Hate Crimes and Caboodle Ranch

I’d like to post some concerns I have about hate crimes and Caboodle Ranch. I’m not a professional writer, so please forgive any errors I make as I’m writing this out of concern due to the increase in hate crimes in this country. Thank you in advance for allowing me to voice my opinion.

Back in 2009, the U.S. Senate passed the Matthew Shepherd Hate Crimes Prevention Act that would allow the death penalty as a possible sentence to certain hate crimes. As a native Washingtonian (Washington, D.C.), I had the opportunity to speak with those senators involved in passing this act.

Until the passing of this act, hate crimes were defined as crimes against not only race, color, religion and national origin, but also certain bias-motivated crimes based on the victim’s actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or disability. This definition has been expanded to include many additional circumstances, all circulating around hate for an individual or group.

The Matthew Shepherd Hate Crimes Prevention Act also gives the U.S. federal government jurisdiction over prosecuting hate crimes in areas where the current law is lax or the local police refuse to protect an individual or group.

The first conviction under this new law occurred when a federal jury convicted an Arkansas man back in May of 2011 for hate crimes committed against five Hispanic men who were verbally abused at a service station. The abuse spilled over into road rage which ended with all five of the Hispanic men being injured after being forced off of the road. Although this was a different kind of motivation, it all stems from hate.

This is the type of hate now being directed at Caboodle Ranch in Lee, Florida by people who don’t want to wait on the courts to do their job. Hate crimes, as defined by wikipedia, include lynching and witch hunts. I’ve read information from both sides of the case against Caboodle Ranch. Actions being taken by an individual or group of individuals could easily be seen as a hate crime as threats of death are involved. It’s also alleged people who wish to support the ranch and have publicly announced their support are also receiving threats.

According to the Nizkor project, one of the most common reasons people commit hate crimes is “the primal emotions aroused by the love of one’s own group. These deep feelings of group identity are particularly vivid in times of economical and political uncertainty and among people who suffered emotional neglect as children.”1

As a retired psychiatrist, I agree with the Nizkor project findings.

It may be difficult proving a hate crime has been committed unless extreme violence has taken place. It is, however, illegal in the U.S. to send threatening mail using the U.S. Postal Service. Federal Law makes it a crime to hurt someone if the threat is sent by “interstate commerce.” This includes the U.S. Postal Service, email, or otherwise over the internet2. They are punishable by fines, jail or both, depending on severity.

The U.S. Secret Service takes cyber threats seriously and acts alongside the Internet Crime Prevention Center in finding those guilty and prosecuting them.

I hope I don’t upset your readers at this fine cat site. If I do then I apologize. As a new subscriber I found it necessary to warn your readers that not everyone who loves cats love people. In fact, I find the opposite to be true in the Caboodle Ranch case. I’ve been watching the case these past few weeks and find myself sickened on some of the goings-on taking place outside of the courtroom.

Caboodle Ranch is a popular topic these days. Their Facebook page at Caboodle Ranch, Inc. as well as their opponents at Caboodle’s Angels, Caboodle Ranch Cruelty Case Info and www.caboodleranch.net have both sides of the issue covered quite well. I find myself amazed at the hate people feel for this one man. Now I’ve read Craig Grant and his supporters are receiving death threats. Our country, based on the legal belief “innocent until proven guilty” has gotten out of control, thanks to the internet.

Is this the work of only a few enraged members of one or another of these sites, or are there hundreds out there who wish him death. Never mind this is a decision for the courts to decide in a few weeks. Do those making threats against Caboodle Ranch in the form of letters and other internet activity realize they could face a fine and/or face jail time. Is this a game to them? Do these persecutors have nothing better to do with their time? I find this all very sickening to think these haters could be my friends or neighbor’s.

In this day of modern science, fingerprints as well as DNA evidence can be lifted from envelopes. IP addresses and internet sites can also easily be traced back to their creator. Those found guilty should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I believe this not as a supporter of either side, but because many tend to think of the internet as a make believe world where anything is legal. Threatening someone harm through any means is wrong and those doing it must be stopped.

I feel the Caboodle Ranch case will go down in history due to the controversy it’s created by pitting one cat lover against another. It may also become famous as those against the ranch who threaten to physically harm Craig Grant, his staff and his followers could be prosecuted under the Matthew Shepherd Hate Crimes Prevention Act. Especially since several hate crimes have made headlines this year.

Regardless, it’s up to the legal system to inflict punishment. Individuals on a hate mission have no right to claim they love cats. When such a group acts on their own as judge, jury and prosecutor, it shows they are of lesser intelligence than those they are out to harm. It also shows serious disrespect of our legal system, which I admit is far from perfect. We, as American citizens, have the legal obligation to allow the courts to punish those found guilty of a crime based on the decision of a judge and jury. Anything else is barbaric. And illegal.


Washington, D.C., United States


1. (www.nizkor.org/hweb/orgs/canadian/Canada/justice/hate-motivated-violence/hmv-002-02.html).

2. http://criminal.lawyers.com/Criminal-Law-Basics/Cyber-Threats-Like-Obama-Facebook-Poll-are-Crimes.html

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208 thoughts on “Hate Crimes and Caboodle Ranch”

  1. Are you saying the ASPCA killed 300? of the caboodle ranch cats? Carolyn, let me ask you this, what qualifications does Grant have to run a ranch? If you had to pick 1 person out of all the people who support Craig and including him to run the ranch, would it be him? Tell the truth now.

  2. Dave, I will be honest, I was sick of reading about Penn State,dinner is not ready, and TV blows, so I can back over here. She seems like a very smart person and I’m trying to figure out why we are so far apart on this issue, plus I would like somebody who supports Craig to tell me where the missing cats are. I dont understand how somebody could support this man when there could be 300 dead cats. If Im wrong, please somebody correct me, is the number higher or lower.

      1. Carolyn, every cat taken from the CR has been accounted for, you can check the court documents. Wouldnt the obvious answer be …., I think you know where I am going with this.

        1. Ben, I believe that the number of missing cats are significantly higher. A creditable source informed me that Craig took in on average 40 cats a month. Go back to fall 2010. Craig claimed in all his interviews that he had about 600 cats. The math is not in favor of the cats making it out alive.

