Our local vets had their 20th birthday celebrations on August Bank Holiday Monday and invited charities to come along and set up tables in their large car park, to raise some funds.

Barbara and I represented our branch of Cats Protection, it was a hot sunny day and we took the chance to dress up as black and white cats with our ears and tails, they’ve been around a while now and looking a bit tatty but everyone laughed seeing us like that.

We got ready before we set off so we did get some strange looks on the way there, driving along with our ears sticking up lol…

Barbara and Ruth: Bank holiday fund raising for Cats Protection
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Poster by Ruth aka Kattaddorra… Bank holiday fund raising for Cats Protection

We had tombola prizes, CP goods to sell and some CP freebies such as balloons, bookmarks etc too that Marion gave us to use.

The CP scratch cards proved very popular and two people won £2 each.

Mr Wilson, the vet who owns the practice came to talk to us and was interested that I used to work there for the Mr Wilson who died in 1976.

That Mr Wilson had only two staff, just another vet and their nurse/receptionist/assistant/jack of all trades me lol. This Mr Wilson has sixty staff. How times have changed!

We were next to Doreen and Kathryn, volunteers from Kays Hill so we took each other’s photos, had a go on each other’s tombolas and generally had a good laugh together.

We thoroughly enjoyed our day, quite a few people came, it wasn’t too busy but we were both kept going.

We met some lovely people and there were some different nationalities there. Mr Wilson himself is Australian and has a French vet on staff, a man from Minnesota, USA came to our stall and a gorgeous looking young man who we couldn’t decide if he was French or Italian. Kathryn our vet of the moment treating our Jozef came along and had a go on the tombola.

A man who said he never wins anything on tombolas, didn’t on ours, he was right, but he came back to tell us he had won a pair of socks on another stall, poor man what a prize.

We had posters of Chester along the front of our table and just about everyone had heard of his ordeal and they loved seeing the pictures of how he looks now, so much better! The one of him with George was much admired too.

There were a lot of children, parents were forking out money for our tombola for them and we gave the ones who didn’t win a prize a little bunny as a consolation prize.

Another animal charity was there too: The Ark on the Edge

They had a ‘hook a duck’ which was great fun and attracting a lot of children, it attracted Babz and me too and we won some sweeties lol which we’ll give to the little boy next door.

Their main attraction though was Dylan, a rescue cat from Ark on the Edge, he was on a harness, with his caretaker Chris. Here I must eat humble pie because I’ve never approved of cats on harnesses but this one revelled in it, he was quite happy and mingling with the people there, letting children stroke him.

But this is another story which I will write separately with photos of this most beautiful cat and Chris said she will come to PoC and tell us more about him!

When we came home and counted up the takings we were astonished that we had made £92.11, a wonderful result which Marion was pleased with and we know every penny will be put to good use by her.

Poor Marion hadn’t had a good day having had her hand ripped open by a feral cat with kittens.

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Michael Broad

Hi, I'm a 74-year-old retired solicitor (attorney in the US). Before qualifying I worked in many jobs including professional photography. I love nature, cats and all animals. I am concerned about their welfare. If you want to read more click here.

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54 Responses

  1. Leah says:

    What a lovely story you both look fab! I love your outfits and what a fantastic day you must have had meeting all those people and what a fun way to raise so much money you must have been pleased as punch when you counted it all up!! Its just so wonderful that people can come together for the sake of animals 🙂

    • Barbara says:

      Couldn’t believe it Leah, considering it was a slow start we weren’t expecting anything like that amount so were really happy with it, I love fund raising like that, just wish I was still a young lass to do more.

      • Leah says:

        I don’t know about a young lass, you both look young because of the pure joy of it all! Besides you both do so much already I don’t think you would fit much more in if you tried! even if you were younger!

        • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

          By the time Babz can retire and we have more time, we will be a pair of decrepids lol and we’ll be posting pics of us in our cat costumes on zimmer frames lol

  2. Rose says:

    I’ve got such a lot to catch up on here on PoC.
    What a great result for this and I love the poster it sounds to have been so much fun but I do know what hard work it is as been there done that so I admire you both.
    I can hardly wait to read about Dylan must look at that next.

  3. Excellent cat charity, besides, the famous “English Weather” favoured you all.

    • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

      Thanks Rudolph 🙂 yes we were very lucky with the weather as it was quite dull and drizzly here at the weekend. Mr Wilson said he would have taken us all inside if it had rained but I don’t think we’d have had as many people coming out in that case.
      Our next event for cats will be in Barbara’s Funeral Home, hopefully early October time, so we can look forward to that now and seeing the lovely people who always come and support us whatever we do.

      • Michael says:

        Ruth you seem to have made a very sociable event out of fund raising that not only benefits cats but also people – bringing people together. That is why it looks so positive to me.

        • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

          Yes fund raising is hard work at times but fun too and doing events for cats ensures we meet not only like minded people who also love cats but we get the chance to tell people who have never had a cat, what they are missing.
          You wouldn’t think we could have fun in a Funeral Home, but since Babz started holding fund raiser Coffee Mornings it’s wonderful that people come in every time, most were wary at first, thinking it would be a sombre and sad place inside. Which it is of course when there are clients in the Chapels of Rest and bereaved loved ones visiting, but as well as raising thousands of £££ over the years for various charities, animals and peoples of all ages, it’s taken the fear out of the place. So as Shildon is a small town, when someone is bereaved they know Barbara already and what a kind and compassionate lady she is and that she will care for and respect their late loved one from the moment they arrive there until their funeral.
          So yes it’s about people too and we get elderly lonely souls who really enjoy the company and a laugh and a go on the raffle and all. New people come along too when they hear about it, the room we use to hold it in gets to bursting point lol
          We are lucky that Babz is allowed to choose her own charities and the Co-operative being a very ethical and animal friendly firm love the animal ones we do.
          Yes it’s all very positive and we have some very good times 🙂

          • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

            PS we never hold an event if anyone is resting in one or more of the Chapels of Rest

            • leanne (kays hill animal sanctuary) says:

              we love the coffee mornings held at the funeral parlour, they are always fun, and even if for no other reason, you need to go for the cheese scones!! lol. barbara and ruth run the coffee mornings so well everyone has a good time and you forget you are in a funeral parlour at all. lots of money is raised and as ruth says it gives people the chance to get together and have a laugh,a natter and a cuppa. roll on the next one!!!

    • Barbara says:

      The day before was cloudy until lunch time, then Sunday was perfect to the point of being too hot! It’s just pot luck and we really were lucky.

  4. Marc says:

    Well done! Can I add to the pot to make it a square 100 quid?

    I’m going to bed now but I’lll be back in the morning 🙂

    • Dorothy says:

      What a guy. Marc, you are an incredible human.

    • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

      Marc I agree with Dorothy, you are an incredible human!
      I don’t think I’ve ever met two more kind and generous gentlemen than you and Michael since Barbara’s husband John died! He would have given his last penny to help needy cats too.
      They broke three moulds after they made you three!
      I have to mention your kindness too Dorothy, we will never forget you helped towards building Kays Hill cattery.
      PoC does attract some wonderful people and together we keep on trying to make the world a better place for all cats.
      I think that is amazing!

      • Michael says:

        Hi Ruth, Marc has paid the £100 to my PayPal account and I’ll be making a payment in the same sum to the Wear Valley & Darlington Cats Protection branch asap. I am just touching base with you first.

        • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

          £100 WOW !!!!!
          Thank you Michael and thank you Marc, that’s a good idea to send it directly to CP.
          I know Marion will be grateful for this extra donation and it makes Babz and me feel very good that this has more than doubled the funds we raised and how even more worthwhile it was doing it.

