Hateful Behavior In Caboodle Ranch Case

Note: this is about people. For that reason I have decided to publish it. People dictate the lives of cats – domestic and wild. I believe we can do better; including me. We need a rethink because, in general, we are not discharging our obligations in the human/domestic cat relationship. I have deliberately used the ‘hateful’ in the title to put this post in sympathy with the original page referred to below.

Update: based on some of the comments I think I have not made myself clear. I am sorry for that. I am not against people who are anti-Caboodle. How can I be when the court order has closed down CR for animal welfare issues and alleged fraud? I am not against people who naively believed that Caboodle Ranch was good. Many were just conned by publicity and you can’t blame people for that. What I am trying to say is that the arguing between people has resulted in the Caboodle Ranch story becoming a story about people and their attitudes and the cats are taking a supporting role.

My point is that the FB comment below is a symptom of the widespread CR argument. It would be nice if people expended a bit of their energy on figuring out how to stop the mass slaughter of cats and dogs at good and approved cat rescue operations. Was Caboodle Ranch any worse than most of the ‘shelters’ where 70% of the cats are ‘euthanised’? Maybe Caboodle was but there is not much difference.

As to the use of the word ‘hateful’ in the title, this is meant to mirror the earlier post (see link below). In this context it means “very unpleasant”. It does not necessarily mean that it is ‘filled with hate’. I realise there are many other statements from both sides that are unwarranted as well. I simply chose one example.

There were a lot of argumentative comments to the “Hate Crimes and Caboodle Ranch” article by Victoria. There are lots more on Facebook! Some are really filled with pure spite if not hate so they do have a hate crime feel to them. Although writing these comments is not criminal behavior (not quite in my opinion) it is an extended form of internet trolling and harassment all of which has a negative effect on the welfare of cats.

I present a screenshot below as the latest example of an unjustified expression of anger that ultimately can only hurt the vulnerable cats that need rehoming. The FB comments serve to damage the Caboodle cats’ prospect of being rehomed, which is cruel behavior.

Please visit the ASPCA Rehoming of Caboodle Cats Pageto find out where and when the three major rehoming events are taking place

I am told these comments have now been removed but I think it is useful to show up people who behave badly.

And let’s remind ourselves that the Caboodle case is not showing up so called “cat lovers’ in a good light and right now it is about helping the vulnerable cats not scoring points in an internet slanging match of gargantuan proportions…

 Caboodle anger and hate expressed in unacceptable behavior that is detrimental to cats needing homes.
Caboodle anger and hate expressed in unacceptable behavior that is detrimental to cats needing homes.
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  1. Michael, there was a newspaper article,http://m.jacksonville.com/news/crime/2012-08-16/story/caboodle-cats-adopted-out-former-ponte-vedra-caretaker-watches-them-go, where Craig states he is taking care of a few cats. The ASPCA as well as the sheriff can not go on the Caboodle Ranch without a court order. It is private property. The Caboodle ranch has publicly denied people from entering the CR to look for their lost cats. Michael I was wondering if you ever read this article about Craig Grant, it has some good and bad things to say about him. Pay particular attention to how the author sees him administer antibiotics and clean the cats and then tell me if Im crazy thinking this man is not the best candidate to run a 1000 cat sanctuary by himself, , let alone working at a sanctuary.

    1. Thanks Steve for the comment. My post was about the behavior of people arguing over Craig Grant. I have already agreed that CR was bad because the court shut him down. The interesting thing for me was the battle raging on between supporters of CR and people who thought he was awful. I wanted a more unified front.

  2. Michael, I just saw a picture of one of my cats walking down the path at the “abandoned” Caboodle Ranch. It’s the third picture of the latest CR blog post. I posted on the Caboodle Ranch Inc Facebook page and the Caboodle Ranch Fan page letting them know that this is my cat, and asking when I could pick him up. Within 5 minutes, my posts were both deleted and I was blocked from posting on either page or sending either page a message.

    I have sent Caboodle Ranch several messages over the past couple of months asking to come look for my cats, and I am always given an excuse why I cannot come to the ranch. Now I see a picture they posted and not only do they not have the simple courtesy to reply, but they delete my posts?

    How is that acceptible? What do they gain from hiding that simple inquiry from others?

    1. Hi Catherine, I am not sure which CR post you mean to be honest. Please provide a link. I am shocked that people don’t want to be helpful. You should contact ASPCA now though as they have all the cats and are organising adoption events. Or the court itself. Are you saying there are still cats at CR (at 21st August 2012)? There should be no cats at CR. All the cats should be ‘owned’ and possessed by ASPCA for rehoming. If there are a few cats still at CR shouldn’t ASPCA pick them up?

  3. Thomas, I think everybody would agree on both sides that a properly run open ranch would be a good thing. The problem is when it is not run properly and you have over 1000 cats involved which is what happened in this situation, Cats suffer and or die. 1 man can not take care of over 1000 cats especially a man with no experience with running or working at a sanctuary. He never asked for help and when help was offered he was refused. This was the mistake for him and all the cats he killed. Do you know a major reason why the CR is no longer open and the cats not returned to him, Craig refused to follow the advice of his own veterinarian. That is a major point stated by the Judge in his order giving custody of the cats to the sheriff.

    What did the ASPCA do that was wrong. They were hired by the Sheriff to extract and care for the cats. If not the ASPCA, what agency would you have liked to go in and get the cats?

    1. the above post should be edited

      when help was offered he was refused should read

      when help was offered he refused

  4. I will not say much about the Ranch itself here – there is enough vitriol between posters here as is for me to want to throw any further fuel on the fire – but I do see how a project such as the Ranch, if run properly, could be a wonderful thing.

    Forget Craig, forget PETA, forget the ASPCA, forget the whole legal situation going on right now and just listen to what I have to say.

    Instead of taking your cat to the pound, or the local shelter, where it will be kept in a small cage and may end up being put down if it goes too long without being adopted out, let’s say there was a place where you could take your cat where it would be free to do what cats do while being able to socialize with other cats and receive the care that it needs when it needs it without being unnecessarily euthanized. Wouldn’t this be a much better solution, if it were to exist?

