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From Gigi to Marc with love on a card — 8 Comments

      • Wow – that’s so nice! It’s a funny sort of picture of her. I put that photo on my facebook with the caption “The Jeej is not amused, and will continue not to be amused until there are biscuits” 🙂

        I love it!If only my cats didn’t take me for granted then I’d get cards like this from them. I think the one time they show me proper appreciation is after I get back from a a trip for a few days. Then they are all happy to see me and giving me lots of appreciation. 🙂

        • Pleased you like it. I like the picture. It is a good cat photo. A bit different and she is looking right into the lens confidently. I like that.

          Aesthetically, the 60s feel of the card goes well with your sofa 😉 LOL. It has a sort of 60s 70s feel about it. She is a beautiful looking cat with an opinion and character.

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