  3. Ben I thought u were done with the ranch !!!! Did the queen troll send you and Jonn back for another spewing.

  4. Carolyn, Im only going to ask 1 question because I dont want to gang up on you, where are all the cats that people are missing?

    1. Were the cats that people can’t find social cats? I know that my cats would have been in the next county when the people came in with carriers. My cousin’s cat got out of the house and hasn’t been seen since. This was a very shy cat. Why won’t people answer my question, why dump your beloved cat in the first place? Saying you thought it was a great place no excuse to dump a beloved friend! (Oh and by the way, my cousin still puts out a humane trap in case his cat comes back.)

  5. Let’s see now, the Humane Society of the US was upset because not enough cats were being euthanized (another group that gets some kind of sick satisfaction out of killing animals), and a vet recommended euthanizing ALL the cats with respiratory problems..all of them! No wonder Craig Grant took a stand to try and spare as many lives of the cats as he possibly could. Not everybody in the world believes euthanasia of cats with upper respiratory infections that might have a chance to recover is a humane choice. How many sick cats have you fought to save the lives of, John? What do you actually do hands-on to work with shelter or rescue cats, John? Have you ever given a sick cat medicine and nursed it back to health? Have you ever gotten up every three hours through the night to bottle feed an orphaned kitten or puppy? How many tears have you shed over the loss of an animal? How many sleepless nights have you spent worrying about the fate of the Caboodle Ranch cats…really worrying, wondering how many will make it out alive? I think I know the answer to that already.

    1. Oh, and incidentally, I don’t know where you got those figures on the sick cats and dead cats lying around. If those claims came from the ASPCA, then I would definitely question them. After all, the ASPCA is the group that made the claim that cats were running into the carriers because they were so anxious to get away from the ranch. Yeah, right. And, if there were graves on the property, well at least Craig Grant cared enough to give the cats he lost a decent burial. The ASPCA and PeTA just kill them and either throw them into a dumpster or incinerate them like the trash they believe them to be.

      1. The “graves” consisted of partially buried black trash bags. So much for decent burials and caring. Some of the trash bags were shoved into existing animal burrows in the ground. There are still bones scattered on the property – go see for yourself.

      2. I got those figures from the crime scene investigation and the sworn testimony entered into evidence without objection by Caboodle Ranch’s attorneys, Carolyn.

        CR’s attorneys didn’t dispute that evidence, Carolyn. CR’s vet didn’t dispute those numbers.

        So where do you get YOUR information from?

        Caboodle Ranch caused needless suffering and harm to hundreds upon hundreds of cats. That is a FACT, documented, entered into evidence, and ruled to be persuasive by the judge in the custody hearing.

        Now, for your information, I have worried greatly about the Caboodle Ranch cats. That’s precisely WHY we wanted them the hell away from that nightmare of disease and neglect and predation by coyotes. My peers and I don’t spend time and money on these pursuits for the fun of it — we do it because we care about animals.

        Now we’re finding that our worst fears are confirmed, as owners trying to reclaim their cats are discovering that their cats were lost to the abuse at Caboodle Ranch.

        How many CR supporters were able to find their cats alive and well, Carolyn? Aren’t you at all concerned for why those cats never made it out of Caboodle Ranch alive? Do you wonder which cats were lying in trash bags, or rotting on the ground between the trailers?

        No, I’m guessing you just don’t care.

        I do.

        I want to see every one of those cats safely away from Caboodle Ranch and its hoarders.

        I want to see the people responsible for their suffering held responsible their crimes.

        What do you want? To forget about the cats who died horrible, agonizing deaths at the hands of Craig Grant’s “care”? To turn a blind eye to the suffering of these animals? To condemn MORE cats to that same fate?

        Yeah. Some animal lover you are.

        If you genuinely care about cats, maybe you should stop trying to protect the people who hurt them.

        1. “If you genuinely care about cats, maybe you should stop trying to protect the people who hurt them.”

          I wish the people had genuinely cared about their cats instead of dumping them as an easy way out. Why don’t these people want to say why they got rid of their beloved cats????? It’s a fair question.

  6. Here’s an intervention, Carolyn:

    Here’s another:

    And another:

    And another:

    Craig Grant had no intention of changing. He had no intention of properly caring for the cats. He was warned again and again and again of the problems at Caboodle Ranch, and the consequences if he continued to take in cats without addressing those problems.

    Three years and a half dozen “interventions” later, things had gotten so bad that the animals had to be seized so they wouldn’t die from the neglect.

    So please don’t hand me your crap about how he deserved ANOTHER chance. More chances just would have increased the number of dead and dying animals that had to be taken away from Caboodle Ranch.

    And for the record, on the day of the raid there were 29 rotting corpses lying aboveground, dozens buried in shallow graves. 630 of the 653 cats were ill.

    Please tell me how waiting another year, then seizing 1000 sick and dying cats would have been more humane or cost efficient.

    Stop defending hoarders, and stop blaming the whistleblowers and the rescuers!

  7. Carolyn, you seem like a very intelligent person. First, are you saying Craig killed 300 cats? Now, I will address your last reply, 2 or 3 years ago, the U OF Florida veterinarian and Madison County made recommendations, and also advising Craig to stop taking in new cats until the problems were fixed. He didnt fix the problems and still took in cats. He should have started slow, maybe 50 to 75 cats, got all the kinks out and then he would still be open.

  8. Carolyn, how many chances does Craig get, how many cats are missing? 300? The guy had no clue had to run a sanctuary.

    1. Then, the ASPCA should have stepped in and showed him how to run it. An intervention would have been much more humane, more cost efficient and an all round better alternative to what was done.

      1. It is not the job of the ASPCA to try and change the behavior of hoarders/abusers. That will require the help of mental health professionals. Hopefully psychiatric treatment will be mandated as part of Grant’s sentence. If the psychological component of animal hoarding is left untreated ,the recidivism rate for animal hoarders is almost 100 percent.