    This, from what I have read on the Caboodle Ranch’s page, prior to everything happening that has happened, is what Craig was wanting to create. Does this mean that he went about it the right way? No. Neither, however, does this mean that PETA and the ASPCA were in the right as to what they did. I, for one, will admit that mistakes have quite probably been made by people on both sides of the fence, and maybe even by those that straddle the fence.

    Do I feel that the raid was handled properly? No. Do I feel that the Ranch had all the staff that it needed, given the number of cats on the property? Again, no. Am I glad to see the cats being adopted out to the public instead of being shoved in cages only to be euthanized at a later date? Of course.

    Given the content of the posts that are already here, I am fully expecting to be flamed for posting something that can be even remotely taken as being supportive of Craig and Caboodle Ranch. As such, don’t be surprised if I don’t make a response to anything posted in reply to this.

  5. Is That the fat lady singing a tune …… Oh I think it sounds like her …. Are you sure…. No That is her ….

    1. David has yet to post anything of substance, or anything that directly pertains to this post CR, the civil case or criminal case. ???

  6. Comment from a CR supporter:

    Perry J. Taylor – If I saw Elise at the door with a whistle in her mouth it would be in her gut by the time I got through.
    7 hours ago · 2

    Perry J. Taylor – Can’t guarantee it would get there by going down her throat though.

    You will not find threats of harm on Caboodle Ranch Animal Cruelty Case FB page. We do not tolerate it and anyone who does make such a threat is banned.

  7. In regards to comments about this not being about the cats. It has always been about the cats. I didn’t spend a year of my life fighting to get them out of that hell hole just because I didn’t like Craig or his supporters. For one to say that we need to focus on saving cats rather than arguing, well that’s exactly what we did in the Caboodle case — saved the cats. If I want to spend my spare time discussing the case then I will. I think it’s important to bring light the fact that people support animal abusers due to their own personal or political agenda.

  8. Considering the ASPCA is now being brought up on racketeering charges along with the HSUS and other animal rights organization I think it is high time people who support those organizations rethink their trust in them. The ASPCA is a horrific organization that dumps any animal it doesn’t want to mess with into the NY-ACC for them to kill. Which is one of the most horrific shelters in the nation. The ASPCA has supported abusive and neglectful shelters and it is time people start seeing through their lies and deceit.

    1. Neither the ASPCA or HSUS are being “brought up” on charges of any sort. You are implying that they are under criminal investigation – they are not. You are referring to a civil lawsuit, not a criminal investigation.

  9. And another. They just keep coming. Nice.
    Deborah Irish Cornaire I’d like to shove a hot poker right up her smelly arse,and if ye see this Elise then good,ye now know hopw much I hate ye and the rest with a black passion!
    39 minutes ago · 1

  10. Another threat from a CR supporter, minutes ago… Unacceptable.
    Perry J. Taylor If I saw Elise at the door with a whistle in her mouth it would be in her gut by the time I got through.
    6 minutes ago · 1

  11. “God knows we are doing everything we can, with limited funds, to stop the adoptions.” — Dale Swisher on Caboodle Ranch, Inc. Facebook page, August 6th, 2012.

    UNACCEPTABLE: Caboodle anger and hate expressed in unacceptable behavior that is detrimental to cats needing homes.

      1. David, that’s not BS. It came out of the mouth of one of your colleagues. If it’s BS, go take it up with them.

  12. Michael, thank you for your clarification above. A few responses.

    First, if you had given equal time to the hate and vitriol shown by the Caboodle Ranch side — and there is plenty of that to choose from — your argument would have been a lot more credible.

    Second, we are not simply trying to “score internet points.” We are trying to set the record straight and correct the mass misinformation being spewed forth by the CR Inc and CR Fan pages. The fact is they LIE constantly, and if no one calls them on it, people who don’t know much about the case will believe it. They have claimed the ASPCA will kill all the cats, that the ASPCA will sell the cats into research, that the ASPCA did unnecessary surgery on all of Nanette’s cats, etc. They have repeatedly lied about what they are doing with the tens of thousands of dollars they have raised on their pages, just as they lied throughout the time the ranch was in operation on what they are doing with donors’ money – for example, they raised money several times for an infirmary that was never built. They claim the PETA investigation was staged, edited, framed, instigated, etc. They claim PETA will kill all the cats when PETA doesn’t even have the cats. They constantly attack the HSUS which had zero part in this case. They have repeatedly attacked the other shelters such as Cat Depot which are helping to adopt out some of the cats. The list goes on and on.

    Yet you are attacking US for setting the record straight?? It makes no sense. We have set up our own website chock full of actual evidence — legal documents, testimony, exhibits, etc. It is a repository of FACTS so that people can look and decide for themselves if they want to support CR. You will NEVER see a fact on any of the CR pages. On the contrary, anyone who brings up an inconvenient fact or even asks an inconvenient question is banned. Is that how to run an open dialogue?? I was banned for asking one question — one. It took them all of 10 seconds.

    Response 3 – You say Caboodle Ranch is no better than shelters that euthanize 70 percent of cats. I agree, shelter euthanisia is too high, but the reasons for that are complex. It’s not because shelters love euthanizing cats. It’s because of overpopulation. Cats are second class pets in the United States. People don’t get them spayed or neutered, let them wander everywhere, and throw them on the streets to fend for themselves. The authorities don’t track cats. Dogs require a license, but in most places cats don’t. In my state of Ohio, the county funded shelter is a DOG shelter, and the animal control officer is a DOG warden. No one cares what happens to cats. The result is huge numbers of stray and feral cats, and no value on their lives.

    That said, shelter euthanasia is STILL better than what happened to these poor cats at Caboodle Ranch. Most cats at CR got sick from some highly preventable and treatable disease that was allowed to fester and get so bad over a period of weeks to months that it killed them. URI, eye infections, ringworm, ear mites, worms, giardia, etc. These are very treatable conditions, but they got no treatment at CR. They festered and got worse until the poor cat died. Or the cats were eaten alive by coyotes, or starved to death because there was no way to stop dominant cats from taking food from smaller submissive cats. Hundreds if not thousands of cats died there a slow, lingering, suffering, painful death. I know which kind of death I would prefer. I would take humane euthanasia any day. There ARE fates worse than humane euthansia at a shelter, and being a cat at Caboodle Ranch or another similar hoarding situation is one of them.

