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Half-cat: Myth or Mutation? — 11 Comments

  1. The half cat being the Stealth version with no ears either by the looks of it. There was a healthy cat without rear legs born last year – he managed pretty well. He walks around on his front 2 legs but he is longer than these half cats. I wish I could remember his name but you would find him if you googled ‘cat with no back legs’ probably.

    • Very interesting Marc, the two legged cat. If he is OK then I may have to reassess my opinion. Is the two-legged cat as short in body as the two-legged cat? It seems not. It is the half-length body that for me makes it improbably. Missing hind legs with the remainder of the anatomy in place is possible — and everything else will function as normal.

      • Yes he is normal length and totally healthy although he did have a prolapse at around 8 months of age I think. Otherwise a normal cat in length though.

        • Thanks Marc. I think that is the key. When the body length is the same then it is just a question of two legs missing. But if the body is short as in the pictures, what is missing or shortened in the body? How does this affect bodily functions such as digestion and the nervous system? The change is too dramatic. It makes a weird cat picture which the public likes but there is no mention of practical matters such as health. They are totally ignored.

  2. Reading about the “HALF-CAT” for the first time in my life although have read about all the other mystical creatures still to be discovered by humans.If the “Half-Cat” ever exists then its a deformed cat but would find survival in the wild difficult due to lack of speed while hunting for prey.”Two-Headed” cats are a reality but have never survived beyond birth.

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