  9. First of all, thank you for this wonderful story and for speaking out on this issue. I have to say I have never seen more much blind hatred coming out of any group than from the anti-Caboodle Ranch camp. They, for the most part strike me as a very vengeful bunch resorting to insults, bullying and downright threats against those who support Caboodle Ranch and especially against those who are closely associated with it’s operation. Personally, I still support Caboodle Ranch. I believe the raid was unnecessary and the hearing was a travesty of justice…but that’s my own personal opinion and I’m entitled to it. I know the court order giving the cats to the custody of the illustrious and beneficent Sheriff of Madison County, cited overcrowding (about 200 more cats than were disclosed) and a failure to properly separate the sick cats from the well ones by proper barriers, plus other fixable infractions. It is my understanding that in the process of applying for the permit to keep multiple animals, Caboodle Ranch was trying to address all the issues that had been brought to its attention. According to Rob Grant, the ranch had actually been granted another two week extension to complete the changes at the time the raid took place.

    Let me say a couple of things here. First of all, the timing of this raid was suspiciously coincidental with PeTA and the ASPCA’s efforts to defeat the FARA bill…the Florida Animal Rescue Act which would have provided for shelters to first check with area rescue groups before euthanizing animals. PeTA LOVES to euthanize animals…it’s their favorite thing and their kill record proves it. None of the big 3 AR groups approve of no kill shelters or rescues and want very badly to do away with them altogether. That’s what this whole “animal hoarding” propaganda stems from, an effort to make everybody who loves and tries to rescue animals and save their lives look like wild-eyed psycho mental cases, while the AR groups who “rescue” and then euthanize them look like big heroes. It’s very slick propaganda, very well planned out and fed to the public by well paid PR people with material from psychologists hand picked to support their philosophy. Whoever has the most money, that’s who’s views will win out in the end in this game, I’m afraid.

    My own philosophy is this…that animals are not four legged people. They don’t have the ability to reason nor the needs and wishes that we have. They operate primarily on instinct and drives, and the strongest of these is the will to live. If their circumstances are not perfect, yet they have food and water and shelter, they adapt and become content. They don’t lie around wishing for a big house with air conditioning and Fancy Feast in a crystal goblet three times a day. I said all that to say this…animals want to live, and I believe they should be given that chance if at all possible, not just euthanized and thrown in an incinerator like so much unwanted garbage.

    These are creatures with individual personalities and feelings, and the big 3 AR groups have no business playing GOD and deciding who lives and who dies based on their own narrow, twisted view of the animal world. When I look into the eyes of an animal, I honestly don’t believe these AR radicals see the same thing that I see…a gentle, fragile, precious being deserving of life. I still believe the animals at Caboodle Ranch were treated fairly. Most of the pictures used as evidence, I understand came from Caboodle Ranch’s own sick room. That brings up another thing. How many of you don’t realize how easy it would be to take pictures in any shelter in the country of litter boxes somebody has not yet gotten to and claim the animal is living in filth? How easy would it be to take pictures in a sick room where the people are trying to help the animals and save their lives and claim they were torturing and mistreating them? I’m definitely not saying PeTA did this, but somebody easily could.

    Oh, but PeTA is too honest, too ethical and too above reproach to do anything like that…aren’t they? The next claim is that there were too many animals on the ranch. Could not the ASpCA, in their beneficent kindness, have just offered to hold that famously promised adopt-a-thon and cut down the surplus without removing ALL the cats, including the ferals from the ranch? I’ve seen an estimate of $1.8 million dollars the ASpCA has spent housing all those cats in CAGES in a WAREHOUSE in FLORIDA with very little air conditioning. I guess that is considered being humane, huh WHY in the name of all that is reasonable didn’t the ASpCA just come in to the ranch, identify the problems and pay to have the sick room expanded and proper barriers installed, and for whatever else they found, both real and imaginary to be fixed. I expect they could have done this for much less than $1.8 million dollars and without removing those cats from the ranch, scaring them half to death and stressing them out, imprisoning them in cages in a stuffy warehouse, then keeping them under those conditions for going on six months!

    The ASPCA could have arranged to oversee the operation of the ranch and that it was maintained from then on to their almighty and glorious standards…whatever the heck those are. Instead, they chose to raid the ranch, take all those cats and charge Craig Grant with animal cruelty. Isn’t that an interesting situation indeed? I didn’t even include PeTA in the scenario because they are..well…PETA. Their record on the treatment of animals after rescues stands for itself.

    The thing that makes me most sad is that those feral cats will probably be put to death…beautiful, innocent cats that never hurt anybody and deserve to live, will be put to death by the ASpCA because they are unadoptable. Those could at least be returned to the ranch and in the name of all that is humane and kind I beg for that to happen. I for one would pledge to send money to help with their upkeep and I’m sure there are plenty of others who would do the same. What happens with Caboodle Ranch will affect thousands of other no kill shelters and rescues all across the nation. If this happened at Caboodle Ranch…it could happen to anybody and it will. Soon, nobody will have the courage to try and save the lives of animals and give them refuge for fear of prosecution, and after all, isn’t that what PeTA and the ASpCA really want to see.

      1. If you are going to discuss F.A.R.A., please do the requisite research first. To create a law in Florida, a Senate bill and a companion House bill must be created and both must pass their respective houses. It must then be either signed into law by the Governor, or not signed and allowed to become law.

        “F.A.R.A.” had two bills – Senate bill 818 and House bill 597. Senate bill 818 was written and referred to the Community Affairs and Agriculture committees. Both needed to approve the bill before it could be referred to the Senate for a vote. Community Affairs wrote a Committee Substitute and passed the bill, 8-0. The bill then died (in committee) pending reference review under Rule 4.7(2). The bill was not defeated as it did not come to a vote because of a technical writing error.

        House bill 597 was written and referred to the Agriculture & Natural Resources Subcommittee, Community & Military Affairs Subcommittee and State Affairs Committee. This bill was never voted on in the Agriculture & Natural Resources Subcommittee so it could not proceed to the other two committees and to the House for a vote. Even if it had, it could not have been passed because its Senate companion bill failed.

        A similar bill will be introduced in the 2013 legislative session.

        1. Lili, you are too smart for these people. They are just going to put their fingers in their ear and yell “la, la, la”. They have so much hatred toward PETA, ASPCA, and HSUS that they will excuse all animal abuse to just get a chance to trash them. These people don’t care about animals. They only care about their political agenda.

      1. Not calling Carolyn stupid. Just stating that she is wrong. You may look up the history of the two bills online – all of the details are there.