  13. Can somebody who supports the CR tell me why only 18 cats out 100+ that people were looking for were found at the ASPCA shelter. Are you supporting a 80% kill rate? How many of you who support Craig have actually dropped cats off there and can say that ALL their cats are now living and healthy? Shouldnt a “sanctuary” have better odds of survival than a cat on the street? Why does a man who has no experience running a sanctuary and is told by his own veterinarian and animal control to stop taking in cats, continue to do so? I look forward to reading intelligent answers.

    1. What I don’t get is why it was allowed to get that bad. Why didn’t animal control or someone ANYONE else say something before it got that out of control? There were people (I read this on the cruelty page) who said that they went and because of the conditions ended up not leaving their cats there, right? Why wasn’t this guy shut down before it got that bad? I’m not trying to fight, I’m just really wondering…

      1. Mia, it is my understanding that animal control and his veterinarian told him to stop taking in new cats until all the problems were fixed. He did not. Madison County then passed the “EAH” ordinance to shut him down. Unfortunately for the cats, under this ordinance most of the cats would have been euthanized, however, the Peta video surfaced, a criminal trial proceeded, and now the cats will get adopted out. In my opinion, animal control should have moved in sooner.

  14. Damn it one more thing. Who the hell do you think you are blogging about shit you know NOTHING about from another f***g country. How about minding your own biz and staying the fuck out of my country!!!!!!!!!!!! Loser!!!!!!!! Your country sucks pretty big time right about now, maybe you should work on it. I am so sick of all this bullshit and any defense of any time any longer about this hell hole death camp killer of thousands and his coharts and psychotic f***g cult club. Your “article” sucks so bad the title even sucks, it is a complete wastef time and makes no connection to the truth. It is a sad attempt on your part and a waste of time for anyone who had to let you know. betterment??? my ass….stay out of it idiot. IT’S OVER EXCEPT FOR WAITING ON THE PUNISHMENT!!!!!!!!!!!! Write about catnip or something.

    1. I am entitled to write about anything to do with cats anywhere in the world. I am free to express my opinion and I accept it if I get shot down. I don’t mind. I have no axe to grind except to find the truth and try and help cats. Your attitude is so aggressive there is no way you can contribute to the debate. You are the sort of person I am referring to in this article. And I know quite a lot about cats and cat rescue and CR. It is so easy to push your button and expose you for what you are.

      1. Michael – You should know that Pamela in no way represents our side of the debate. She has sent just as many threatening and aggressive messages to people on our side as she has the other. She has also been banned from our Facebook page multiple times, both as herself and as the many fake profiles she has used to make comments. The CR fans would like to pretend she represents our side but she does not. Further, I do not know Pamela at all, but I have been told by multiple parties that she suffers from mental illness. Therefore I would take her messages with a large grain of salt. It is my sincere hope that she sees a psychiatrist as soon as possible and starts taking medication to control these outbursts. What she is doing is dangerous, and the only place she will end up is jail if she keeps this up. Pamela was one of many who lost cats at Caboodle Ranch, which is an outrage. But her threatening messages are a reflection of her mental illness more than her loss. I sincerely hope she gets the help that it is obvious to everyone she needs.

  15. You want betterment for cats Michael, idiot, take down your pathetic blog. Tremendous betterment would occur instantly!!! FUCK I am so done here!!!!!!!!! Don’t waste you time commenting on my behalf. I’m fucking out of here!




    1. Pamela- somehow, I’m not scared. See- internet gangsters are just that.. all keystroke and no action. From your statement about 6 months to live I am going to assume you are very ill. I’m sorry to hear that. I hope that you gain some sort of peace. If I misconstrued your statement about having 6 months to live, I also apologize, but that was the only sense I could get out of it.


    1. Pamela- A) you prove Micheal’s point right there. B) I got news for you. The FBI DOES investigate cases like this. AND they do it seriously. Anyone who sends someone a death threat because of something said over the internet is unbalanced. Craziness in this world today. D) capslock is NOT cruise control for cool. If you honestly think I have a tissue for your issue, you are mistaken.

  20. MICHAEL. YOU completely disgust me. A loud mouth pointing out bullshit, utter bullshit. You bring the trash out of the woodwork and that is the only supporter I see you have here, scum like David whoeverTF he is. And really, who cares? You have destroyed your own site. I have zero respect for you. You banned me now years ago when I suffered so frigging horribly as the second person to come out online at Carolyn Logans pushing. I am so glad I did. It was worth ALLLL the shit people said about me, nuts, bipolar, crazy, whatever, like a give a shit, it was worth every painful day to see all of the trash crash and burn. Hope your site fails, just like Craig Grant and his scum club. You are a shitty writer!

    1. Thanks Pamela for a very sweetly written comment that made so much sense. You obviously are blind to what I am saying. I am against CR because the court has made a judgement against them. The court heard the evidence. But I don’t like the sort of hate filled arguments that you produce as it detracts from the task of helping the cat. That is the objective of this site. You should shout less and do more for the welfare of the cat.

  21. Lili- how hard is it to understand 7 THOUSAND dollars for disposable forks? THOUSANDS of dollars to fly volunteers in. Now, last time I checked, if you were a VOLUNTEER- you paid your own way, you aren’t reimbursed. So obviously these people were not volunteers, for one. Some guy- we will call him “Mick” charged to the expense account for “dinner” at 2 SEPERATE times on one night. So the guy ate dinner twice? And if he bought the dinner for someone else, why is it under HIS name on seperate charges and not seperated into his name and the other person’s name. What it comes down to is that the spreadsheet ISN’T that hard to read. T-shirts? Come on, like simple name tags wouldn’t have done. The fact is, ASPCA had a FIELD day with the expense account.

      1. I think I would give Craig Grant the benefit of the doubt, probably guilty of some very poor accounting practices. (Yes I’ve seen the charges for Disneyland or Vegas or whatever)

        I bet if some forensic accounting was to be properly undertaken, it would be found Craig has put far more into CR than he ever took out.

