Fluffy, the Fish Shop and the Flowerbed

A mini-story for children…By Josephine Ballinger

Fluffy, the snow white moggy, popped out of the cat flap and the little bell on her collar jingle jangled as she trotted along. Sometimes the bell gave her a headache, but she overheard her owner say that the bell always jingled if she was being naughty and so she could be summoned indoors.

White cat that strayed to far
White cat that strayed too far. Photos: Cat by Callum.H and fish and chips by oatsy40.
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‘I can always tell where Fluffy is and more importantly, what she is doing’ she heard her owner, Mrs Fotheringale say, on more than one occasion. ‘That name always sounds posh to me’ thought little Fluffy to herself!

‘I’ll show them’, thought Fluffy as she trotted along. It wasn’t long until the familiar flower beds that were part of her home became a distant memory and with a sudden jolt she had jumped onto a high wall overlooking a very busy road.

‘It must be an important road’ thought Fluffy to herself as the noise became so loud it was hurting her little ears. ‘Never mind, I’ll just explore a little more’ and with that she shot off the top of the wall and over to the other side.

Suddenly, the most wonderful smell of fish filled her little furry nostrils. ‘Mmmmm’ she thought to herself, ‘what a fantastic smell!’ I have truly never smelled anything quite like this!!!’. It must be the fish and chip shop she’d heard Mr Fotheringale talking about, especially when he’d come home from the pub. ‘Just popping out for some fish and chips, love’ he’d say. Won’t be long!’

But to little Fluffy it had seemed a long journey, and more importantly she seemed to have lost her way. But the smell of the lovely fish and chips was so tempting that with one fell swoop, Fluffy braced herself and was soon dodging the heavy traffic on the busy road, following the trail of the fish.

Soon she was right outside the shop, but suddenly the fish seemed less tempting and soon she became frightened. There were no bushes to hide under here and the traffic was, oh, so very busy. She truly had lost her way and was very frightened. The thought of crossing the busy road again only to become even more lost was becoming a nightmare, Poor little Fluffy.

Suddenly, what to Fluffy seemed ages and ages, she heard a man’s voice, a very familiar voice say, ‘Fluffy, oh Fluffy, what on earth are you doing here?’ Fluffy pricked her ears and looked up with such sad and frightened eyes and saw the face of Mr Fotheringdale looking down at her. ‘How on earth did you get here?’ ‘A very good question thought Fluffy to herself. ‘I have absolutely no idea, and more importantly, I’ve absolutely no idea how we’re going to get back again’.

Mr Fotheringale scooped Fluffy under his arm and Fluffy immediately smelled that wonderful smell of hot fish again.’Wow’, she thought to herself’,’ He’s actually just bought some fish and chips!!!’

In no time at all, they reached home. ‘It’s funny’, thought Fluffy. ‘We didn’t jump over the high wall. We went the long way round on the pavement. I wonder why we didn’t jump over the wall! Maybe Mr Human two legs couldn’t do that’. This thought made Fluffy happy, as at last there was something she was better at than her owners. This thought, together with the scent of the fish made her very happy indeed.

‘Where on earth have you two been’, cried Mrs Fotheringale when she spied the pair entering the hallway, ‘Just been for some fish and chips after the pub, love. It is Friday night after all love,’ replied her husband. I just spied Fluffy in the garden so I brought her in’, replied Mr Fotheringale, winking at Fluffy.

‘Maybe Fluffy would like a little fish’ replied his wife as Fluffy put on her most appealing look that never failed to work.. ‘Oh, go on then thought Fluffy to herself.. I don’t mind if I do’

‘But I have learnt my lesson, I will never go where I cannot see the flowerbed anymore, never. The moral of this story, boys and girls, is NEVER stray far away from home. Always look back and see the flowerbed.


4 thoughts on “Fluffy, the Fish Shop and the Flowerbed”

  1. Thanks for your comments Ruth. I wanted it to have a moral for small children without it making it a sad story about a pet. I was saddened to read your comment re busy road and cats. It happened to a kitten near here and the owners’ response was to rush out and buy 2 more – words fail me. Some people just should not be allowed to keep pets.

    Thanks Ruth. You’ve spurred me on to write more!!!!!

  2. Such a nice little story with a moral for the boys and girls reading it and a happy ending too. Thank you Josephine.
    I don’t like bells on cats either Marc, they have sensitive ears which must get irritated with the clanging.
    I think we will always be upset reading about cats on roads.
    A beautiful cat who lived near here was sent to live with someone near a busy road, when his people emigrated. It was so sad how he was run over, he started out across the road, saw the car and turned back but then for some reason he dashed back out into the road and was killed.
    It was his fate that day and nothing could change it.

  3. This makes me very sad. I am glad she was the better for it and not worse. I don’t think cats should have bells. I’m just glad the story ended nicely. The idea of her being stuck on a busy road has personal meaning to me I guess. I always imagine Red got stuck the other side of the main road and couldn’t get back in the morning because it get super busy around 5 or 6 am. I think maybe he panicked and ran accross when he shouldn’t have and got hit. He was always careful around cars – almost too careful. It must have been out of character, fear or something that got him hit. The other side of that bit of road looks very nice and green and at night its totally silent and I know he must have gone there. Maybe he fell asleep and woke up after the cars started and got scared and panicky and just ran for it back towards his safe zone.


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