Good Cat Diet: Premix and Fresh Meat?

Premix and raw meat cat food diet
Premix and raw meat cat food diet. Photo of mince by BobPetUK
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In the USA you can buy a cat food product called a “premix”. You add it to raw fresh meat or cooked meat, perhaps minced beef, and voilà, you have a a diet that is much closer to a cat’s natural diet than manufactured cat food. It would certainly be a huge advance on dry cat food pellets, which is called “kibble” in the USA.

One such product is Oasis. You can buy it online at It costs $35 for one pound of it. It appears to be a powder.

I am not promoting the product nor do I get a commission for writing about it. I am intrigued as to why very few people make up their own cat food in this way. I am referring to domestic cats not so called exotic cats or wild cat pets.

It cannot be difficult. All the indications are that this sort of cat food is superior to the cat food you buy in supermarkets. I know Harvey Harrison makes up his own cat food in a similar way. He lives in Turkey.

In the UK I don’t think you can buy this sort of product –  a premix that transforms minced beef into a high quality and more natural cat food. If it was easy to get I’d buy it.

What stops people in America buying it: convenience and cost, perhaps? Dry cat food is popular because of convenience. It is generally agreed that it is not a good diet as a full-time diet.

High quality wet cat food is not bad but probably not as good as premix+raw or cooked meat, in my opinion.

As to cost I don’t know whether it works out more expensive than buying high quality wet cat food.

I have to presume that it is more expensive and that expense is one reason why most people don’t buy Oasis premix.

Has anyone tried it and can they comment? I would doubt very much if anyone has tried it.

Read about alternatives.

Original mince beef photo.

3 thoughts on “Good Cat Diet: Premix and Fresh Meat?”

  1. I had never heard of it either. It is very interesting sounding. I have been adding lightly cooked chicken liver to the food for the cats. Three love it, one turns his cute little nose up at the idea. I just might give the above premix suggestion a try.

  2. One reason is that even American cat owners have not heard of it. Of interest, is that you can order it in 5 lb.($40) and 25 lb.($110) lots, which lowers the cost considerably.

    • Thanks for that Robyn. I wondered. It seems as if it is a convenient way of giving a cat a diet that is closer to the real thing. People who keep small wild cats apparently use it.


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