    1. Mia, you do realize that the ASPCA was spending their own money, right? They knew then and now that there is not a chance in hell of them recovering a fraction of those expenses. So please tell us what the point would be of having a “field day” with the expense account?

        1. David, please. I really do not want, nor do I need your brand of help. Your snarky replies and attempts at baiting are just as abhorrent as everyone else’s. The amount of childish remarks on the supporters page was appalling and since alot of them have been deleted on both sides, I can’t even begin to link them, but would have to ask for copies. Even the comments that are still there (and it looks like a lot of cleaning up had to be done on both pages) are childish. So please, do everyone a favor and shut up if you cannot have a real conversation without trying to bait people. THAT is exactly what this article was about.

          1. Boy I wish I could have thought of that one boy o boy another rocket scientist speaks and I will shut up when I feel like not when some loudmouth tells me too.. Thank you !!

          2. I’m not being a loud mouth, David. I am trying to have a conversation instead of a shouting/baiting match and you are not helping. It’s called having maurity even if you don’t agree with someone or what they are saying. Contrary to popular belief it is possible. Now I’m sorry if you don’t like that I am asking you to butt your nose out of the conversation, but I can stir a pot by myself, thank you. 🙂

    2. It is apparently harder to understand than I would have thought. Thousands of dollars to fly TRAINED, EXPERIENCED volunteers in. Trained, experienced volunteers are required, not preferred. Volunteers are not paid for their time. Food, lodging and travel expenses are paid for volunteers. They are not lavish accomodations or meals. Just because you do not have an understanding of why the expenses were necessary does not mean that they were not. Maybe you would like to participate in Disaster Response work and training – then you would understand what is required in this type of operation. The fact is that these are normal, reasonable, acceptable expenses for a disaster response operation.

      1. Lili- I HAVE worked disaster response, most predominately for fire. Most of us paid for our damn selves aside from basic essentials. Seriously, no one bought us t shirts and vegan cupcakes. Just saying.

        1. Disaster response training teams are an elite group of animal care volunteers. We are not paid for our work. We are extensively trained and certified (which we pay for – our personal money, our time). Most of us lose money each time each time we are deployed. Trained volunteers are required for these types of disasters. What type of training was required of you for your volunteer work? It is standard, accepted practice for travel, lodging, and food to be paid for the volunteers. Look at Katrina, the Gulf Oil spill, Joplin, the California fires (any natural disaster), as well as any large-scale hoarding cases like Caboodle Ranch. You will see that this is standard SOP for all of them.

  22. This would be the same Elise Perkins who was inboxing death threats and constant harrassment to Caboodle Ranch supporters and had file sent to the FBI to investigate said threats. I have a couple of people that I know who were on the both sides of this case and Elise was out of control. I saw copies of some of those messages. Lady is off her rocker. I don’t care what side of an issue you are on, sending death threats to people, threatening to come and kidnap their pets and threatening their families is not acceptable. I know she was reported to the FBI and I really hope they followed up on it.

    1. Elise did nothing of the kind. You’ve just committed libel and had better take John’s advice and post a retraction.

      1. Emma- I watched both the cruelty page and the rancheroo page. I’ve SEEN the threats both in the comments and when the roos posted the compiled list of messages. And it wasn’t to just one person either. There were several accounts that they had to block from the page, including Elise’s and funnily enough, they were all written in the same way Elise writes hers. Honestly, there was a LOT of hate going on on both pages, but there was alot more hate and spite on the cruelty page after awhile than on the roos page. IN fact, whoever was administrating the page finally even said enough with the hate and clamped down on it.. but it didn’t stop on the cruelty page.

        1. Honestly, there was so much hate and bullshit going on between the two pages, I quickly decided it was nastiness I wasn’t willing to dip my toe into. It should have been all about the cats and regardless of who is right or wrong it degenerated into showing how petty human beings really are. I understand being outraged, but dayum, some of that stuff between you all was just nuts!

          1. Yes, I wrote this page to see what would happen. And once again people in general in the cat world have responded as expected. I think I have made my point. There is little hope for the rescued cat if this is the attitude and behavior.

        2. Posting an angry message is a far cry from sending a death threat – or LYING that someone else has. Best you skitter on back over to Caboodleland.

          And Michael, you should know better than to let someone make remarks like that on your blog. Unless you enjoy being embroiled in the US Courts.

        3. Mia,

          I do not hide behind a computer and have no other FB accounts. I have never made any threats of harm against anyone. You have me confused with another person. As for being banned from CR Facebook pages, they ban anyone who ask a “factual” question they don’t like. They have even banned some of thier most avid supporters after they voiced their opnion to allow the adoptions to go through by the ASPCA and not to fight it. That’s real respectful to your supporters but I guess once they can’t get money out of them, CR does not need them anymore.

          1. Well, then, Elise, someone made an account and was posting as you and harrassed several people both on that page and through their private inbox. Perhaps someone was trying to set you up. I don’t know. I saw the comments and I saw messages that were linked. Then they made comments about having to ban other accounts and linked those messages too. Now if it wasn’t you, it was someone doing a damn good impression of your style. And Babs, if Elise would like to jump off a bridge and sue me, I’m sure it wouldn’t be too much of a problem to contact the fan page and get a copy of all those nasty comments/messages. I believe they said something about forwarding the copies to the lawyer. If someone was impersonating Elise, then charges against me will be dropped, so I am not much inclined to be that worried. But I appreciate the fact that you would jump to a conclusion to assume I am lying rather than think outside your own little box. I don’t feel the need to lie, thanks. Furthermore- Babs, you apparently did not read my comment very well. I said I decided that because of all the nastiness going on between both groups that I didn’t get involved with EITHER of you. I found THEIR hate just as obnoxious as yours. The one thing I DID notice before I was just too disgusted to continue following the whole thing was that the admin of the Rancheroo’s fan page got tired of it and said they were going to start deleting all nasty comments and that there were better things to focus on (not a direct quote).

