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Handling Your Injured Cat — 3 Comments

  1. The towel is a must, even with a normally calm cat.

    Most of us here are at the very least semi-experts on cats. Look at this article as being read by a brand new cat owner. Or a young person wanting to learn about caring for their first cat. I’m the first to admit I was still sorely lacking in common sense well into my 30’s.

    I have to take a lot of safety classes for work. I’m conditioned to respond these days. My training kept me calm when dealing with a house fire back in March. The only thing I have a real problem with is checking for a pulse. My pulse is hammering too hard to feel whether an animal or a person still has a heartbeat.

  2. Thanks for this Elisa. I tend to agree with Marc. What I’d do is to see if my cat could be picked up and put into a carrier to go to the vet or if not I would put a towel around him and put the towel and him into a carrier and drive to the vets.

    Although I think your article is very useful. A lot of common sense, speed and care would seem to be the basic rules.

  3. I don’t know if I could think clearly – it sounds like a frightening predicament but I surely would jump into action. So having tips like this is good. The spinal injury scares me the most because of the damage that can be done afterwards with more movement. Its plain scary. Not sure I could tie my cat to a board without another person; The towel method seems very good indeed also because it is soft for the cat and wont further damage the cat I imagine.

    I hope nobody finds themselves in this sort of situation anytime soon. Probably though Elisa, in the moment your mind goes blank first and then such ideas as these you have given are the first to pop into your head straight away. So it makes total sense to have a good think and consider different tactics so if it ever does happen you are not without ideas.

    Thanks 🙂 – maybe people could add to the list if they have some good ideas. I guess so much depends on the type of injury and how much the cat is capable of moving. But for sure if your cat is scared and still very strong, although injured and scared, something like a towel is a must. Michael even mentioned getting a stray cat out of the house using a towel as a sort of moveable barricade. IT seems like towels are pretty useful in many ways. I know they are great for holding little kittens upright when bottle feeding them and also for holding your cat for other delicate operations where the cat need to be kept fairly immobile.

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