Forget the Grumpy Cat Video What’s Playing on the TV?

What does Grumpy Cat’s owner say and what is playing on the TV? The answer to both provide insights into Grumpy Cat’s home life.

Please listen to what I think is a TV show playing in the background. The problem I have is that I think I hear the “F’ word several times. That must mean it must be a film. Also the video maker, who I presume is Grumpy Cat’s owner says something that sounds like this:

Fourtina……Cali’s disgusting Marybell.

Who is Fourtina, Cali or Marybell?

I may have both these names wrong. What do you hear?

What is intriguing is that this 11 million views video (a hell of a lot) has the background sound track playing from a television as it would have been easy to have removed it or to simply video the cat with the TV turned off. And why is the video maker talking at the same time and to whom?

I will presume that the voice we hear other than the TV is the from the person making the video and is also the same person who is stroking Grumpy Cat.

There is one last oddity. The hand that strokes Grumpy cat. The voice is female but the arm and hand looks somewhat male. A bit odd. I think it is female however.

All the stuff other than Grumpy Cat is more interesting to me that the cat.

As for the cat he makes a sort of squeaking sound in the middle of the video. And he does not look great to me. A bit lifeless.

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10 thoughts on “Forget the Grumpy Cat Video What’s Playing on the TV?”

  1. It does sound like the TV in the background but I can’t fathom out who
    Fourtina, Cali or Marybell (or whatever) are.
    It looks to me as if that poor little cat only wants a bit of peace, she’s toted about and used and laughed at and photographed hour after hour, surely she deserves to have a sleep in peace instead of that big hand pestering the life out of her and once again being filmed.
    I’d like to go and snatch her and bring her to a peaceful, loving, quiet home and garden where she could enjoy being a cat instead of a ‘celebrity freak’ who thousands of idiots laugh at.

    • Thanks Ruth. I have this fascination with trying to get into the head of the people who own this cat. A video maker would never normally speak to someone in that way while videoing and have the TV blaring away f**ing. That said, despite the fact that Grumpy cat looks grumpy, I think he is grumpy or depressed because he lacks sparkle. He looks a bit too passive and almost stiff. I don’t know. There is something wrong.

      • Yes I agree Michael, something is very wrong and I feel very unhappy about the way that little cat is being treated and wish we could do something about it.

  2. Sorry, I’m a bit touchy on this kitten. The owner holds the kitten as if she is walking down the red carpet at the Oscars of something. It is just insane! It makes me Grumpy Dan!

  3. Tardar Sauce doesn’t seem to like her belly scratched at all. Also, remember she is disabled and it is hard for her to move around a lot. This makes this exploitation even more horrifying in my book. This poor kitten sleeps so much because she is a kitten + it is hard for her to move around + her owner and the owner’s brother are constantly carting her from one place to the next. If you go to their website they are selling t-shirts for $25 US a pop! Stupid humans.

    If she was my cat she would have several places for me to lay her in every room (include the garage) for me to place her while I’m in each room. I would have plenty of low pads, rugs, pillows, etc. for her to lounge on (so she could get a little exercise) and I’d get her every type of assistance I could afford to help her live a long, comfortable life. She would want for nothing. That is the least a cat deserves for all they give back to us.

    • Sealy won’t allow us near his belly at all. Its chin and on his back near his tail. Belly is off limits.

      And there’s definitely lots of use of the F word. Not good for young kids to hear when they watch the video



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