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Exterminate the cat from North America because it is non-native! — 6 Comments

  1. This subject makes me so angry, I can’t understand why some people have to kill certain animals just because in their view they don’t fit in. It’s the same with the grey/red squirrel campaign in England. Life is sweet to any and every living creature and I may be naive because I love all animals but to me every one of those living creatures has as much right to life as the gun toting bigot who takes it into his or her head to “cull” certain species.

    • It makes me mad to read the remarks of ignorant red necked idiots with rifles who like to kill. It is the worst kind of human behavior that degrades the planet.

  2. Curious where the source material for these views you mention are. We have a lot of nuts in the USA. Our local county sheriff is wasting tax dollars to investigate President Obama’s birth certificate on behalf of the Tea Party! Their hatred for non-white folks (I am white) baffles me.
    [Don’t get me wrong, I agree with you. I was just wondering what set this post in motion.]
    Most feral populations are just ignored in my neck of the woods. I don’t think the average American even has a clue about the problem or those wonderful souls who strive to trap/spay-neuter/release – the only humane way to get rid of the problem. I’ve watch feral cats take down a goose (one was my Maine Coon who went feral after we couldn’t afford to feed the 22lbs brute) and one other took down a small bird of some kind. All the others cats (about 5-6 separate events) failed. This tells me that the birds have the advantage. Feral cats eat lizards, bugs, etc. I think nature will balance things out.

    • Hi Dan, the idea for the post, which I wrote in about 30 minutes came from a steady stream of comments and articles I had bumped into on the internet from people who have a thing against non-native species and want to exterminate them, particularly cats. Recently a crazy with rifle (Woodman) made a comment on my site and he is the sort who like to shoot cats and exterminate them (he made several comments but I deleted all but one). He prompted me to write the article. And I casually opened the book “Redemption” by Nathan J Winograd at a page that was about this subject, by pure chance. His book and my thoughts combined resulted in the post.

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