Five stray dogs saved a girl from a rapist

Strange story reported on the Que Pasa Salta website and spotted by Harvey. There is occasionally room on PoC for dogs. I hope people agree. There are no pictures – sorry.

Location: Argentina.

This is an amended Google translation:

Yesterday a girl of 12 years was caught in the street by a pedophile. When he was about to sexually abuse her he was attacked by five stray dogs that suddenly appeared on the scene. A neighbor looked on and called the police.

It happened at 9:30 in the Riviera neighborhood. It is believed that the girl was walking alone toward Roberto Romero taking something to her aunt.

Passing through a field, she was attacked by an unknown man who covered her mouth and dragged her to a secluded location.

By the time the abuser tried to rape her he was attacked by five dogs attracted by the girl’s cries.

While the pedophile defended himself against the dogs, the girl fled and asked for help at the home of a local resident.

Police went to the scene and contacted the family of the little girl.

The man is a fugitive.

Source: By Analia Cherry – 89.9 FM (presumed to be a radio channel).

Original story.

25 thoughts on “Five stray dogs saved a girl from a rapist”

    • I think, Marc, that they may be justas bad. as any individual or pack of individuals might ask, on what should be a harmonious planet Earth. too idealistic, you say? Then why would you make the comment you just did. And I ‘m not criticizing, I’m simply asking Why do you feel that animal abusers are worse than child molesters? Please elucidate.

      • to be fair – if pedo’s actually physically tortured and set on fire and stuff like that – little kids – then they’s be up there with the worst of them. It’s all bad tho.

      • Too molest is one thing, to inflict pain for the sake of nothing more than inflicting pain is yet another.

        I guess I answered you pretty clear by now.

      • There’s too many things to worry about on this planet. Children have the full force of the law and the community behind them – animals often have nothing behind them and they don’t have the same ability to communicate with humans or understand that they can’t be understood.

        I have made a concious choice to worry about the ones who have nobody behind them and who get treated a thousand times worse than most children will ever be.

        • You are right Marc, children are far more protected than animals. It doesn’t mean we don’t care about children too, if I saw a child being abused I’d be there giving the abuser a good kick where it hurt the most, just as I’m sure you would too.
          But more people care about children than they do about animals so animals need us more.

          • I understand that many people might find my view disagreable and I am totally ok with that. That’s why I’m here – to have a different view I guess. I am glad you agree or at least see what I mean.

            By the way on Sunday morning I am putting a memorial for Red on PoC and donating $5 for every comment made on any article that day. It’s going to be one year since he died. Very hard.

            • We love people with alternative views and the courage and passion to express them. The world needs alternative views and ideas that challenge the norms. It is the way to make improvements. The status quo needs shaking up.

              I am very much looking forward to seeing the Red memorial. Your generous donation is in his memory.

              I forgot to say that your comments cannot disagreeable to anyone because anyone reading them can tell that you care deeply about cats and animal welfare generally. That can only be positive.

            • It never gets much easier Marc, time dulls the pain slightly that’s true, but the first anniversary is always the hardest.
              I think it’s a wonderful memorial to Red to be donating in his name xx

            • Marc’s beloved Red, beautiful red tabby, will get a tribute from me as well. (Do we have to use PayPal, Marc? do you know if VISA debit is okay?)

              I will try to respond later today towards your comments. I don’t disagree with you much. I’m tired. Hope you respond to this later.

              • Michael, are up and about yet? Good morning! 🙂

                I’ve been thinking that maybe for every nickel donated by PoC for each comment, why not ask each commentator to donate a nickel as well? That is, one dime per comment. You keep the tally, and we pay at the end of the month if we decide to keep our end of it… what do you think about that idea?

              • Sorry, Ruth. No, i had not read it. (I was away for awhile and did not catch up as much as I should have.) I’m going there now.

            • I am deeply moved by what you feel for your Red Tabby. It shows in every word that you write. Bless his Beautiful, handsome soul. I feel for You. -cal

              • Thank you Caroline – actually you don’t have to do anything except comment as usual on Sunday to whatever articles get posted. I’m going to do the donating.

  1. Great story and justice done, good dogs! But that seems a lot of stray dogs roaming together, it’s a pack, quite dangerous I should think, I hope someone hears the story and arranges for them to be rehomed. I like dogs, but I love cats.

    • Quite dangerous…hmm. Maybe it was a very good thing that they were roaming as a pack for this twelve-yr old girl. Who knows?

      • Maybe they are better off, roaming as their own pack. It seems that they just did a world of good for this child. I’m sure that they suffer themselves, but they seem to work pretty darn well at protecting what they see as their own kin, when they hear a cry of distress like that.

        • I doubt, Barbara, that they would fend better individually in human homes at this point in their lives. I would like to see them paid homage, and protected as a pack. Neighbors slowly introducing themselves with food, water. That is enough. Until they come looking for sustenance, which for a very long time, would be as a pack. If you want to separate them, tread cautiously, as you know, for dogs a not loners. That will take a long time to achieve, if ever. They might rather die, this pack of five dogs (if indeed it was five dogs), if some gov’t official moves in and mandates that.

  2. Amen, Brother Dogs! This may seem crude, but I hope they bit it off! –Was that to grraphic? I do not think so, given the the sick, sick mind of this child rapist. \:[


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