From Gigi to Marc with love on a card

A bit of fun. I ordered a card from an online company, Dog’s Doodahs, to see how it worked and to check out the quality. The exercise was an extension of writing about personalised cat cards. The card I ordered is meant to be a thank you from Gigi based on the nice photograph that Marc took. It is a large A4 size (standard document size) and it cost about £6 all inclusive ($9.50).

Well here is a picture of the card I recently received:

Cat Greetings Card

Cat Greetings Card

I hope the words are OK. I don’t know. It is only a bit of fun so it doesn’t matter that much.

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From Gigi to Marc with love on a card — 8 Comments

      • Wow – that’s so nice! It’s a funny sort of picture of her. I put that photo on my facebook with the caption “The Jeej is not amused, and will continue not to be amused until there are biscuits” 🙂

        I love it!If only my cats didn’t take me for granted then I’d get cards like this from them. I think the one time they show me proper appreciation is after I get back from a a trip for a few days. Then they are all happy to see me and giving me lots of appreciation. 🙂

        • Pleased you like it. I like the picture. It is a good cat photo. A bit different and she is looking right into the lens confidently. I like that.

          Aesthetically, the 60s feel of the card goes well with your sofa 😉 LOL. It has a sort of 60s 70s feel about it. She is a beautiful looking cat with an opinion and character.

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