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Every Home Should Have A Gizzy — 5 Comments

  1. First time in my life am seeing a cat of such unique face colour pattern.Lucky to have excaped euthanasia at the shelter.Wonder how some people can give up their pets that easily knowing very well that they might be euthanized.

  2. I think Gizzy is very unusual looking. She’s beautiful and unique, and a very lucky girl to have found such a wonderful forever home.

  3. Gizzy is very odd in that she also has the orange stripes on her back legs. This leads me to believe her daddy was a tabby. She has very expressive eyes. Everyone who’s seen her photo has remarked she’s the most unusual cat they’ve ever seen.

  4. Gizzy learned to love again after being through what seems to have been a hostile sort of environment that made her defensive and wanting to get out.

    The “earth mother” (Elisa) fixed that problem with homely good food and lashings of love.

    Well done Elisa. Gizzy is almost as good as Venus on the face front. One last thing, she has very slopping eyes. I have never seen cat eyes that slope so much.

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