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Free Black Cats Event Causes Uproar — 2 Comments

  1. I think better safe than sorry. There’s plenty of cats to adopt. It is sad that black cats are the hardest to adopt though. This halloween thing is a real paradox situation for black cats. I have a black cat and she is great, healthy and has a wonderful character 🙂

  2. There is no doubt that there are satanic or black magic cults who have meetings etc. And I agree that black cats are in danger. However, I don’t think the black cat is in big danger from these people.

    That said I am not sure why they had to promote black cat adoption around the time of Halloween. They could do that anytime. The advert is based on good luck etc so the advert is using the Halloween period to promote adoptions. That does seem irresponsible to me.

    It may be though that the idea of promoting adoptions of black cats at this time of year is successful as it is the time when black cats are highlighted.

    Provided Barrington Animal Control are sensible in selecting people it might be OK.

    Conclusion: On balance it is probably not a good idea.

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