Good: People Don’t Like The Laughing Cat!

Is this a sign that people who use the internet for entertainment are becoming more mature or bored with the offerings?  I am not sure, but I hope so. Sorry if that sounds like an old grump writing about something that is important to him but it is time we stopped treating the domestic cat as a form of mass entertainment.

Yes, be entertained by your cat on a personal level. They can make you smile and laugh. They can make you happier, which is fine, of course, but not this: a video of a “laughing cat”. We know cats don’t laugh, which, incidentally, is a topic for another discussion, sometime.

The video has been seen almost 13 million times – typical of YouTube. Some, rather crude videos, get lots of views. The good thing is that 16,259 viewers of the video like it and 33.308 dislike it! Great. The figures are as at 17th June 2013, lunchtime…..

Laughing cat likes and dislikesLaughing cat likes and dislikesLaughing cat likes and dislikes
Laughing cat likes and dislikes
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So, almost twice as many people don’t like it as like it. I think the video is just stupid, which is what a grumpy old man who loves cats would say. But, obviously, I am not alone, which makes me feel better. However, I should not become too optimistic.

I know I am going over old ground and repeating myself but are people beginning to become tired of the jazzed up, manipulated, modified video of a cat doing something that is meant to amuse the human? Please, God, let it fade away. Please, let’s see the cat as a fellow sentient being with whom we can have a mutually beneficial relationship. Forget the cheap abuse.

Note: Please remember that videos over time can be lost when embedded into websites. You may see a black screen one day. This would be because someone for some reason removed the video from good old YouTube.


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5 thoughts on “Good: People Don’t Like The Laughing Cat!”

  1. I hate that video too, in fact I hate all videos that mock cats and yes Michael I reckon a lot of people are simple minded idiots. I know we all enjoy a bit of fun and a laugh but there seems to be too much at the expense of cats when there shouldn’t be any at all.

  2. I’m glad so many people hate that stupid video,the ones who like it must be simple minded idiots if they think it’s funny


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