  10. Im done with the Caboodle Ranch, just like Jerri. It is officially closed. The cats are being adopted out as we speak.

    1. Incidentally, look back over the comments on this article. Look closely at the posts by the anti-Caboodle ranch people. Go to their Facebook page, Caboodle Ranch Save the Kitties and read the posts there. While we Caboodle Ranch supporters primarily post our opinions about and our concern for the ranch and for the lives of the cats, you will see quite a different attitude coming from the anti-ranch group, a lot of attempts at character assassination, a lot of threats, slurs and insults. Doesn’t this tell you a little something about character of the anti-ranch people and their “let’s see if we can destroy somebody” agenda? Keep in mind…THESE are Craig Grant’s accusers. Does that tell you anything? As for me, I really don’t care what they have to say about me. My fight is not with them and I refuse to waste time and energy answering their insults. My fight is for the lives of animals…period.

      1. The hatred they are posting here under this article kind of shows a bit of what the supporters have had to deal with since the raid. And it’s only gotten worse since the appeal was filed.

      2. Carolyn – it is the CR pages that are filled with hate, despite their ardent claims that they are not. Threats do not come from our page members. They do, however, come from the CR pages. Our interest is in saving these cats and preventing any others from suffering as these have. No one has had anything to say about you. I don’t recall having heard your name mentioned at all.

      1. Absolutely wrong, Carolyn. Perhaps if you lived anywhere near here or volunteered to care for them (my fight is for the lives of the animals), you would know better. You should drive down for the adoption event on August 11-12 – you will be able to see for yourself. If you cannot make it, I’m sure there will be lots of photos, videos, and media coverage that you can view. The CR site and Fan Page, btw – FULL of hate, name calling, defamation, etc.

        1. That is a wonderful idea Lili. The non-believers should go to the adoption event and see how wonderful the cats are now doing.

          In response to another post. I’ve seen some nasty, hateful comments coming out of the CR supporters on numerous occassions. I’ve been a target of lots of their hate mail and threats. But I don’t take them serious nor do I let it hurt my feelings.

  11. Yes Alaina… We all know where you side stands as you have told us all Thousands of times. But what you can not figure out if people want to hear the Trash you spew, They will go looking for it. For some reason the Anti Ranch people think everyone is stupid. Just because we don’t see it the way you want us too. You get all tied in knots. Everyone knows where you page is. It’s not our problem you don’t have 18330 people that support your position. So please try not to repeat the same points over and over. I think well all get the point. And unlike your side I think you entitled to it. Why don’t you stop trying to be so vindictive all the time it might help. But for some reason I don’t think that’s going to happen.

    1. What is your real name David? I know this mouth from somewhere. Yes, those who don’t know how to read a document from the court and instead have to have it spoon fed to them by those who committed the crime are a bit stupid and gullible. Go ask Charles Manson if he’s guilty.

  12. It’s amazing how CR supporters swarm to an argument like flies to feces.

    If anyone new to this mess is interested in doing meaningful research, please check out http://caboodleranch.net and browse the document library.

    Dale’s transference and persecution complex shouldn’t be compared to a hate crime. Doing so is an insult to every person who has been or will be the victim of a hate crime. [The last time I checked, ‘animal hoarder,’ ‘charity defrauder,’ and ‘fabricator of threats’ weren’t protected statuses, Dr. Swish.]

    No one on the anti-CR side wants to hinder prosecution, all we want is for Grant and his co-conspirators to be prosecuted criminally and civilly to the fullest extent of the law.

    And for the cats to live happily ever after in safe, clean, non-CR-related homes.

  13. Look like Elise and her little Army of TROLLS are at it again. I love how they drop Links all over ever posting that they make. Gotta sneak those links in there somewhere. And for disappearing my vote is for the TROLL ARMY… You all have a nice day now ya hear!!!

    1. Yes, what is it that is making her so angry? There is something going on that might have nothing to do with CR. I think we have to be careful we don’t use CR as a conduit for anger. But I don’t know.

  14. Once again the brain dead are out in full force with more failed stratagies. You CR supporters and your stinking lying, Dale Swisher, now psychotically calling herself a retired shrink really do need to disappear off the face of the planet. Ooooo, did I just commit a “hate crime???” I have never seen such scum in my life all come together in one place to support more scum. It is a tradgedy th of a most gigantic proportion. I can’t wait, because I hate them, to see them in jail!

    1. Please explain why you hate them. Is it simply because they support Caboodle Ranch? Do you have personal experience of dealing with CR? Did you have cats at CR? I would be pleased to hear.

      1. Do you have cats at Caboodle Ranch, Michael? Do you have personal experience dealing with Caboodle Ranch? We would all be please to hear about your personal experience with them.

  15. One important aspect of the Caboodle Ranch story is the obvious impossibility of resolving the unwanted cat, abandoned cat problem under the current law and attitudes of cat owners in the USA. The Caboodle Ranch story is a symptom of a deeper malaise.

    All energies should be directed at stopping the deliberate killing of millions of healthy cats every year in the USA. This has come to be acceptable by the majority of people because it goes on year in and year out. Nothing changes. It is shocking.

    The Caboodle mess is due to the underlying generally incorrect attitudes of the citizens of America with respect to cat caretaking which is also demonstrated in declawing. It is a throwaway society and cats are treated as ‘objects’ by too many people. This is why the law treats them as chattels as well. It is time for fundamental change. This can happen through a change in the law.

    Note: there are millions of great cat caretakers too in the USA. They are angry at the killing.

  16. Comparing fabricated and contrived threats against the defendants in the Caboodle Ranch cases to true hate crimes as defined in the Matthew Shepard Act is absurd and offensive.

    It is probably best that you are a retired psychologist.

    1. I think you are being harsh. Thinking about the principles of a ‘hate crime’ – bias, bigotry, irrational anger and hate directed at a type of person or group and manifested in harassment to actual violence, there are similarities in this case.

      There is a lot of polarisation of opinion and there is anger. It seems to me that there is hardened opinion on both sides. Was PETA involved? As I recall they were. A lot of people have an irrational hatred of PETA. It isn’t all bad.

      It seems that a mental process that is similar to a person who commits a hate crime is behind the opinion and actions of some people in the Caboodle Ranch fiasco.

