F1 Savannah Cat MAGIC

Above: Leonie, the daughter of Matrin and Kathrin Stucki and MAGIC the famous F1 female Savannah cat from A1 Savannahs

F1 Savannah Cat MAGIC is a video in large format of this stunning cat. The video is on a separate unformated page as it is in large format….This cat is possibly, probably, the world’s biggest domestic cat other than tame wild cats.

Update 22-9-09: Guiness World Records™ has confirmed, I am told, that MAGIC is the tallest domestic cat at 43.43 centimeters (17.1 inches) high, toe to shoulder. Watch this space to find out if she is the longest and therefore the biggest too…update: Magic is described as the “largest pet cat in the world” on the A1 Savannahs website. A1 Savannahs, as you might know, raised Magic. What an achievement.

MAGIC is a 16 month old (at the date of this video 6th Sept 2009) spayed female Savannah cat. Her father is a Serval. Her mother is a Savannah cat. She now lives with Kimberly and Lee Draper who own and manage Bella Gattini Cattery.

They also own and manage The Savannah Cat Shoppe where you can see MAGIC.

My great thanks to Martin and Kathrin Stucki of A1 Savannahs who bred this awesome cat. My thanks also to Kathrin Stucki for entrusting me with the video material. This video is a team effort. There are three parties: MAGIC, me and Kathrin. Magic is the main player, obviously. F1 Savannah Cat MAGIC to Savannah Cat.Leonie, the daughter of Matrin and Kathrin Stucki and MAGIC an F1 female Savannah cat from A1 Savannahs

See more of Magic and Titan:

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  • I just worry that a cat as large as that needs to have a lot of exercise and is not getting it . I could be wrong , I hope I am

    • You are right Martin. I too have concerns that large cats bred from half wild/half domestic cats don't get the freedom they need. These cats should never have been bred to be pets, there are millions of small domestic cats being killed for lack of homes. It's not ideal for any cat to have no freedom but smaller ones can surely adjust better than large ones with wild in their ancestry.

    • Good point. It is unlikely she gets enough stimulation and exercise. She might but I doubt it.

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