Four-Legged Robot Based on the Cat

This fast moving advanced robot was modeled on the domestic cat and walks like a domestic cat. I guess the designers were smart enough to realise that the cat is a bloody good model upon which to design a four-legged robot.

The robot called “cheetah cub” is robust and uses mechanical components that mimic a cat’s leg movements when walking. The robot’s gait is an exact copy of a cat’s gait. It is interesting to watch this in the video because the robot does walk like a cat.

The people who designed and built it say it is more “autonomous” because of its elasticity and stability. I suppose the word “autonomous” in this context means more able to keep walking on its own over difficult terrain without the intervention of the human operator.

The intention is to refine it and use it for work in areas such as search and rescue. Perhaps there will be a military use too (sadly).

The robot is a recognition of the super anatomy of the domestic cat.

Note about the video: sometimes, over a long period of time videos fail to work because they are removed from YouTube for various reasons.


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7 thoughts on “Four-Legged Robot Based on the Cat”

  1. Eureka! We have the perfect substitute for those who seek to maim cats by paying veterinarians to surgically remove their healthy toe ends, they can now buy a robot that suggests a cat! Some enterprising businessman/woman now needs to cover it in synthetic fur and market it as the perfect pet that will not claw eyes out, shred furniture, attack babies, chase birds, need food, need attention and will not stop their owner going on vacation, they will sell a million!

    1. I hadn’t thought about that. As you say, all they have to do is put some fur on the robot, give her a voice (easy to do that) and there we are. You could even elect: no claws or claws ๐Ÿ˜‰ Short tail or long tail. The options are endless. You could buy your cat with “optional extras” or get the basic model….point made. Thanks Babz. At a stroke it would solve the unwanted cat problems. And there would be no relinquishments. All you have to do is throw it away – which is exactly what happens now come to think about it.

      The best optional extra would be the model that has an anti-Woody device and programming. As soon as he is in range, the cat jumps up and bites the nuts off the bastard ๐Ÿ˜‰

      1. Ruth aka Kattaddorra

        A brilliant invention and no animals harmed in the making of it!
        Yes Babz it would be ideal for those who say they love cats but in reality only love adapted cats who can’t do what cats do.
        Another bonus, robot cats wouldn’t need neutering and when ignorant uncaring people were sick of them kicked them out, it wouldn’t add to the already huge problem of unwanted cats and kittens.
        Michael you do make me laugh ‘biting the nuts off the bastard Woody’ lol Oh I’d pay to see that happen, I really would lol

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