      1. Michael, I can’t believe that you are defending this sloppy writing. This blog is clearly biased and “Victoria” provides zero proof to back up her claims. There are no similarities between a hate crime and Craig Grant and his supporters being harassed by ONE person who is unstable.

        A hate crime is directed to a whole protected class and I don’t recall seeing animal abuser in there. People hate Craig for what he did to the cats, not because he’s white, old, wears a cowboy hat, is missing teeth, etc.

        You are allowing flat out lies to be written and posted on your site. “Victoria” obviously is lazy and does not know how to research a topic. POC has lost all credibility with me. It’s just another junk site.

        1. I like free speech. Everything written need not necessarily be correct for it to be useful and interesting. The comments will always allow corrections and additions so as a whole this page is a success. And in any case it has provided a good forum for discussion. On that basis I deem it a success from my standpoint. I am sorry that PoC has lost credibility for you but am very surprised that you say that on the basis that you dislike one page amongst 7,000! I think you are being a bit unfair, aren’t you?

          I am not defending the article, just putting a balance to the responses, to make them fairer.

          1. Things do need to be correct to be useful. But it doesn’t need to be factual to be entertaining. And that is all this has been. This “Victoria” is not a retired psychologist. Perhaps you could at least require your writers to be truthful about their experience and education. This was written solely for the purpose to deceive people and stir up trouble.

  17. You almost had me believing that the writer could be a retired professional, except for one fatal flaw. Its a biggie. No one referring to themselves as a professional would ever use Wikipedia as a reference in a written article. I have an idea about the writer’s identity, and yes, its someone who writes blogs without bothering to fact check information. I’ve called her on it before and will continue to do so.

    1. I disagree that Wikipedia is not a good source. Firstly it has developed into a reliable source over time. Your opinion may be a bit outdated. You can also use Wikipedia in a way that makes it very reliable. The authors always refer to sources. Few others do that. You can therefore go to the source for the information and if it is not good enough for your standards then you can ignore it. The only work more certain to be reliable is a scientific study or sites that quote the law. You can also use it for information and then cross check it on another site or book. My preference is to use books as they are less likely to be a regurgitation of another website.

    2. This is certainly not a professional article. Facts and details have not been researched and are incorrect. Wikipedia is NEVER an acceptable source of researched information.

  18. This is a one sided blog if you can even call it that. There is one person, whose cats died at CR and she has taken it very hard and has taken her hate toward Craig and his supporters too far. She is in no way, shape or form, associated with me or anyone else who is opposed to the cruelty that Craig Grant inflicted upon his feline victims.

    It appears that the person who wrote this post is a Craig supporter as this is one of their typical strategies to take the focus off the real topic — criminal animal abuse — in order to get sympathy for Craig.

    Both parties on the opposite side of the issue have received the same type of threats from this person. They haven’t just been targeted at Craig and his supporters. I’ve personally received them myself from this person as well. Is that a hate crime against me? AND, I’ve received threats from the Craig supporters as well. Is that also a hate crime against me? The animal abuser supporters like to cry fowl when they are just as guilty for the things they whine about. I have screen shots of the threats they’ve made toward me and others. So don’t be fooled by their games.

    The Craig supporters have done nothing but spread lies about me and anyone else who opposes the abuse Craig inflicted. They’ve spread propaganda every chance they get about the ASPCA. They lie about anything and everything to continue to manipulate people out of their hard earned money. I’ve never seen anything like it. They make false accusations left and right and never have proof to back it up. When they are confronted and cornered about the lie, they simply abandon that lie with another one to keep people confused.

    This blog is another one of their diversions to get people to feel sorry for an animal abuser. And Victoria has taken a serious issue, hate crimes, and minimized it by trying to put an animal abuser into the protected group. I’m sure those that are attacted due to their sexual orientation, religion, and race would take offense to being in the same category as an animal abusers. Seriously, if that’s the case every crime committed because someone hated the victim would be a hate crime. But that’s not the definition of a hate crime. Get your facts straight. It’s one thing to hate a person who’s abused animals but it’s totally unacceptable to hate a person based on their religion, sexual orientation, or nationality.

    It’s obvious Victoria has no knowledge of what the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention act covers. Victoria, let me provide you some information about it. This is from the FBI’s website:

    “This new federal civil rights law criminalizes willfully causing bodily injury (or attempting to do so with fire, a firearm, or other dangerous weapon) when:

    (1) the crime was committed because of the actual or perceived race, color, religion, national origin, of any person, or;

    (2) the crime was committed because of the actual or perceived religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or disability of any person, and the crime affected interstate or foreign commerce, or occurred on federal property.”

    As you can see, animal abusers (Craig) are not protected under this act unless he’s gay. And no where in the act does it say that threats are a hate crime. Only attacks or attempts of an attack are covered.

    However, there are other laws that do protect citizens from threats of bodily harm and those are the avenues that need to be sought. Not a biased story posted on the internet to get sympathy for Craig.

    Let me make clear that I don’t condone the actions of this particular person who is harassing CR supporters. Myself and others have no affiliation with her despite Victorias insinuations. And I don’t condone any type of violence either. But I will continue to voice my opinion against this person who abused animals. If you want to call that a hate crime, go ahead. But you will be doing so in total ignorance.

    1. Error in the following above statement: “I’m sure those that are attacted due to their sexual orientation, religion, and race would take offense to being in the same category as an animal abusers.”

      It should be *attacked* due to…

  19. One more thing I forgot to add, for those looking to adopt cats from the Caboodle ranch, the ASPCA is having adoptions open to the public on 8/11 and 8/12.

  20. I agree that there should never be threats or violence. Perry, I am a little confused about something that I hope you can help me clear up, you wrote that a large percentage of the Caboodle Ranch was feral,yet less than 14 percent of the cats liberated by the ASCPA are feral. How do you account for the difference? Are they all dead? If so how many? 300+? Surely, first responders or ASPCA volunteers didnt take them as pets. I dont think the local Chinese Food restaurant has them, where are they?

  21. Threats of violence are never acceptable in civilized society. Those who threaten violence should be held accountable for those acts, and I encourage anyone who is the victim of this sort of abuse to contact the authorities.

