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Got a Garden. Got a Cat. Get Pampas Grass — 7 Comments

  1. We had it in a few places but unfortunately the biggest one had to go as it got very tall and it turned very woody and as I was thinning it out I disturbed a wasps next and got stung quite badly.
    We had to call out The Pied Piper (our local pest control) who took the nest away.
    I was just glad I got stung and not the cats, so we are very careful now about watching out for any sign of wasps or bees making themselves at home!

    • Oh wow…so pleased he has some pampas grass to play in. I think it is a naturally good plant for the domestic cat. It meets their requirements: place to hide and watch from.

    • Wow so nice – I love it. I’ve always loved grasses and grown them when I have a garden – I love all kinds of tall and short grasses, even bamboo which is another member of the grass familly. These tall grasses give you a solid wall for privacy and are great for the cats – they can literally be sleeping in the grass 2 metres away and you wouldn’t see them. So thick and well hidden – perfect. And another thing I love about grasses is the way they move in the winds and the sound they make. They really give me a nice feeling – wonderful.

  2. Cats love it because they can go into ambush mode in it. Monty likes it when our lawn starts to get a little long. He “hides” in the grass. Our neighbors have this type of ornamental grass near their bird feeder. Feral cats in the area get many a good meal at their bird feeder. The owner of the feeder and the grass (whose name is Kitty, lol) said she feels badly for the birds but the cats need to eat too. Monty’s siblings used to hunt there frequently, but now I don’t see them around anymore. Unless the little black cat that’s been hanging around is related to him. Hard to say. My back garden has plenty of vegetation for Monty to hide in. Weeds, that is. He likes that. I like it better in the spring and fall when it’s easier to see where he has gotten to. He’d rather hide on me and then stalk me like prey.

    • Pleased you concur with me that this sort of plant is ideal for a cat as a place to rest in, hide in and watch and then attack.

      These two tabbies that a care for sometimes go to this pampas grass and play with each other in it and them rest and watch.

      They have lots of other places but instinctively go to this spot.

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