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Good Times With Milo — 6 Comments

  1. Hi again Darlene, I’m so glad you and Milo are well and happy and she has settled so well in your new home.
    Sorry to hear about Molly R.I.P
    Take care

    • thank you that means a lot to me and even though i truly miss molly she is at peace forever and suffered way to much before hand so it was the best to put her at peace in god’s loving arms thank you for caring

  2. Hi Darlene. Well done in finding your way around the new website. It is is a bit different. Cats do help us through difficult times because they are very reliable. They are there for us. Unfortunately they live much shorter lives than us, as do dogs, so we have to say goodbye to them a lot of the time.

    I hope you are OK. Take care Darlene.

  3. Hi Darlene. I love your relationship with Milo. You are a very gentle person and that is very refreshing to me. You have a beautiful relationship with Milo. A lot of people could learn from your relationship of love and acceptance. Thanks for visiting again and sharing. Take care Darlene. And my love to Milo.

    • thank you that means a lot to me and it made me feel good too!! milo has been helping me through this hardship in my life right now which my uncle tom and grandma’s dog had suffered so much that they had to put her at peace in god’s loving arms on june 15th 2012 its a really hard time for me and my family too for the loss of molly the blood hound dog she was only 5 years of age but she is happy and healthy now all the time now

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