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Flea treatments can kill or cause harm: please read the instructions and use caution — 2 Comments

  1. This is all quite true but you left out how bad oof an experience this is on the animal as well lll my mom used to use this in of stuff a few years bad and once one of the cats managed to kick the stuff or her paw and then the back oof her neck or which ever the case that cat had gotten some somehow and not much either and she expeiencephalitis a mild case of what usually happens in this case she was shaking uncontrollably twitching her eyes were mishaps and very liquid she was very lethargic and seemed like she was abut to or having very minor seizures…I have protested companions like this myself I’ve heard of Animas having one everlasting shaking seizure from this…it should have never been for sale

    • Thank you, John, for your comment, with which I agree completely. Cat flea treatments are poisonous because they are insecticides. If too much of the insecticide is ingested then it will poison the cat main kill the cat. I hate these products but sometimes we have to use them which is why they are very popular.

      If you click on this link you will see the search results for this website on cat flea treatments. There are many pages.

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