From Babies To Cats

Are you drowning in baby pictures amongst a torrent of Facebook feeds? Or are you just Facebooked out? Never mind, rest your eyes, calm your nerves and let the charm of a cat picture put a smile on your face. app app

There are hundreds of thousands of Google Apps – are they called Google Apps or just ‘apps’? Anyway coding geeks who like to create apps are creating them about as fast as the population of Britain in creating babies.

By the way, for people who don’t know what ‘app’ means it is a shortened version of the word ‘application’ and the word ‘application’ means a program or a piece of software.

Apps can be downloaded from the internet and used for all sorts of things. A lot of them are for iPhone of mobile devices. They are for people on the move. An example might be an app that finds the nearest fish and chip shop with a three star rating. Something as bizarre as that. And a lot of apps are a bit bizarre. All most of them do is complicate your life even more than it is already. Do you remember the simple days before the computer? I do and I’ll tell you they were days of simple pleasures and relative innocence. But today if you have a decent amount of idle time and are bored, you can play with an app.

OK, the app that I am referring to automatically changes baby pics to cat pics on your Facebook feeds. I suppose there is not a lot of difference sometimes. Pics of babies and pics of kittens tweek the same emotions and push the same buttons in women! Is that sexist? If it is there will be an app soon that will change everything you write to a grey, beige pap.

The cat pic replacement can be altered so that the baby pics are replaced by something else. What? What would you replace baby pics with?

(link broken sorry) this is the page (I hope!) where you can download the app. It gets a rather lowly 3 star rating from 48 downloads so can’t that good. You’ll need to use Google Chrome internet browser. This is a very fast browser but it does not render pages as tolerantly as Firefox. It is much better, though, that Internet Explorer. (note: a ‘browser’ is a piece of software, a program, that lets you see what is on the internet).

It took a month the write the code and get it online. Anyone can do this. That is why there are so many apps. Most of them will bore you in about five minutes and most don’t really enhance your life but I’m not a geek just an old geezer…

If anyone can dream up a PoC app that looks like it will really work, I’ll get someone to create it. We’ll get rich.

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From Babies To Cats — 2 Comments

  1. Chrome has only been hacked twice, both times by Microsoft Employees. It is by far that safest browser out there until you add extensions aka apps. Be careful not to use apps from weird places and you should be OK. This one looks fine.

    Funny, I have so many friends on Facebook I stopped using the feed until they let me assign friends to follow. I do have a couple of younger friends I did a beta test of a Facebook game in 2008 with that are finally having babies. Luckily most of my friends are cat lovers.

    Final Note: If you play games of Facebook (I do when not in school). DO NOT USE THE ILLEGAL SCRIPTS/EXTENSIONS to run your games automatically. This includes gift giving/receiving and feed reward grabs. These are very, very bad apps. They take a precious sever time on the games websites and on the Facebook mirror-servers. This means frustration for everyone.

    We should do a blog on all the cute cat related Facebook games. Several out there.

    • Yes, good idea Dan. We need to look at all the Facebook games and apps and any software that relates to cats! Are you going to do it? 🙂

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