        • Marion says:

          That fantastic what an amazing man you are Marc and thank you again Ruth and Barbara for all your efforts.

          • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

            I don’t think whatever we do will add up to a quarter of all you do and have done for years for cats Marion, but it feels good to be able to help a bit.
            We never dreamed that Marc and Michael would help our local branch so much, they are two really amazing and generous men 🙂

    • Barbara says:

      What a star!

      • marc says:

        Hey Babs and Ruth – I will either paypal Michael the moeny and he will send you a cheque or something so we avoid the most international payments or I will send cash in the post to somebody. More likely the first option though just because its stupid here the the post office closes at 5 and I finish work at 6 – making it very difficult to go there and it’s not even remotely close to my office otherwise it would be easy.

        As you know I have been saving up since the Red fundraiser so rather than make it a round 100 I’d rather match your fundraiser pound for pound and penny for penny so I’ll be sending Michael £92.11 just as soon as it clears onto my empty credit card. Should be good for tomorrow. If I were to send you a cheque or bank transfer it would cost a bomb cuz the English banks are pirates when things get international. Only within England are there no charges for bank transfers and I am not sure about cheques – but it would be dumb to waste 30 quid on a transfer.

        I guess you will get it smotime next week 🙂

        • Barbara says:

          Marc!! Really are you sure? It’s amazing and wonderful but I’m worried in case you leave yourself short, you really are one special man, I wish you lived near us I would come and give you a great big hug. xx

          • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

            What can I say? Marc you are a saint! No wonder you have four marriage proposals here on PoC.
            Choose me…choose me…please 🙂

            • leanne (kays hill animal sanctuary) says:

              who votes we start a ‘we love marc’ fan club? lol.

              • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

                Good idea Leanne, he’s a star 🙂

              • leanne (kays hill animal sanctuary) says:

                he certainly is a sweetie. are we 7you ye77777777777777777777777777777777t marc?

              • leanne (kays hill animal sanctuary) says:

                lol sorry about that last one. tux the cat decided to lie on the keyboard!

              • leanne (kays hill animal sanctuary) says:

                i was trying to ask if we were embarrassing you yet marc, before tux joined in anyway!!

              • Marc says:

                lol – thank you and Tux should make comments more often since he clearly has a lot to say 🙂

                I’ve sent Michael 100 pounds to cover any wierd charges so you end up with minimum 92.11 – I guess you will be getting it next week sometime by the time Michael sends it to you etc 🙂

          • Marc says:

            Thanks Babs – actually I have saved up more than that since the Red fundraising weekend so it will not change anything for me. I have a special kitty (in the account sense) for cats now 🙂

        • Marion says:

          That’s amazing Marc thank you so much!!

        • Michael says:

          Marc, I’ll watch out for that and then get the cheque off asap thereafter.

          • Marion says:

            Gratefully received thank you so much Marc, and Michael for auctioning it and of course Ruth and Barbara.
            Branch Name: Wear Valley & Darlington

            Donation Amount: £100.00
            Gift Aid: Yes
            Time: 31-Aug-2013 11:06:55

        • Barbara says:

          I don’t know what to say except thank you so very much Marc, just think what a difference that money will make, another cyber hug is heading your way.

  5. Barbara says:

    Thanks Dorothy, Dee and Marion, we enjoyed it and we were very lucky with the weather it could have been a long cold or wet 2 hours. I love it when the kids bring their mams and dads to the stall and they have to keep digging into their pockets for another go and another go and yet another one, there was one family with two lovely little girls dressed in yellow dresses the same with maybe one being about 4 and one about 7, they each got a little bunny that we had to give to kids and then horror of horrors the bigger girl won a prize which was a cuddly toy, the little one was frantic and had to have another £’s worth and phew she won …but OH NO! she didn’t like her prize which we didn’t know until she was in the middle of the car park sobbing her heart out with tears rolling down her face, I said whatever is the matter and the dad said she doesn’t like her prize so I said well come back and have something else, we were happy to swap her prize for something she liked, after all kids are the CP supporters of the future, but OH NO again, she wanted to nab the big bunny that was the “star prize”, well that took some getting out of but in the end she was smiling again and clutching a book, another bunny, a Cats Protection balloon and a mask PHEW!

    • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

      Giving children consolation prizes certainly brought more to our table and I can’t bear to see little disappointed faces going away with nothing and we have plenty of small bunnies to spare.
      We should have had a box of all kinds of furries for swapping unwanted prizes they won, maybe next time ………..

  6. Marion says:

    Thanks for all your hard work it was an amazing amount for 2 hr. stall and we are really grateful, amongst latest kittens to arrive in care is one suffering wobbly head syndrome so vets bills increase a little as needs bit extra monitoring but we all love her in the branch and one of us bound to adopt her if no one else up to the challenge.

  7. Dee (Florida) says:

    Long ago, and before my time, people would say, “You are the cats’ pajamas”.
    I love this! You guys are awesome!

    • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

      Thanks Dee 🙂 I love wearing a tail, I wish I had one permanently, I could bush it up and swish it at cat haters lol

    • Michael says:

      Urban Dictionary says:

      Cats pajamas — An adjective used by hipsters of the 1920’s to describe a person who is the best at what they do. Also used to describe another person who is genial and fun to be with.

      It is a good fit for Ruth and Babz.

      • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

        Thank you from one leg of the cats pajamas lol
        We always think if it’s worth doing something it’s worth doing it well and if you can have fun too and help people to enjoy themselves, it’s even better 🙂
        I get angry when anyone says we shouldn’t do things for cats when people are in need too, we can do both and those who criticise us probably do nothing for anyone at all apart from what benefits them personally!

        • Dee (Florida) says:

          You two are also the “bees knees”!
          I have, also, had people comment about my cat caretaking. Granted, I do more for cats but also contribute what I can to a couple people organizations. When I have the time (LOL), I love to shop second hand like Goodwill. I find great treasures and the $$ is charitable.
          Not to minimize the plight of many people, but they have a voice, can verbalize their needs, and have the ability at times to find helping places. Most of my outdoor cats found their way here, scared and puny, just by sheer luck.

          • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

            The ‘bees knees’ lol we say that here too.
            Dee we’d be such good friends if we lived near because we shop at charity shops too (what you call goodwill or thrift shops) we just love raking around and finding the bargains, it helps those charities and it saves us money to help more cats too.
            Cats know where to come, you do a wonderful thing taking care of those who come to you xx

  8. Dorothy says:

    You two are looking good! What a wonderful even. Job well done!

  9. Michael says:

    A charming story which is a million miles (not the thousands) away from the Detroit shot Savannah cat story that was published about 8 hours ago.

    This is a very English story. It is positive, good, charming, helpful of cat welfare, fun, sociable and more. It is so positive. I like this stories because they are positive and constructive.

    Do Americans do this sort of thing? I have never received an article submission from an American who raised money for cat welfare like this. It must happen. There are many positive American cat stories. I would love to hear more of them.

    Thanks Ruth. You both look very cute in your cat gear. No wonder you made good money.

    • Ruth aka Kattaddorra says:

      I’d love to read some American fund raising stories too Michael, it’s quite hard work doing these events as a lot of preparation is involved to make them successful and then the clearing up and sorting out afterwards, especially as we are both getting quite decrepit lol
      But it’s so worth it when the takings are counted and we’ve done well and it’s great fun too, I expect we’ll keep on doing it until we fall off our twigs lol

      • Michael says:

        I’d love to read some American fund raising stories too Michael

        I wish PoC could get some submissions, just like yours, from America. There must be lots of examples although I don’t think anyone in America does it quite like you and Barbara. Your fund raising has a very British style.

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