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From Mackerel Tabby To Classic Tabby Cat Coat — 3 Comments

  1. Typical brown/grey tabby cats are amazingly camuflaged in nature. Sometimes it’s uncanny how well they blend in to nature. And its not just one kind, it can be woodland or just open ground of some kind with leaves and twigs. My cat Mr P used to lie around all day outside when we were in the countryside and sometimes you just couldnt see him even when he was fairly close, unril he moved.

    • Hi Dan, cat genetics are very complicated and I don’t think the “experts” have the complete story. I have tried to put my spin on it and add a bit at a layperson level. That said anything that can shed some light on the genetics of the makings of the tabby coat has got to be of interest to people who like cats. Thanks for the comment. Hope you are OK.

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