucrat) and European politicians have screwed up again and again. They expanded the European Union prematurely to include countries that were not ready to be in Europe and then brought countries such as Greece into the Eurozone when clearly it was inappropriate to do so. Greece would not be in this mess today but for the Eurocrats who incidentally earn far too much and appoint themselves ludicrous wage increases at a time of austerity for the vast majority of European people.

The financial crisis in Europe, brought about largely because of poor political decisions, is having a big impact on people and there must be a knock on effect for the domestic cat because what affects us affects the cat. Think about charitable donations for a start.

It does not stop there though. The idiotic laws that the EU hands down and which bind European countries have had a detrimental impact on the British at a number levels. Doctors working hours is one clear example. EU laws meant that doctors failed to be trained properly and it meant that patients failed to receive continuity of a single doctor during treatment.

Stray kitten in the UK

Stray kitten in the UK – vulnerable to being taken for testing? Photo: by Gwydion M. William

Now we have an EU-wide law permitting European countries to use stray dogs and cats in laboratories albeit under limited circumstances.

We are told that this failing British government is intending to adopt this horrible EU law. This is a potential throwback to times gone by in the 1950s when stray cats and dogs were swept up off the streets by animal dealers for vivisection experiments.

The wording of the EU law allows stray cats and dogs to be used for…

“essential studies relating to the health and welfare of the animals, or serious threats to the environment or to human or animal health”.

It sounds ominous to me. It is a weakening of the current ban. This begs the question why are the government doing this? The government says it will not result in strays being used for experiments because the labs would still have to apply for a license, which would be unlikely to be granted.

That is the sort of thing governments say. The British Vivisection Society is concerned as is the Dogs Trust. Dog and cat lovers should be concerned too.

The reason for the introduction of this EU-wide law in Britain is probably to promote business. Expanding business is all that the government talks about these days. They are trying to get rid of the national debt. The Greek crisis is affecting Britain’s economic recovery. Greece’s predicament is largely due to irresponsible decision making by European politicians.

So, you can see how Europe is bad for cats! We need to leave Europe and be Great Britain again.

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European Union is Bad for Cats! — 2 Comments

  1. I totally agree, we need to get out of the EU quickly before much more damage is done to our beautiful country and the people and animals here.
    Our Pet Welfare Act needs expanding to cover ALL animals as how can it be right to protect one cat because he is a pet, yet experiment on another cat just because he isn’t?
    My late dad would be devasted to know he helped win WW2 for our freedom only for the government to have given it away!

    • Thanks for the support Ruth. Nice to hear from you. The European Union is looking worse and worse for Britain. I am sure that if there was a referendum now 80% of the people of the UK would vote to leave the European Union. It no longer benefits us. Quite the contrary, it hurts the country and in this instance, the stray cat and dog.

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