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  1. There are too many people in the US who want to have guns. Its a serious problem. Hand guns and assault guns should just be completely illegal full stop. Hunting sucks but they have usually different guns. I don’t think anything is going to change over there. I was reading some of the comments on some fo the news sites below the story. So many commenters were saying that there should have been a teacher with a gun or some such ssetup to defend situations like this. Crazy comments. Perhaps the amendment was necessary 200 years ago, but now it’s not. It’s just that alot of people in the US seem to like guns. The kid who did this got them from his mum who ‘collected’ guns and recently got a new one even. Such bad taste – to collect guns. Really reptilian in mentality and style. And those hunter ‘folk’ who like to kill animals for fun. They probably like their guns and chat about them to each other and save up for new latest and greatest more accurate and deadly guns. Of all the most absurd and ridiculous things. I’m so very sorry to hear about what happened.If any of you know Robin Olson from Covered in Cat Hair, she lives in Newtown, just up the road from the guy and his mum and from what I understand – it’s very hard to remain living in a small town that is known worldwide for something like this. Likely many people will move from there because of being unable to erase it from their lives. It’s awful, truly awful. A country that allows everybody to get whatever gun they want quite easily in most places, will always have problems of of people dying because of it, although usually in much smaller numbers – not like this. But the US has always had this as part of its nature that every year ‘x’ amount of people are involved in gun shootings and killings so this is shocking for the numbers and ages but the fact that people and animals are regularly shot is not in itself suprising. However the US seems to want to carry on like this, guns, shootings and all. With any luck somthing as extreme as this might have some effect on the laws but it never has in the past. Why? Why…. is it because the lawmakers themselves like and want to keep arsenals of weapons? It is disastrous beyond words for the lives of the innocent people and animals. To be fair animals probably get it much much worse in general – on average, since they are systematically murdered. A little of that goes on in other countries too, hunting and so on. I personally have seen a real gun a handful of times in my life and shot one twice. I didn’t see what the big deal was because it is so dangerous you cant go around shooting targets for fun. An air rifle would be alot more fun because you could actually use it, as a kid.
    Innocent people and animals are dying constantly – so then let’s hope that with a modern sort of person at the top, who probably doesnt’ go hunting and have a bunch of buddies who are all into drinking, god and guns – maybe he will force the issue after something as awful and incredibly sad as this – and make, somehow, the whole probably right wing mentality of guns, back down a whole lot. As Michael says, the constitution was written hundreds of years ago. In what tiny miniscule way does it even remotely make any sense to maintain laws that old into modern times? My answer to that question is simple – stupid boys want to keep their stupid toys and somehow those stupid boys have power over there to make sure it is so.

  2. Thanks for this succinct, non-hysterical, educational piece on this problem. The tables above are eye opening. I don’t know how many of these incidences it will take before something is done. I just don’t get it. It is as if we are still the wild west. So many guns, so many uniformed people. It really has to change.

    • There are 250 million guns in the USA. They export them to Mexico! There is no need for citizens to have military rifles. Madness. The NRA say that the problem is that not enough is done to cure people with mental health problems in the USA. That is their standard response. The thing is you can never cure anywhere near all the people with mental health problems. So you’ll always have a danger if you sell guns over the counter to anyone. The USA is unique in the industrialised world for having so many guns available to anyone – and for declawing cats.

      Republican supporters of the current gun laws should be ashamed of themselves. How can they support free access to semi-automatic military rifles? They are dead from the neck up.

  3. All those lives lost at that school is just unbearable to think about, those little children, their lives scarcely begun.
    I absolutely hate guns and see no reason for people to have them, some say they only use them for target practice, well surely they could do that with something not lethal.
    I hate the hunting and shooting of animals and birds for ‘sport’
    How can anyone enjoy taking any other living being’s life? Why not live and let live?
    Humans are too unstable to own a dangerous weapon, too short tempered or too impulsive or some just too cold hearted.
    I’m with the ‘ban guns’ lobby all the way!

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