    2. Elise Perkins never sent death threats to anyone. You CR supporters throw slanderous accusations around like you live in a fantasy world, and never produce a shred of evidence.

      This blog can very easily be subpoenaed to identify your email and IP address, should Elise wish to sue your lying butt. You may want to retract your LIE and hop back over to Caboodleland.

    3. Mia, Elise has stated many facts that happen to be inconvenient for the ranch supporters such as yourself, but she has never once threatened anyone or their families or their pets. I challenge you to produce one screenshot or any shred of evidence to back up your allegation. On the contrary, she has been consistently threatened and bullied by people on your side. You need to either produce some evidence, or back down and apologize to Elise. Otherwise you could be facing legal action.

      1. Mia,

        You should know that my boyfriend is a high profile litigation attorney in Jacksonville and specializes in Civil Rights violations. So I suggest you remove your comment now before I do take action and get a subpoena to find out your information.

      2. Amanda- like Babs, you didn’t read my entire comment. I DO NOT support the Caboodle Ranch. Let me spell it out for you once more. N O T A S U P P O R T E R. If you want the screenies- go ask the roos- they were the ones posting them up for everyone to see. Personally, I’m glad I don’t ever have to look at either page ever again because of all the crap you guys dished out on each other. If Elise wants to sue me because someone decided to try to make her look like a psycho, that’s fine. I really don’t care. I came and commented on this article because the underlining point of the article is true- the welfare of those cats should have been the only thing people were concerned about and it was lost in all the hate, name calling, bashing that went on between the two groups. ANd the same thing is going on right now in this discussion- if it can even be called that. Who cares if MIcheal used Elise’s comment? I agree, he should have picked one from each side, the POINT still remains that all any one was doing was bashing instead of keeping their minds on the cats where it belonged. So, whatever. As I said, feel free to sue me. I saw what I saw. If it wasn’t Elise, but someone trying to make her look bad, they did a good job. That’s all I have to say.

        1. Mia, We monitor the CR Inc. and fan page and not once have they ever posted anything from Elise. It was another person. No one has impersonated Elise. And CR has deleted nothing from their pages, ever. You made an error and accused Elise and now you’re backtracking and blamming someone else for trying to impersonate her. Nice try.

          1. Dana- if that were true, then you would notice that LOTS of posts are missing from the page. I found remnants of comments where they were discussing that Pamela lady too, but there is only one post or comment of hers left and that was her half-baked apology. So much for your claim that they haven’t deleted anything. I have no reason to lie about any of this. I don’t know Elise personally and honestly could care less about either side of the issue. The judge examined evidence, found that the sanctuary was unacceptable and things are being set to rights. I don’t have a side here. I am telling you what I saw. Take it or leave it, but puhlease don’t give me that “they didn’t delete anything” bullshit. Looking at it last night it is OBVIOUS that there were deletions on both pages- especially theirs.

          2. Although, going through dealing with this as an outside person, I am starting to really understand the part in the article where he points out that it seems like all you guys want to do is win an arguement, regardless of who is talking. Have at it. I’m done. Believe what you will.

          3. Oh, and Dana. Positive proof that comments were deleted. I see on the CRI and CRFP (roos pages) that there are posts directly dealing with rants posted by you on the page. In post by others on the CRI page, you were directly mentioned in the comments section of a couple posts as having posted on their page. In fact you were “nice in comparison” to Pamela. The posts and others by other people have been removed by facebook. The admin of the page makes mention of it in the comments. One post is by a guy named Perry and mentions comments having been deleted and another was a post by a woman named Glenna who directly calls you out on it. I was unable to find your post when I went looking and I went back pretty darn far. So, again I lay before you that comments were deleted. Regardless of whether or not the admins cleaned up the page,of which someone did, as another person tells the admin that they “need to go over to the donations page (and another page, don’t remember which) “and clean up some of the nastiness” left over there, or if facebook did it, the fact still remains that comments and posts were deleted. And with that.. I leave you to stew in your own juices, because you just got caught.

          4. Sorry- I meant to include the dates of the posts directly mentioning that comments and posts by you were deleted.. July 17th, 18th and 19th in the section “posts by others” section. That ought to be sufficient enough for you to be able to locate the comments/posts I am referencing, since I am under the impression that copy/pasting from a copyrighted page isn’t allowed. (Don’t know that for certain, but since you all seem to be sue happy, I’m not going to take the chance.) You can find it, I’m sure.

    4. It is/was not Elise Perkins that “inboxed death threats and constant harassment to CR supporters and had file sent to the FBI…” That is another person altogether. You should get names correct before you libel/defame an innocent person and expose yourself to legal action.

      1. Lili- in order for a libel suit to actually succeed, you would have to prove ABSOLUTELY that damage was caused to said person’s reputation, and in so far as this article is concerned, it looks as if that would not be the case. But you can waste your money trying if you so wish.

        1. Also- the person was posting under the name Elise Perkins. That’s why the post shown on the article brought it to mind. The comments that I saw were attached to that name, but as I said, it would not have been hard for someone to make an account for the purposes of impersonating another person. We see it all the time. :/

        2. BTW- just went back and looked at the roos page- all comments and posts of a nasty nature have since been deleted, but I see Pamela up there went on a rampage for a while, also using multiple accounts (so there there were at least two people at work there, although, as Amanda pointed out above and a post on the supporter’s page indicated, Pamela was not affiliated with the Cruelty page) That took place after I lost interest, though.

    5. Mia,

      Hate to inform you but the FBI has not contacted me about any death threats because I have not made any. You are talking about another person. Good try.

      1. If I am talking about another person, Elise, then they went to great lengths to impersonate you. If that is indeed the case, then I apologize, but that would be on that person and not me, because, as I said a moment ago- GREAT lengths.

        1. Mia,

          Can you show me the comments or PMs of my threats that are under my name? I would appreicate that if someone is out there impersonating me.

