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Friendly Cat Colors — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks so much for the article. But agree colour is not prerequisite in terms of personality. I have a ginger male cat. Has never been friendly. Will never sit on my lap.

  2. I don’t think the colour of a cat affects his/her purr-sonality at all. There are many old wives tales about cats and this is one of them. We’ve had various coloured cats over 38 years and none have conformed to what is said about them, each cat just like each human, is unique.
    It’s like saying all red haired humans are hot tempered, not true and anyway other hair colours are hot tempered too. That blondes are simple (hence so many dizzy blonde jokes) Also untrue,I know lots of clever blonde haired people and many thick people of other coloured hair.
    It’s such a stereotype world where too many people don’t think for themselves, they just accept what is said and pass it on.

  3. The calicoes I’ve known have all been very gentile and sweet. I think breed has much more to do with it than color does. One of our tortie twins was very sweet tempered, while the other didn’t like to be touched. She was fine as long as she was alone on a perch watching us from afar. I think it was just the way she was. If I had to judge, I’d say the calicoes I’ve known were by far the sweetest cats I’ve ever known. I LOVE ginger hair cats, always have, but they seem to be loners. Not real big on coming up to me and being petted. Yet they weren’t put off by me, just liked to keep their distance. So again, I think it’s the breed. Great story. thanks.

    • Yes, Dan, I think you’re spot on. I don’t think color affects the cat’s character (with possibly the strange exception of the red tabby as Marc says). One thing that may be going on is that people will behave differently towards cats with different coats if they think the cat has a certain character and that may result in a reaction from the cat that is consistent with the person’s ideas. A sort of self-fulfilling prophesy.

  4. If I were to use the same ‘surface’ or subjective method for what I think of the different cats I would totally agree about the orange cats. I personally think black cats are extra friendly and people oriented, torties would be the loners and the rest I don’t know because I have no experience to base it on. Now you know what cats I’ve known well enough and how their characters turned out in my situation. Of course its all complete rubbish probably – next I will meet and antisocial black cat and orange loner and an attention seeking tortie. The only one of all of these I am inclined towards is the orange as being laid back and alpha. Because I’ve seen it and heard it so so often – enough that I could almost think it might be true. But still in the end I suppose and assume it can’t exactly be so true.

    • The only semi-scientific connection I know between coat color and something else is that the gene that causes a cat to be black seems to help against defending against infections. It has been suggested that the melanistic (black) servals have mutated for this reason.

      So it is possible that coat color can affect something else about the cat other than just appearance. But whether color can affect personality is another thing. I think this is more about the fragile human mind looking for something that is not there.

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