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Funding of Animal Shelters — 5 Comments

  1. So are the staff in these government funded shelters employees being paid or are they volunteers?
    I always think volunteers are more likely to be animal lovers and to be kind and compassionate than people doing it for their living are.

  2. I only see some small differences between our local Humane Society (so called no-kill) and our local shelter. Most have to do with aesthetics rather than the actual running of each place. In my observations, I do believe that the HSUS may keep slightly better records. I say this because they take the time to gather some history about their adoptees and will post the info. In contrast, the shelter can’t provide anything. I think it is important that people are informed about whether cats/dogs came from a one pet home, a home without children, etc.
    On the surface, I find the HSUS presents a cleaner, more welcoming facility. I. also, find the staff to be friendlier and more courteous.
    I, actually, think the HSUS is this way because they do rely on donations. Public contributions and their reputation is very important to them. Whereas, the shelter will get money from me whether thay are nice to me or not.

    • I have one word YES. And it is an estimate. It could well be a lot higher. It is legalised mass slaughter and an modern phenomenon, a symptom of the domestication of animals gone wrong.

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