          1. I’m sorry, Elise, I cannot. I went back to look and see if anything was still there, but almost everything has been deleted. There are still a few comments where they were bitching at Pamela for her shenanigans on some of the posts that they didn’t delete outright, but even most of that is gone. Either whoever it was deleted the posts or the admin of the page took everything down. Kinda disappointed to have missed all THAT drama, haha. There WAS a post on the section of “posts by other people” that said something to the effect of not posting anything else because there was spying and screenshotting going around, so if it was someone on the roos side impersonating you, they may have feared prosecution and removed the posts. I am kind of disappointed myself, as I do not like being accused of lying. If someone is running around impersonating someone else, I too, would like to know. I should have taken my own screenshots and saved them, but I didn’t think of it at the time. 🙁

  23. All I have to say is WOW! After reading all the slagging going back and forth on these pages, Caboodle supporter that I am…my ONLY wish is for the safe passage of these unfortunate cats that have found themselves a living pawn in a game that I sure as hell don’t want to play. So people, let’s cut the bullshit and find these cats a lifelong home! Remember…the longer this is dragged out, the longer these poor pussycats are confined. THIS IS ABOUT THE CATS AFTERALL!

    1. I’ll agree with and support that, Laurie! The only thing keeping those cats in a shelter right now is Caboodle Ranch’s delaying tactics, but now that their attempts to shoot down the adoption have been thwarted, we can move forward and find good homes for the cats.

      Closure is near.

  24. Irish, I will take a death sentence any day for doing the right thing rather than turning my back on abused animals. Thanks for the wonderful wish. You say we lie but you have no proof. However, we have posted proof of numerous lies by CR. We have shared evidence. All ya’ll say is “liar”. No proof of anything. Zero, nothing, nada.

  25. Michael, I’m so disapointed again. Why didn’t you show screenshots of the hateful speech by the animal cruelty supporters? I have some directed personally at me. Would you like copies of those to share in the name of fairness?

    Also the comment that you highlighted by Elise is far from being hate speech. You have a very loose interpretation.

    1. Hi, I wanted to sync up the titles so used the word ‘hateful’. ‘Hateful’ is not as strong as ‘hate’. I didn’t say it was a ‘hate speech’. The word was used to mean “Very unpleasant” (one dictionary definition of the word ‘hateful’).

      I am all for balanced argument. But I am also against argument if it is not constructive and for the betterment of cat welfare.

      The point of this page is to highlight uncontrolled arguments about CR. I don’t believe that is good for cats.

      1. My posts were good for the cats because they will not go to people who are not good pet owners and may suffer additional harm. Plain and simple.

        If the point of the article was to highlight “uncontrolled arguements” against CR then why did you NOT post “uncontrolled arguments” from the CR Facebook Pages???????

  26. Michael,
    If you are going to discuss hateful behavior, you should take a brief look at the CR pages. Both pages are filled with hate and threats. Here are just a few examples. There are far too many to post here. It is not a one-sided issue.

    Deborah Irish Cornaire Right,I want that maggot to show up at my home because i do own a pearl handle single shot gun and it will only take one shot to put that maggot down for good,I am a brilliant shot,my da being 32 yrs USAF taught me well.
    July 20 at 7:27pm • 2

    Caboodle Ranch, Inc
    June 29

    Ple Paperie I sent hate email to ASPCA…I know they wouldn’t care for just one. I hope all of us can help do the same and may be that can make the difference.
    June 30 at 2:51am • 3

    Samantha Appleton ospca is at top of my hunting list!!!!!
    June 30 at 1:25pm • 3

    Mac McEnheimer They (ASPCA) should be shot and left on the side of the road for dead!!!
    May 25 at 4:54pm • 2

    Glanville Phillips Yes indeed, the “Good Ole Boys” rule……my comments about the whole country club set and the officials, they are a bunch of BASTARDS……….positions are bought. Well, I think its time to get together and figure out a big pay back for the lot of them in any way possible, same for Peta and ASPCA, expose them for what they really are.
    July 31 at 11:56pm • 7

    Risa Rodgers can we say assholes?
    Wednesday at 9:39am • 4

    Sasha Stokes If you need backup holla!!!
    Me and my army will come guard the ranch locked and loaded!!
    Not kiddin……. We love kittys and people that support them!
    July 19 at 8:19pm via mobile • 10

    Deborah Irish Cornaire
    Stop People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals from Killing Pets

    1. Thanks Lili for reminding us of those serious threats. They’ve become so frequent that I can’t keep up with them all.

    2. I agree with you. I don’t like either side’s stance and arguing. On this page I simply picked up on one example. There are some horribly misplaced ideas about ASPCA and even PETA. A lot of people hate these organisations. The point I am making is the CR story has become a story about people and their bias and anger rather than about cats.

      1. By picking 1 example in a very intense debate, you unwittingly show favor to one side.

        This is why GOOD journalists seek to be fair and balanced by showing an example from EACH SIDE.

        If you truly seek only to show that the “CR story has become a story about people and their bias,” please retract this story or rework it with a second, equally inflammatory and context-less quote from the CR pages.

      1. There is much, much more. We simply don’t focus on it. We recognize those posts for exactly what they are and move on. We choose instead to focus on the issues at hand – the treatment of the cats, the future of the cats, and the court cases.

  27. Renate those little houses weren’t for the cats they were for show and donations and it worked…..you say he had a hospice set up… I hope you are not referring to that filthy trailer that he called the infirmory….it was hard for me to look at craig after I seen that hell hole.Some of you people are so easily fooled by cutesy houses which were not adequate shelter for these cats. Who do you reccomend stepping in? Complain to his supporters for letting him become overwhelmed….they can run their mouths but they couldn’t run to help him. WHY?

