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Handsome Maine Coon with Rare Coat — 14 Comments

  1. Some speak of the Maine Coon as being ‘the cat on the end of the tail’ in this case it is especially true what a magnificient cat and tail!!!

  2. All cats are beautiful and I find it very sad that some are considered too beautiful to be allowed to live life as a cat likes to live, with freedom to enjoy doing what cats like to do in the great outdoors.
    But that’s this world now, all about humans having the power to do what they will to animals, by ruling their lives.

    • Ruth I agree in principal however do you think that say for example if someone lives in a flat because through circumstance they cannot live elsewhere they should be deprived of living with a cat? I do agree that wherever possible a cat should be allowed outside but if enough stimulation is provided, many hours of company and love whether that be the company of another cat (ideally) or a person is this scenerio so wrong? Just my thoughts thats all…..

      • No I don’t think that Leah, because there are so many cats needing homes and no true cat lover should be deprived of giving one of those cats a home.
        I know full well that in some places it’s impossible to let a cat live the life they were meant to live so they have to accept whatever fate decrees for them and they do accept it, they adjust.
        All I’m saying is that it’s a sad world where because of dangers outside because of human progress and because of bad people, all cats can’t be allowed their freedom.

        • I do see what you mean Ruth I would love to set my Oz free but by doing so I know he would be either savaged, stolen or knocked down by a car in no time at all and I couldn’t bear that. I take him out on his harness and we also have a cat pen where he can get some fresh air. He is loved and we play together all the time. He does just what he wants but with the one exception which I regret with all my heart; I can’t let him out 🙁

      • He would NEVER go outside.
        But, ruling the roost?
        No, but maybe second in command here.
        Damon, the hoarder, has the kingdom all sewn up.
        I’m just grateful he allows me to live here!

  3. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – and its ALL subjective…. is it anthropomorphizing to be judgemental about a beautiful coat being too “girly” or is that homophobic? LOL!!! We humans ‘breed’ animals to have particular attributes that please us for whatever reason, and the animals DO UNDERSTAND beauty and ugliness BECAUSE OF HOW WE TREAT THEM. Have you never seen a dog or horse preen after its all polished up?? I have. And it is very obvious. As opposed to when they are shaved to get the hairmatting out? Embarrassed kitty!!!

    • and the animals DO UNDERSTAND beauty and ugliness BECAUSE OF HOW WE TREAT THEM

      So you mean cats understand ugly or beuatiful behavior? I guess you mean that. Good point.

      I was being a bit cheeky to say his coat was girly. Definitely out of order.

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