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Fun? Man Uses Cat As Guitar — 9 Comments

  1. Sometimes I feel guilty kissing Bigfoot three times in a row on his head. He doesn’t seem to mind, but my frenzy is probably a little irritating to him. I agree, I like to see him and all my cats in a natural state without my interference, except maybe for Marvin. But he is the exception. He is a cat who loves a proper hug. He reciprocates with a head-butt against your neck and a drool that displays the utmost pleasure. I am away from my cats now for six days. I can tell I miss them terribly. Tomorrow, we will be together again.

    • 6 days must feel like 6 weeks Dorothy, I miss our boyz even if I’m only out a few hours.
      You’d love Jozef because he loves being kissed on his head, on his tummy, on his paws, anywhere in fact. He lies stretched out and purring for as long as one of us is willing to kiss him lol

      • Monty appreciates exuberance, so long as it does not last too long. He is like that with most affection, except foot petting. He will roll on the floor while you pet him with your foot for 15 minutes at a crack if you are willing to stand there that long and give him attention.

  2. I hate to see cats used as objects and worse still filmed to amuse idiots,it’s degrading for cats.
    A bit of rough and tumble is fine as long as the cat enjoys it and the person doing it stops when the cat is sick of it but that boy looks quite maniacal and God knows what else he will think up to try next.

  3. The cat seems to be enjoying it and it probably is a game they play, but filming it is probably not a good idea because other people see it and will try it and it just kind of adds to disrespect of the cat and a disregard for cats’ safety.

    Jeff plays more roughly with Monty than I do, and actually, Monty likes it. I’ve noticed that my husband is right– if you pet Monty in both directions, roughing up his fur, actually applying a fair amount of pressure as you rub fast back and forth Monty just explodes in purring. He loves it. I suppose it is stimulating, maybe like a massage. He will roll on his back so you can rub his belly the same way. But that is not to say that every cat would like that. And you have to be sensitive as to when the cat has had enough. Jeff “roughs up” the cat (as he calls it) because doing so elicits the loudest, longest purrs from Monty. Why is this kid playing guitar with his cat? If it’s not because the cat really likes it then what is the point? It’s just stupid and boring, as Michael says, really. I’d say the kid is a dork, but he does have a nice cat who seems to like him and trust him. Hopefully, he wouldn’t do anything that hurts the cat.

  4. I think maybe the film has speeded up the actual “guitar playing” and I like to think that right at the end before it starts over again that he is starting to put the cat down on the ground, it might have been harmless game that they often play but the trouble with filming it and putting it on the Internet is that people see it, think it’s “cool” and copy it and then the cat’s safety is really in their hands. Silly games with cats are lovely, I love to play the piano on Jozef when he lies on his side and have played “wheelbarrows” with cats before and even played “ding dong” with our late great Ebony where we would pick her up and gently swing her side to side like a bell, she loved it and would wait ready to play it, but all these games have been played with the cats safety in mind and with full co-operation/permission from the cat. But it all depends on the individual cat and what he/she likes so for safety’s sake things like this are best kept off the Net.

  5. I won’t be kind, I will be a grumpy old woman in fact 🙁
    That STUPID ignorant head shaking boy! If he molests the cat that way very often the poor creature will have bruising. Cats bruise easily.
    But he won’t care about that, he’s too busy showing off and yes disrespecting the cat who looks so long suffering.
    What would the show off do if the cat turned round and scratched or bit him?
    He’d soon fling down his living guitar 🙁 then.

    • Good point – if the cat lashed out it would become seriously dangerous for the cat. I find it horrible and Michael is right that the worst thing of it is the fact he filmed it. Lilly likes it when I pick her up and hold in funny ways we have odd ways of playing and she seems to enjoy it and ask for more. It’s not in any way the same as this though.

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