  28. I don’t understand why the anti-Caboodle Ranch group hates the place and Craig Grant so much. Are they all PETA, ASPCA or HSUS members? Do they want the land the ranch is on? I have looked at both sides, and all I see is a kind old man who tried to do his best to help cats no one else wanted, the sick and feral too. He set up a sanctuary and hospice for them, I loved all the little houses for the cats – which were smashed vindictively when the place was raided. Grant is not an abuser, has killed no animals – unlike PETA, ASPCA and HSUS, and is not a hoarder. The worst you can say of him is that he let himself be overwhelmed. He does not deserve to be demonized like the haters have done. Have they done as much good as Grant? I doubt it. I am not impressed by the evidence against CR. It took the PETA spy months to find (or manufacture) an opportunity to make the place look at its worst in a video. Especially since it was her job to be a caretaker. The poor cats must have been traumatized in that round-up, and neighbours have admitted amusing themselves by shooting at them. I sincerely hope the surviving cats do find homes, and it should not matter at all who adopts them, as long as they are loved and cared for. Grant and his supporters loved them before, and would certainly love them again. Unfortunately the cats are in the clutches of the ASPCA, and if the haters have their way, any potential adopter will be so scrutinized that hardly anyone will qualify. Then the ASPCA will kill them all, crying crocodile tears and complaining that there just weren’t enough homes. Incidentally, that expenses bill of the ASPCA is ridiculous, hotels, meals and $800 for clipboards? They make over $140 million a year, this should be peanuts for them. God protect and bless the poor cats caught up in human vindictiveness and schemes!

    1. You are completely misinformed, Renate. First, it is not about hating Grant – it is about caring for the welfare of the cats. Houses were not smashed. You clearly have never been there or seen the cats. The cats are all being offered for adoption on August 11-12, six days from now. Incidentally, if you understood the details of the ASPCA invoice, you would see that it is not ridiculous, but is in fact reasonable for the care provided to more than 600 sick cats for five months.

    2. Renate, obviously you have not looked at both sides. If you had, you would have seen the ample evidence of the suffering and death caused to hundreds if not thousands of cats over the years of operation at Caboodle Ranch. Please look at the documents, photos, exhibits and testimony at http://caboodleranch.net/

  29. I don’t know if this Michael or Irish ever went to CR…but I went in March 2010 I and a friend volunteered for 3 days. Out of the 3 days only one day did he have 3 other volunteers and they did not put a full day in. WHY? Craig is why. It takes a special kind of person to run a sanctuary,someone who can take critisim,complaints,and correct issues as they present themselves…Craig did not. He and Nanette let this build to where it is today. One question I have asked and never get a response from CR supporters is. Where were all of you when Craig needed you? He needed a fulltime staff….where were you? He needed manpower…where were all of you? You just can’t be true supporters,don’t you think of all the suffering that these cats went through? Lets see if anyone answers my question this time? CR needed huge help the day he opened and not just monetary.

  30. I wonder just how many of the people voicing opinions here have actually been to the Caboodle Ranch. I wonder how many have been to the holding sites of these cats? I wonder how many will actually monitor the welfare of these cats from personal experience with them? If these people have not been personally involved, have personally witnessed the events in court or at the Caboodle Ranch, they really have nothing they can rightfully say. What I’ve read here is violent behavior – violent! And I know it happens on both sides. I’d ask myself what my reasons for writing like this really are. I don’t believe it’s about cats at all. IMHO. Thank you Michael for bringing this out in the open. From what I’ve read I can’t believe there is any hope left for humankind or the animal kingdom.

    1. Mary, I volunteered at CR as well but it really doesn’t matter when it comes to voicing opinions. Cats are innocent and depend on humans to protect them. You can do that from afar. Everyone here voicing their opinions have seen the actual evidence presented in court and have made a logical conclusion that Craig did abuse the cats through neglect.

    2. Mary I was thinking the same thing. People act like they’re 10, “You’re the big dummy,” “No, you’re the big dummy.” I’ll be glad when this is all over so maybe people can get on with their lives. I pray ALL the kitties get a good home. God Bless!

  31. One general comment – THANK GOD that the people who speak in favor of the ranch are such inarticulate crazies and undermedicated cartoon characters!

    The kitties have nothing to worry about. Craig, however, should get his affairs in order – FL just sentenced an animal abuser to JAILTIME. She killed 1 – he killed thousands.

    Tick-tock, Pard’ner… tick-tock…

      1. Dave, When was the last time you had your hearing checked? Maybe try some Q tips. Is there any particular song you are looking for? I can request it for you?

          1. david,

            Is your real name Rob Grant because you sure do write, sound and behave just like him. As far as I am concerned your FB profile is a fake and created hours before your “story” was posted by CR admins. Thus you are probably Rob Grant. And I guess your plan of trying to “stir up hate against me” is not working. Its seems there is more support for what I did than against it. Sorry you plan did not work.

          2. I’m so glad you think so. I have told you before I’m not Rob And all your investigating makes me wonder why you would care… Could I be next on your list … under your skin a little

          3. David,

            You are not getting under my skin, but just giving me a good laugh. I mean about 85% of the comments support what I did. HOw does that get under my skin? The only thing about you that gets under my skin is your stupidity which is why I suspect and still do that you are either Rob Grant or Dale Swisher. Since “facts” are not important to you, you should not mind this statement since its not based on “facts” and just assumptions. Isnt’ that how you live your life, ignore the facts and go on assumption. HRH Elise, Queen of Lioness

        1. Yea you have turned it into a Circus… Like you and your troop on clowns have a habit of doing
          Oh look someone posted something about the haters lets all 150 of us go show them a thing or two. We’ll send John and the Troll Army to suck up there bandwidth with our useless banter … Another fine job. You can all go home and tell your children of the hate you created in the world today ….

          1. Now that little digger really hurt… Your a such a fool and so full of your self it’s comical. Without you army of trolls your a NOTHING.. Get used to it

          2. David, if 80% of the cats were not found by former owners at the ASPCA shelter, who should we blame if not Craig? He is the man in charge. If he killed your cat I think you would be mad also.

          3. Davey, you really ought to learn to read before you share your written word with the world – your prose is so full of errors that it is difficult to read, more so to take seriously.

          4. Barbara miss grammar police. I bet that storm of Wit will stop him from posting ….. Shut up it won,t happen And I could care less what you think ….

  32. Maybe it’s just because of my unbiased attitude, but none of these comments seem all that hateful or insulting to me… Legally, the cats shouldn’t be returned to CR, so it only makes sense for the ASPCA to take measures against that. And given all the conspiratorial conversations on the CR page, a fair warning should be appreciated.

