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Gorilla Asks For A Cat Companion — 8 Comments

  1. What a beautiful story I hadn’t read about this before; it has really touched my heart. That gentle giant who could cause such destruction if she wished but all she wanted was a furry little friend.

  2. Well gorillas are almost human beings, but without speech and without the evil selfish nature of many humans, so it’s not surprising that this one treated those kittens better than many human beings treat the cats in their power.
    Gorillas and other primates have emotions the same as ours and like to live by Nature as was intended.
    It’s terrible that because primates are so like us they are often used in laboratory experiments, they can’t talk of what tortures they go through.
    Which leads to using ANY species of animal for vivisection, they DO all feel pain and fear and they DO know there will be no escape for them apart from death.
    Yet scientists continue to use them and people continue donating money for this cruel research on their very own ‘brothers’ but in diferent forms.

    • they can’t talk of what tortures they go through..

      Yes, many chimps have spent their entire lives behind bars (imprisoned but not criminals). Only recently have some of the scientists who did this become more decent and understanding. It is shocking, frankly, to think that we locked up these thinking and feeling animals that are so like us for medical research.

  3. I am with Dan – it’s nice to hear a bit of good news in amongst all the bad. It’s actually quite amazing. I’m sure she is much more able to give a cat what it wants because she is more in tune with the cat’s communication and needs anyway. I’m sure we would all profit from some of Koko’s insight and instinctive knowledge. Wouldn’t it be great if she replaced some of the awful people out there who have not concept of caretaking or the value of an animal – or even know that they are themselves animals in the sense that they were not put on this earth to take and leave whatever they so please from nature (which they no doubt believe they should and do control). Ok so I wont get grumpy today when there’s no reason 🙂

    • I’m sure she is much more able to give a cat what it wants because she is more in tune with the cat’s communication and needs anyway

      She seems more gentle than many people, despite the huge disparity in strength between her and the kitten. And, yes, a gorilla will automatically be more in tune with nature than the blessed human.

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