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Exotic Shorthair Two-faced Cat — 3 Comments

  1. The main thing about venus is what Dan said I think – that her face is so pronounced. She also has different coloured eyes. If you were to look at her from one side she is a black cat with yellow eye and the other side an orange cat with blue eyes. Both very striking colour combinations too. My Red had orange eyes and orange fur so not as striking as blue on orange. Its true though that many many cats have split faces in this way and its far from unusual in itself. It’s actually fairly common amongst tortoiseshells and calicos in my experience. But mainly torties I would say. My totrtie kitten has an orange flame in a perfect line down the middle of her nose. Its striking because its so symetrical. Venus really is striking thats one thing for sure – and thats why she is special I think, not by virtue of her face being split simply.

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