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  1. Where we live Guy Fawkes day(5th November) is more like Guy Fawkes months, the fireworks are banging from early October until late November. Then again at Christmas and New Year. So our cats are more or less accustomed to the noise unless one of those bomb type flying bangers comes too near where we live. Why do some people have to have loud noises to enjoy themselves? When I worked at the vets we always had a rush on for sedatives for cats and dogs for Guy Fawkes Day, which in those days WAS mostly just a day, but really music or the TV on a bit louder than normal, is the best solution. The 2 cats we have now are very brave about the bangs apart from New Years Eve when we are all in bed and asleep and suddenly at midnight the bangs start. I feel for animals in fields, wild creatures and birds as it must be terrifying for them, most people don’t give them a thought, to them it’s all about enjoying themselves at any cost to other species.

  2. Pets should be left at home when people go to fireworks shows. I wrote before about how we had a dog run right into the staging area of a fireworks show we were putting on at a Lutheran summer camp. My husband is really good at what he does– he was the crew chief on the show– and he radioed to stop the show when he spotted the dog. The dog’s human was trying to run right in there after the dog, but the firemen stopped her and caught her dog for her.

    I once had a friend’s cat in my home while she was away and the cat was so frightened at the sound of all the class C stuff being set off in neighbor’s yards that he wouldn’t come out to use his litterbox and pooped on my carpet instead. Even the consumer grade fireworks are dangerous. You’re supposed to have a permit and obey minimum distances from property and spectators. If you can’t do that, don’t buy it. Leave it to the professionals. Or become one. Crews are always looking for help from people without felonies (you can’t get a letter of clearance from the ATF if you are a felon) who are willing to complete the training and work their butts off. Professionals work with the really dangerous stuff and yet most of our injuries are from box cutters or bumps and bruises from lugging equipment around. Very seldom is anyone burned or hurt from the actual explosives. Many more people get hurt from the little stuff, probably because they don’t respect it. Also, we have absolutely no alcohol allowed on shoot sites. I think people drink and get stupid and then injuries happen. Sadly, those hurt are often children or pets.

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