    Craig Grant is standing trial for his crimes, and we fully expect that additional charges will be filed for the appalling number of cats killed by the neglect at Caboodle Ranch. The court will decide whether punishment is appropriate.

    But that does not preclude animal lovers from weighing hundreds of pages of evidence available in the case so that they can make their own determinations about whether Caboodle Ranch is worthy of support.

    Will the Caboodle Ranch supporters who ignore reams of evidence of graphic animal cruelty suddenly change their mind because the court finds that evidence to be valid?

    No, I don’t think they will. They will continue to make absurd excuses justifying the deaths and suffering of these innocent animals, in order to defend their political agenda, anti-activist bias, or personal attraction to Craig Grant.

    But others are ignorant of the problems at Caboodle Ranch, and they are being exploited by Caboodle Ranch’s fraudulent fundraisers on a daily basis.

    Perry claims that Caboodle Ranch “tries to give them our side of the story as honestly as we can,” but that’s clearly not true. Caboodle Ranch falsely claims:

    * That nearly all the cats were feral. This claim was debunked from the first day of the raid. Only a small percentage of the Caboodle Ranch cats were feral. And claiming that they were “hard to catch for treatment” is ludicrous, given that several of the cats were so severely debilitated from neglect that they were unable to move. (See Exhibits 13, 14, 15, and 16 in the custody hearing against Craig Grant). Many of the cats were indoors, and easily captured.

    * That all of Nanette Entriken’s cats were “cut open” and “mutilated” by the ASPCA, when in fact only a small spot on their bellies had been shaved to check for a spay scar.

    * That “Ms. Plume”, the three-legged cat who was nameless in Caboodle Ranch blogs until she became a convenient pawn for the ranch, was “perfectly healthy” at the time of the raid. This claim is despite its obvious poor health in the PeTA video, and the sworn testimony of a veterinarian who identified the cat as having life-threatening dehydration and emaciation, and ataxia unrelated to the amputation of the cat’s leg.

    * That “all cats” were being seen by a vet. The testimony of Dr. Lewis, Caboodle Ranch’s veterinarian neatly dispelled that myth when he testified under oath that he did not have any examination records for the majority of Caboodle Ranch’s cats. Of the 200 or so records he was able to produce from a 7-year period, 50 of the records were for dead cats. The rest of Dr. Lewis’ testimony was no less damning.

    * That all cats were spayed and neutered. This is demonstrably false, as veterinary inspections of the ranch identified numerous intact cats, and many litters of kittens were conceived and born at the ranch, with a horrifying kitten mortality rate.

    * That FIV+ and FeLV cats were isolated from the rest of the population. At the time of the raid, there were more FIV+ and FeLV+ cats *outside* the FIV barn than there were inside of it.

    * That Craig Grant did not use toxic Clorox Wipes on the eyes and noses of sick cats, a lie which Craig Grant accidentally revealed in a blog post. Caboodle Ranch hastily deleted the blog, but not before it was cached on Google and screenshots taken by sharp-eyed readers.

    * That 100% of Caboodle Ranch donations were used for the cats. Craig Grant’s bank records show Caboodle Ranch funds used for trips to Daytona Speedway, Disney on Ice, a Las Vegas vacation, clothing, gifts, and thousands of dollars in local motel rooms.

    * That the cats were “fat and healthy”. As early as 2009, veterinary inspections showed alarming numbers of underweight and emaciated cats. At the time of the raid, 95.6% of the cats had serious health conditions. Medical records show that FIV, FeLV, coccidia, ringworm, calicivirus, Bordetella, hookworm and roundwork infestations, ear mites, and more than a dozen other conditions were out of control on the ranch.

    * That “Craig was doing everything he was supposed to.” Again, a blatant lie when you consider that Craig was explicitly warned about each and every one of these problems — and more! — in the 2009 Court Order to Show Care and inspections by a team of veterinarians. Craig’s own vet warned him in writing about the growing danger from disease and Craig’s refusal to limit the number of cats until the problems could be brought under control. Animal control officer Jamie Willoughby warned him in writing. Veterinary advisors warned him in writing. REPEATEDLY. And yet, Craig stubbornly refused to address the problems on the ranch because he “doesn’t like being told what to do.”

    Caboodle Ranch publishes false statements like these on a regular basis, and they allow NO discussion of any issue that might cast Caboodle Ranch in a negative light.

    It is the goal of caboodleranch.net to provide the other side of the story that Caboodle Ranch and its supporters ignore and suppress on their own page.

    That’s not a witch hunt. That’s exposing the truth. And what’s more, it’s truth backed up with official documentation and sworn testimony from more than a dozen sources, including Caboodle Ranch itself.

    Now that justice is finally catching up with Craig Grant, and the courts have ruled that he is unfit to care for animals, and his felony animal cruelty conviction looms mere weeks away, Caboodle Ranch is desperate for any distraction to help them don their martyr’s costume.

    Exaggerated hate mail from one disturbed individual is just one more way to shift the attention away from Caboodle Ranch’s crimes. File it with the ASPCA’s supposed “mutilation” of Nanette’s cats and the alleged conspiracy of PeTA, ASPCA, the Sheriff, 30+ rescue organizations, and the entire judicial system.

    These distractions may help keep the wool over donors’ eyes for another few weeks, but they won’t prevent the rescue of those cats, and they won’t protect Craig Grant and his accomplices from the consequences of their crimes.

    1. So you, Sir, actually prefer to have hundreds of previously happy and healthy cats executed by stuffing them into cages in an unbearably hot warehouse for so many months where they are sure to die in large numbers each day! Because a few, certainly fewer than hundreds, feral cats were on the Caboodle compound and not treated? Or because there were some cats that had not been processed yet? Does that really show humane feelings? While I do understand there was overcrowding and unresponsiveness to the authorities, is that enough REASON to KILL around 600 beautiful creatures??? Answer me that, perhaps then I can get those horrific images out of my dreams. I cannot go an hour in a day without picturing those poor helpless, innocent cats held against their will and instinct in tiny cages with insufficient care. This CANNOT the solution to the problem of overcrowding a cat sanctuary!!!

