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Foreclosure Cats — 3 Comments

  1. If there is one single thing I would refuse to part with in my life, it would be my cats. I’d rather have no clothes or food but still have my cats and make sure they are looked after one way or other, preferably by me, and if not, perhaps temporarily by a friend or family member till I can look after them again. I would also try not to ever leave them. I would try to be with them at all times so they dont get overly stressed. Nothing else matters as much as they do. They are living beings. People who dump their cats obviously never really loved them. If you live with a cat and don’t love it then you are just an asshole and the cat is your accessory. That’s awful. I read the other day on a blog from a foster mum that one lady came looking for a calico cat to match her curtains. The foster mum rightly didn’t let the lady in to see any of her kittens after that comment.

    Some people really are out of their minds. Clearly it has to do with the nature of culture and ego and materialism. It’s terrible to hear about cats who are given away by their owners. Honestly though, those cats probably didn’t have very nice lives to begin with so its like adding insult to injury and the cost is potentially deadly. It makes me sad and angry. If I ever suspected this to be happening I would kidnap the cat and give it a better life. One ‘friend’ of mine gave a kitten away to somebody I never met but when I asked in more detail about the lady I deduced she was not right. For a start it was a gift to her apparently rough screaming child who scared the cat. They couldn’t catch it and then got scratched forcing it into the carrier. I loved this kitten very much and it made me so angry. For seconds, my ‘friend’ was like ‘yeah she’s really nice I’m sure she will be fine, o yeah she is an interesting lady, a total jet setter apparently’. I can just see this cat being lonely or abandoned when this lady and her son go on one of their many jet setting holidays. I have a bad feeling about this lady and I have tried to find out where she lives but I can’t. I know its a little criminal of me to think about it this way, but if I saw that kitten shortly after the ‘adoption’ I would have grabbed her and taken her to my place for a better life with Red who was her best buddy at the time. My ‘friend’ is not a good cat caretaker and a totally shyte judge of character. From the info I backhandedly got out of her about the adoption I was able to ascertain that the adopter was not the type to val in love with her little kitten by any means. This coupled with the fact that I was very close with said kitten just made me panic. I tried to track her down via Facebook – I know the area she lives in but that sit. It was a year ago. So I guess it’s too late. O well.

    Many people want an animal for the wrong reasons and they have the wrong ideas about what will be involved. It’s downright sad.

  2. I think it’s dreadful that anyone abandons their house leaving a cat inside, there is no excuse at all and in the case of someone mentally ill, surely someone else responsible for that ill person should be responsible for any pets they had too. If no friend or relative, then Social Services,or whatever similar organisation they have in other countries.
    I can’t understand why some people don’t see animals as living beings and how they can relinquish them or abandon them and walk uncaringly away, to me they are not fit to be called human beings!

    • Totally agree. I find it hard to find a justifiable reason for leaving a cat or dog behind in house that is foreclosed.

      Perhaps someone can enlighten me. I don’t know. It smacks of careless, cruel human behavior that totally disrespects the rights of animals.

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