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Free Feeding Cats — 4 Comments

  1. I leave my cats wet food in the morning when i go to work and they eat about half of it. I know Gigi eats very little or none and waits til I give them biscuits in the evening. When I give them biscuits I give them each a bowl and each a small handful and they eat them right in front of me. Gigi seems to rely on this too much. I do see her nibble the wet food but rarely. I’m sure she must have some while I am at work. I leave them plenty. This is free feeding wet food technically speaking though.

  2. As far as I can tell from looking at Sharon’s flickr sets, she currently has 4 cats- all beauties, including Abbie.

    Abbie, Heidi, Reilly, and Findlay. All are rescue cats from VOKRA = Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association)

    Other sets indicate that she is involved in the work of VOKRA. So, there’s some interesting background to the story about Abbie.

    So, Sharon knows a lot more about cats than this “feeding example” might indicate.

    Pretty sure she would pass the “Cat Village” test! 😉

    I’ll add a link below, b/c I know a link will trip the filters.

    • She sounds very savvy. I wanted to theme the post and was struck by the sense in controlled feeding as it helps to manage a cat’s health as well as food intake.

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