      1. So you, Martina, are completely unaware of what is going on then? The cats are not stuffed into cages in and unbearably hot warehouse. They are in large runs in a shelter with great ventilation. It was our animal control facility for many years. The temperature in Jacksonville is several degrees cooler than Madison on any given day. If they “were sure to die in large numbers each day”, they would certainly all be gone by now, don’t you think? They’ve been at the shelter since the end of February – more than four months. They are still there. Some are going home with their original owners right now. The cats are going to be offered for adoption – and all of them placed in homes. None will be killed. I have no idea where you got your ridiculous information from, but it is completely false.

        1. Martina Spiegel

          I got my information from someone who had been at the facility, and I do not think it is ridiculous. Your post is the first one in months that I see anywhere regarding these cats that tells me the conditions are “not that cruel”. Well, maybe there should be more of that information out there, how are we to know? I am concerned right now with the lives and conditions of these poor cats, seems like no agency really had a plan before they stormed the place and grabbed them and put them away. Are there going to be special adoption days? Can we go see the facility? Who takes care of 6-700 cats on a daily basis? I am a volunteer for cats at a local shelter and just want to know!!! The thought of those cats in the sweltering heat is hardly bearable. If what you are telling me is true, then I would be so relieved. Would it be possible to post something positive about the Caboodles on the ASPCA site, so that more people can find out?

          1. Please contact the ASPCA. They will be happy to provide you will all of the information you need. Or, please visit the adoption event in Jacksonville this weekend. You can view the facility and conditions first-hand, and see the excellent condition of the cats.

    2. This is where you are wrong. There are no cats “killed” at Caboodle. These cats were in their natural habitat not cages. Many were Feral and it takes much to catch them to vet them. There is no willful injury to these animals unlike at the ASPCA where they regularly kill animals when they are deemed to be to much trouble to keep alive. They have not been rescued but sequestered in tiny crates and cages in a hot warehouse with nothing but fans. This IS animal cuelty and there are no 2 ways about it. The cats are in no way better off now than they were at Caboodle where they were not in cages, they were fed regularly and vetted with donated money which is more than the ASPCA can say their donations are used for. The hypocrisy is deafening. How about you advocate NOW for these cats?

      1. You are mistaken, Stephenie. The cats were killed by coyotes regularly. Not as many were feral as they would have you believe. The cats have not been sequestered in tiny cages, rather they have been kept in spacious, airy indoor/outdoor runs. Excellent food, medical care, and individual attention. They were not vetted regularly at CR. Their vet testified that he only had 200-250 files for their cats (more than 650), and many of those animals were deceased. They will be going to new homes this weekend, finally.

      1. That is exactly what it means. First, because PeTA does not have the animals – never did. Second, the ASPCA is sending cats home with their original owners now, and the others will be adopted and placed in homes. Every one of them. Rescue does mean rescue.
        The cats are very, very lucky indeed.

        1. Martina Spiegel

          Lili, it’s me again, read your second post. Really, I am not a ranch supporter although I thought it was a good thing in the first years, but at this point I only care about the cats and any additional info you can release would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

          1. We can absolutely use all of the reputable, qualified sanctuaries and shelters that we can get. More importantly, we need a solution to the overpopulation problem that causes us to need the shelters. We all care about the welfare of the cats – they are the first and only issue here. I can tell you care about them as well. I cannot release any information, only refer you to the ASPCA.

    3. You’re right, it was wrong.
      “No, I don’t think they will. They will continue to make absurd excuses justifying the deaths and suffering of these innocent animals, in order to defend their political agenda, anti-activist bias, or personal attraction to Craig Grant.”
      What are the excuses of the people who took their beloved cat(s) there? Don’t tell me I shouldn’t ask that because it would be hypocritical.

  22. Perry J. Taylor

    Hi, I’m one of the Caboodle Ranch supporters. I know it is hard to get a good picture of what is going on due to the overabundance of it from both sides. I’m a supporter because I’ve been to the ranch. I’ve seen the hundreds of unwanted cats that had found a home there. A place where they had food, water, shelter and as much health care as was humanly possible. A large percentage of the cats were feral and so, hard to catch for treatment. Craig Grant, the owner was doing everything he could to gain their trust and care for them. Though he did most of the grunt Vet. work himself he was doing so under the supervision and with the aid of a local Vet. Dr. Lewis. At the time of the raid they were working to get the cats identified, spayed or neutered, and get their shots caught up to date. This is a man that loved what he was doing and wanted to help as many of the homeless animals as he could.
    As to the death threats and hate mail, I, myself have not received any though I have been pretty vocal on the Caboodle Ranch page. The admin on that page has been very diligent at keeping us calm and away from those other sites to prevent trouble. They have also been very good about keeping those others from coming on site to try to instigate a fight. You might see a bit of name calling now and then if one of us happens to see a comment before the admins do but on the whole we have tried our best to keep this civil and work within the legal system. We have tried to be as open and honest as we could about what we have seen at the ranch and what we feel about what is going on. We welcome new people on the site and try to give them our side of the story as honestly as we can.

    1. Perry,

      Hate to break the news to you but you saw what Craig Grant wanted you to see. Plain and simple. If everything was A-OK at Caboodle Ranch they would not have lost custody of all the cats, and been banned from caring for ANY live animal in the future. Also, Craig Grant did NOT follow the advice of his vet on numerous occassions and for over 3 years. There is no hate crime here as defined by the article. Yes. There are a lot of people out there who “hate” Craig Grant but its because he committed hundreds of counts of animal cruelty and as a result hundreds of cats died. So if Craig Grant is “hated” by a lot of people, its through his own actions of engaging in ignoring his own vet and “running the Ranch his way” which unfortuneatley for Craig Grant is considered animal cruelty in Florida.

      1. Keep drinking the PeTA koolaid, good sir, and keep telling yourself that you are superior as a result. I find killing 96% of healthy, adoptable and even adorable (Newkirk’s own words) animals is the actual definition of cruelty. But hey, that’s probably just me, because I’m one of those psychotic no kill advocates. If you could ask a cat whether they would rather live outside where they could play, eat, sleep, etc., and maybe end up with a respiratory infection or be suffocated to death in a gas chamber (while allegedly being forced to fight a raccoon), I bet they’d choose the former. But yeah, you just go on thinking you’re better because you don’t eat beef anymore and you write a check once a year. At least Craig was DOING something.

