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European Union is Bad for Cats! — 2 Comments

  1. I totally agree, we need to get out of the EU quickly before much more damage is done to our beautiful country and the people and animals here.
    Our Pet Welfare Act needs expanding to cover ALL animals as how can it be right to protect one cat because he is a pet, yet experiment on another cat just because he isn’t?
    My late dad would be devasted to know he helped win WW2 for our freedom only for the government to have given it away!

    • Thanks for the support Ruth. Nice to hear from you. The European Union is looking worse and worse for Britain. I am sure that if there was a referendum now 80% of the people of the UK would vote to leave the European Union. It no longer benefits us. Quite the contrary, it hurts the country and in this instance, the stray cat and dog.

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