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  1. yes you’re right michael. but from what i understand its flies these two are always after. as you say, i think poppy just finds it a comfortable vantage point. she looks very happy in there anyway. i don’t think any birds would come close enough to be caught with poppy laid like that. they’d be daft if they did!!

  2. i love these photos of dillon and poppy, they look so chilled out in the garden. then the one of poppy trying to disguise herself as a bird to lure them to their doom really made me laugh. in her head do you think poppy imagines her disguise is perfect. lol. we are always so happy to hear lovely endings like this one. fancy dillon causing all that trouble getting himself locked in the neighbours house. what a pair of monkeys they are!! thank you paul and linda for sharing your lovely photos with us, and your lives with dillon and poppy. please keep the photos coming.

  3. I love hearing the news from Kays hill and those cats do look so happy and much loved and I don’t know how you do rehoming so well either!

  4. What a lovely story, as well as Dillon and Poppy being safe and happy in their new home they have also brought love and life to Paul and Linda in their sadness at losing their old cat, all this is through Kays Hill matching the right cats to the right adopters. You do a great job and I don’t know how you find all the homes that you do.

  5. It was lovely reading about Dillon and Poppy and seeing their photos, they both look very happy and well in their new home.
    You always seem to work miracles at Kays Hill, Leanne, the number of cats you rehome is incredible!

    • I love these articles/stories the best I think – the ones about individual cats and what lives they are living, good or bad.

      Thanks for sharing Leanne – it must be wonderful to hear back from adopters, very rewarding but also you can feel confident the cats you once looked after are living happy lives that every cat deserves. They are both such pretty cats and they seem very at home and comfortable and they are lucky to be able to enjoy the outdoors.

      It’s such a pleasure to see them enjoying the outdoors – nothing like a couple of cats playing around and snoozing in the shade on a hot summer day 🙂

      I have a catio now and I’m trying to fill it with plants and I just bought a plant called solanum jasminum but I’m not sure if it’s safe for the cats. Does PoC have a list or a link to a list of unsafe plants for cats (almost a rhetorical question, I’m sure it does! – Ruth and Babs you garden is beautiful and no doubt you might know)

        • It had a little tag on it saying to keep it away from children and pets but I only noticed the darn thing after I bought – wasn’t very visible. I’m second guessing but I suppose it’s there for a reason and I am going to have to put it out of their reach.

          I’d like to verify it though.

          • I’ve done a search and can’t find it but better safe than sorry Marc, as you say that warning must be there for a reason so I’d put it well out of reach of any cats if I was you.

            • Ruth and Michael – I went back to the shop and looked at all their tags and every single plant has the same warning, all of them – so I am starting to think its just a liability thing – that warning is small and the only plants it is not on are the kitchen herbs and lavender – I bought the cats to big lavender plants – Red used to love lavender.

              So I’ve put the plant out cautiously – otherwise I’d not be able to buy any plants basically because they all have it – doesn’t make sense.

              The list on PoC seems only to have the english names and not the latin names – I might look into that.

              • Do your cats chew at plants Marc? I couldn’t find the English name for yours, Jasmine seems safe if it’s a Jasmine type of plant and does Solanum mean calming I wonder?
                Can you get catnip plants there? They’d love that! We order ours from a firm as it’s impossible to buy around here, no garden centres have any nowadays.
                I don’t know if they deliver abroad, I suppose they might be too long in the post to survive.

              • I am pleased you are checking about plants toxic to cats. I’d hate for one of your cats to get ill eating a plant. I agree that suppliers will over warn to protect against liability. It seems that the science of animals getting ill eating plants is not hard and fast.

                This page contains links: Toxic to cats. It is not a totally complete list however.

                If you have selected some potential plants please list them and I’ll research them for you.

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