Four Beautiful Egyptian Mau Kittens

You’ll like this large format picture of four beautiful Egyptian Mau kittens.

Four Egyptian Mau Kittens

Four Egyptian Mau Kittens. Photo copyright Helmi Flick. Are the three kittens on the right boys and the kitten on the left a girl?

Said to be descended from the African wildcat, the Egyptian Mau is also said:

“Mau” means cat in Egyptian. This is a strikingly good looking cat with gooseberry coloured eyes.

Is this the cat that ancient Egyptians kept as companion animals? Well, not quite because this is a very “refined” version of the cat that was a companion animal in those days. These cats were bred in America. If you want to see what the ancient Egyptians kept as cats you’ll can see them on the streets in Egypt today; spotted cats like these but rough and ready. The same cats from 4,000 years ago are the forerunners of today’s domestic cat.

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  1. Beautiful cats, but definantly not the real deal. I wonder if we doing the reverse of natural selection with our breed selection. The moggies, the strays are the real cats, in their way. We have an absolutely striking cat across the street. She is white with a ginger face and a small ginger circle at her tail, which is alternating white and ginger striped. She is so unique looking. And beautiful in her own, sweet way. She is traffic smart. Doesn’t chase birds. Likes to lay in the shade and watch the world go by. I guess an outside cat is a possibility in our area. I’ll see if I can manage a pix of her tail-end. Really unique. She is a white cat with ginger face, tail and very tip of her butt. 🙂 OK, that’s me for the day.

    Three more weeks nine days off than I’m at off at another semester. I’m going to get 20 credits in 3 semesters this year. 2/3 of the 30 I would normally earn in 2 full-load semesters the kids take. I’ll get six weeks in August-September. I don’t need the summer off.


    • Hi Dan – I totally agree with you about moggies being the real cats and being equally as striking. Breeders seem to chase after all the striking parts only to create unhealthy prototypes. The cat on your street sounds amazing. I hope she is really street smart. I thought my cat was street smart but that didn’t work out. Cats are instinctive so it’s always possible that they will get caught on the road chasing another cat or running from a dog etc etc – but she sounds calm so hopefully she will be just fine. I’m sure if you send Michael a pic of her he would post it here or in a seperate article.

      • Agreed of course. The best Egyptian Maus are moggie and feral Egyptian Maus in Cairo and so on. They are more genuinely the original cat. The exact same comment can be made about the Turkish Angora and the other old world cats. The British moggie is the original British Shorthair, for example.

        Purebred cats are often less faithful, genetically speaking, to the original cats they purport to represent, than the moggies that live in the areas they come from.

    • Yes, I’d love to show off this street smart pretty moggie. They are the best. If you email me the picture or upload it using the home page uploader, I’ll do the rest.

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