From Darlene and Milo: I have met a man with a dog

Introduction from Michael: Darlene is a regular contributor but has been quiet for a while. She lives with her cat Milo who she adores. If you click on the following link a Google search lists her posts in a new window or tab to give you some background information. Darlene has a very pure, simple and charming relationship with her cat companion.

Milo and Darlene

Milo and Darlene Burrow
Milo and Darlene
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From Darlene….Hello everyone, its been a long time since I wrote about Milo. Life has been very busy for me for a long time now and still Milo and I are doing wonderfully.

Milo is doing great. She loves all the attention she can get. She does love to sleep a lot these days because she is older now but I love her with all my heart.

You see, I will do anything under this earth for her and she still loves her snuggle time with me a lot. I truly love those moments. I really wish those moments spent with Milo would be frozen in tight because I don’t want a moment to pass by because one minute that passes its a memory spent together that I wished would be the present.

You see, Milo is truly the sweetest cat I ever had been blessed with and I really do thank God for Milo every night and every morning too. I pray for another sun rise to come for Milo and I together to wake to.  She is truly my everything to me. My big baby Milo, I always say.

I am also doing wonderful too. I met a wonderful man named Frank who I met on Facebook. He lives in Georgia and is a cop. He is planning on coming from Georgia to Fond du Lac to be with me.

He had lost his wife three years ago and has a daughter named Sussane. She is 12 years old and she can’t wait to meet me and become her new mama to her. After Frank and Sussane come and live with me Frank and I are looking to buy a house together. When he comes to me and then we gonna look for a business that we will be running too which we are gonna check into running a pet store which is so exciting to me and Frank too. I am so happy with him.

I have a question: advice please

I do have a question though. Frank has a dog which he will be bringing when he comes but my question is since Milo has been abused by dogs in the past and she honestly is feared of dogs what should I do since a dog will be present in the near future with Milo and as spoiled as Milo is she wants to be the only one pet in the house and she will get jealous.

Also what should I do to make her feel more relaxed and stress free about sharing the place with a dog. Any ideas or advice would be very helpful. I hope all of you are doing well too. Take care and God bless

From Milo and Darlene

33 thoughts on “From Darlene and Milo: I have met a man with a dog”

  1. I agree, I have had situitons with meeting people off Net. It doesn’t always work out as planned.You might see them as normal, its not until you meet each other. It would be good if could first meet up first. Also i think got to think of your cat. Especially how the cat will cope with dog etc. I wish you best of luck. Its not easy to find someone that you can connect with. That will accept you. I find relationships very confusing and just too much. I think I’ll just give up on it all. Its much easier being alone. Thats just my view.

  2. Darlene, you better walk carefully. There a lot of users in this world looking for a soft touch. There is probably a reason women in his home town won’t date him. Investigate!! If a man must find companionship on the internet something is wrong. People in the hometown and surrounding areas know him. Best be wary. If he wants to take out a million dollars in insurance on you run for the hills. If he doesn’t have money for an apartment it would be the first red flag.

    Is it his real daughter? oran accomplice looking to milk you? Best go to the pound and buy a friend for Milo (the cat). If it doesn’t work out you can always return the cat. Trying to reclain dollars some fellow has bilked you out of is not that easy. You can keep him more honest if you make him pay up first. Women are great at this scheme. Know from first hand experience.

    They always come with some kind of a story of how life has cheated them. Men are as bad as the women. They are trying to get the money out of the leavings of your hard working deceased spouce. Old saying..” the money feels better in my pocket than in yours”. Sit tight and see what he comes up with. If he wanted to support you, I would say he may be a good man. If he wants you to support him , you best kick him outy.


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