F1 Savannah Cat Video Outtakes

Here are two video outtakes (video material from A1 Savannahs that I had previously not used), in two short, simple videos that shows how magnificently athletic and tall this F1 Savannah is. The cat: MAGIC, who else?

The atheticism of the F1 Savannah cat comes from the leggy serval, its wildcat parent. The serval can jump with elegant, effortless ease because of its long legs which provide plenty of leverage. The serval stalks prey by picking up sound with its huge ears and then jumps up high and down into the grass to stun the prey and kill it.

The very noticeable thing about Magic’s jump in the top video is the ease with which she jumps about 8 feet straight up. She could no doubt jump much higher. Cats usually jump and climb in one motion, the momentum taking them into the climbing phase of the jump. Magic just jumps straight there in this impressive display.

Her height is also well demonstrated in the second video. She is as tall as Leonie, the daughter of Martina and Kathrin Stucki. This body length and body flexibility also provides for speed over the ground and facilitates jumping.

The “cover” photograph in the above video is by Kathrin Stucki. She has the copyright to this photo.

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