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  1. I really hope you can carry on looking after them and no new housing executives come along and decide they should be taken to the pound – or just an evil neighbour. Those cats don’t deserve any of this life they have been given and it’s incredibly sad. Thanks so much to people like you who take care of them and protect them as best you can. I hope as a minimum that you are able to carry on the way you are. If one of them gets very old or sick I have no doubt they will eventually let you take them to the vet or do whatever is needed to halp them feel better. They can’t carry on living like that into old age. I hope you and they at least get to remain together they way you are now – it’s already something to at least know (and I am sure they know this too) that they have one human protecting them. By feeding them you are doing them an enormous favour – saving them having to go far and wide to hunt, thereby risking getting into more trouble. At least with you feeding them regularly they can live more safely. If it gets cold where you are in winter you might have already done it but if not there are really simple cheap ways to create shelters for them using cheap things from walmart or wherever. Just google ‘how to make a cheap shelter for feral cats’ or some such thing and there is a ton of advice. If you live somewhere warm then it’s another blessing for those poor cats. I’m sure they are very happy to see you every day – when they get older and tired, or sick, they will let you near them I believe. Good luck to you and them – you can always write again if you want advice or just to talk about it. Thank you!

  2. “They either got tired of having a cat or moved out and left it behind.”

    I find this sort of behavior staggering. I believe this would be a crime in the UK under the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

    Well done to you for helping and saving cats. There is always a cat to save. We need to go to a shelter. Even in the UK you will find strays coming to you if you like cats. Well, I do anyway. I attract cats… 😉

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