        1. Alisha, the problem is that what Craig was doing was continuing to take in cats without giving proper care to the ones that he had. I volunteer for a cage-free cat sanctuary, and we do a tremendous amount of rescue, but it takes a lot of work and care. Craig did not keep records, did not ensure that all of his cats were spayed/neutered, did not efficiently segregate infectious cats (inc FeLV and FIV positive cats), did not ensure that his fence kept cats in and coyote predators out, and only gave a select number of cats veterinary care. At the time of the raid, 29 dead cats were found simply lying out on the property, and 13 cats had to be euthanized because they were beyond saving. So, no matter what you think of PETA’s policies, their characterization of Caboodle Ranch as “slow kill” rather than “no kill” seems pretty accurate.

    2. Perry, I have not been threatened but I do find that Caboodle Ranch Inc. and Caboodle Ranch Fan page moderators practice censorship and are insensitive. For example, When somebody posted on the CR fan page that people were not finding their cats, the moderator replied “they shouldnt have given up their beloved cat, you bastard”. Yesterday, I replied to 3 of your posts, I wrote, “Craig can not get back meatball, snoop dog, etc. because unlike Nannette, Craig claimed he had NO personal cats and ALL cats were part of the CR in a legal document filed early in the case”, also “If the ASPCA was so unbearable as Dale makes it out to be, dont you think your lawyers or Nannette’s lawyer would have brought that up to the judge after all of them visited the shelter” and “The deal between the ASPCA and the Sheriff is basically this, the ASPCA will forgive the debt for all costs that it can not recover from the CR, thereby not costing the taxpayers anything”. All these posts were deleted by your moderator.

      1. I am really amazed when people cry they couldn’t find their cat. I have had cats all my life and the majority of them have been shy. I have had only a few social cats. Most of my cats will run down into the basement at just an unfamiliar sound. Now when the ranch was raided and there were people, with carriers, chasing and rounding up cats, of course the shy cats are going to flee. Heaven forbid you ask the people who have taken their BELOVED cat there, WHY? I would never have given up one of my cats, so it is a fair question.

        1. Sue, did you see the photos of dead cats scattered about the grounds? Did you see the heartbreaking videos and photos of cats suffering? The cats weren’t there because they are dead. Not because they are shy. Thousands of cats didn’t disappear into thin air. They died at the hands of Craig Grant. If you haven’t seen the disturbing images and testimony, I recommend you do. Everything you want to know about the case is at http://www.caboodleranch.net

          1. Yes, but please re-read my comment because yours isn’t an answer to mine. I agree it was wrong but please answer why would anyone take a BELOVED cat there? Answer that question please!!!!

          2. They died while roaming around freely after days, weeks, months, (who knows how long) with ample food and shelter provided as opposed to being trapped in a cage and then strapped down for a lethal injection, or crammed into a gas chamber to be suffocated to death. Which is more cruel? This is the fundamental difference between the animal murder advocates and the no-kill advocates. I find the former to be much less traumatic.

  23. Hi, there is a lot of anger and fear out there, particularly with the economic downturn. The internet has allowed people to express it from a safe distance. However, things are changing. Trolling on the internet at an extreme level is a form of harassment in the UK. A troll can be identified as you say from the IP address. The IP address is the unique number assigned to a person’s computer. There have been one or two cases in the UK where people have been successfully prosecuted for trolling. The punishment is quite severe. I believe it can include imprisonment. Sentence will certainly include a fine and community service.

    Caboodle Ranch is interesting in that it seems that it has been established that the cats were neglected due to uncontrolled numbers etc. It has been shut down. I find it hard to see how someone can defend the ranch.

    Perhaps people are saying that Craig did his best and it was better than a lot of people and overall he benefited cats. However, I have not read the Facebook comments.

    The internet giants such as Facebook and Google have been slow, very slow to step up to the plate and deal with internet issues that are crimes. Google doe not deal with copyright violations satisfactorily (for many years it ignored the problem and promoted it in fact) and Facebook is a hotbed for extreme trolling.

    What is Facebook doing to manage their site more effectively? Are they accessories to a hate crime if someone posts a threat to kill on their site?

    Thanks for the post.

    1. Hi Michael,

      Hate directed toward people with different beliefs is a violence.. whether it is words, or pointing a gun at someone’s head.

      The words you chose ” Caboodle Ranch is interesting in that it seems that it has been establised that the cats were neglected due to uncontrolled number, etc.”

      The word, “seems” jumps out at me. While I have never personally been to the ranch, I have spoken with Craig and other people I consider highly reliable, who have been there and who report that what Craig is accused of is way out of line. All Craig wanted to do was to give the cats that were surrendered to him a permanent home.

      There is a lot of passion depending which side on happens to be one- and a huge amount of hatred and rage bandied about- without the person doing the hurling- actually knowing the person or persons who are at target of this violence. I have received several death threats myself just because I happen to have compassion for Craig and feel strongly that he loves his cats.

      I have to agree with you that Facebook does little to stop this violence. I am not an attorney so I cannot comment legally if this bitterness and name calling can be considered “hate crimes”, but I do know that death threats are very serious and need to be paid attention to. Would you say that a stranger who knows nothing about you who threatens to kill you is sound of mind? Yet they accuse those of us who love the cats and who feel strongly that Craig’s motivation to take these cats in, in the first place, was to care for them purely out of love and concern.

      There is much too much violence and hatred in the world- and much of it has been hurled at Caboodle Ranch and Craig Grant.

      Why not help rather than vilifying Grant and the ranch? That is what concerns me the most. At least the supporters are working hard to help the cats… in my humble opinion.

      1. Hi Jo, I agree with you. I feel that CR is a medium or a subject through which anger about the failures of the cat/human relationship can be expressed. There is a lot of anger about the deliberate killing of cats in the millions in the USA every year. And if you scroll down this long list of comments, you will see some more of mine in which I express exactly the same sentiments as you about doing something constructive rather then people slinging mud at each other, which this thread of comments is largely about. A lot of these comments reflect badly on humankind. One of the worst commentators is Natasha. So typical of trolling and bad internet behavior. I feel I have to name and shame her. There are some good comments though.

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