  33. Last Comment: The ASPCA are the legal owners of the formerly owned Caboodle Cats and all those legal avenues have been exhausted so CR has no legal chance of getting them back. Thus the reason they can legally adopt them out.
    As the new owners of ALL the cats, the ASPCA has the right to refuse adoptions to anyone they chose and say NO to anyone they chose.
    All the former Caboodle Cats will find forever homes despite the list and those on the list, if they want to adopt other cats, there are plenty of shelters full of them if they are truly cat lovers. A real cat lover would not care where a cat came from and just want to give it a good home, which Caboolde Ranch was determined in a court of law was not a place any LIVE ANIMALS are allowed to be cared for by them.

      1. Michael, if you wonder why conversations degenerate into name-calling and abuse, you need look no further than David’s replies. This is the kind of idiocy and trolling we deal with on a daily basis.

      1. Elise…. seek professional help. Your inflated sense of self and intense rage point to mental illness. Why someone hasn’t pointed this out to you before, I don’t understand. You care more about yourself and your rage than the welfare of these animals. I’ve read all these posts and it’s all about you, you, your self-righteous rage. Listen to Michael. Cool it and give these cats a chance at being adopted.

          1. You people are full of sh*t go and wash your mouth go and clean your dirty laundry that is coming out of your house!! What goes around comes around! not long we will see Elise and all of you haters who ever help her, asking God for help I do Believe in God he is the only JUDGE!!!

        1. I am not thwarting any adoptions. All the cats will find homes. In Jacksonville,Florida just a few weeks ago we held a huge multi-county wide adoption event and in 3 days 950 cats and dogs were adopted out. There will be more potential adopters showing up at these events than there will be cats available for adotpion. If that is what you take as the “thesis” of my comment, I am sorry you misunderstood it. It was about protecting the cats and ensureing they do not have to be stressed out anymore than they already have been. If you think that is a “hateful” and “selfish” act, then that is fine with me. Also the “rage” you refer to is not a mental illness, but my Italian blood. When I see animals being neglected to the point of a slow painful horrible death, I do feel rage as any normal person would. If what occured at Caboodle Ranch does not cause you to feel rage, than I feel sorry for you and your lack of empathy towards animals.

  34. Thank you for re-posting my comments. I honor the priviledge you have given me. Thank you so much for showing that I am a true animal lover and will go to any lenghts to ensure cats to not suffer. Its a Honor. Thank you.

  35. The CR administrators are the worst, they fail to tell their loyal supporters that their own attorney agreed to the 1.8 million dollar bond and the most important thing and I quote form the Honorable Judge Parker “Nonetheless, Caboodle is clearly and substantially lacking in the resources, ability, skill, and (most importantly) willingness to follow expert veterinary advice essential to an operation dedicated to the care of such a large and apparently ever-growing number of animals it seemed intent on sheltering.”

      1. Dave, your correct, it doesnt matter what we write, its all about the cats and the Judge has spoken. This will all be over in three weeks. Over and out.

          1. I heard the fat lady singing on July 23rd at 3:00 p.m. when the time ran out for Caboodle Ranch to file their appeal on the custody decision of the cats. The cats ownership has been legally transferred to the ASPCA and the adoptions will go forward and cannot be legally stopped at this point due to all legal avenues over the custody issue have expired. As proof, the adoptions going forward next weekend. The ASPCA would not be able to legally adopt out the cats if all legal avenues had not been exhausted. I am sorry David if you were not aware of that fact. And any motion CR files is a waste of time and are only in relation to the bond costs reduction which is irrelevant because CR missed the appeal deadline for appealing the custody issue and for some reason chose not to have emergency hearings prior to the deadlines. Thus the fat lady is singing very loudly. I am sorry you cannot hear her. The ASPCA and the legal system does.
            HRH Elise, Queen of Rescuing Animals from Abusers

            1. Elise you are a bad woman!! make me sick your bad Ego, hope in God you don’t get anything bad from this, you know Karma is real, but anyway I do not think you believe in nothing other than your self, let me tell what I believe of you!! I do not believe that you care for the cats, you only want to win the battle over Craig because you have a deep hate of him, maybe a bad experience from your childhood about old men, you did not have any respect by the way you talk about him, was many other ways to talk about this matter. And to do it. not getting the old men to prison, giving him at this age a bad record, he loved the cats he needed help and if you explain to him all this.

              I hope one day you don’t have to be sorry for what you did.

              God Bless you!!!

      2. No we don’t get tired of repeating ourselves because we do it in false hopes that you will wake up and smell the BS you guys are being fed to support animal abuse.

        Also its no different than you guys repeating yourself that the PETA video is faked, all the evidence is fake and staged, all the cats were healthy when they were not, its all a bunch of lies, etc. and the list goes on and on and on.

        However, those entrusted with the legal system have reviewed all the “phoney evidence” and determined it was not phoney at all, and thus CR has lost every court battle it has filed. Why? Because they broke the animal cruelty laws in the state of Flroida. Plain and simple. If you cannot see that, then you are being “willfully blind” to the suffering the CR caused innocent cats and the owners who thought they were doing the right thing.

        1. No Elise you cant stand it because some people are not as Vile and full of hatred as you. But if there is as such a thing as Karma someday It will be your turn. You and your crew have gone way beyond what was called for it this case and like I said someday if Karma does exist I hope you get you fair share of payback for all the hatred you have showed in this case

          1. Yes, that’s all we have:
            – The law on our side
            – Excellent command of the English language
            – An understanding of proper care for domestic animals
            – Tremendous wit

            You nutbags speak of Karma… perhaps you should do a bit more reading on the topic. The bell tolls for THEE.

          2. David there are thousands of people who HATE animale abuse so Elise must have a pretty huge crew and you can count me in. Yes I do believe she has some good karma coming her way….she has had a tough fight and it is an ongoing battle.

  36. The itemized bill from the ASPCA is pure ludicris,their meals,airfare etc is bullshit,this is far from over even after the fact.

    1. Irish, I enjoyed your little red riding, wolf cartoon. Why all the hate toward us? Why do you want me to get a horrible a disease?

      1. I believe Irish’s cheese is beginning to slip off of her cracker. Crush videos and Lennox have nothing to do with this topic. And, btw, Deborah Irish Cornaire has NEVER been employed by PeTA as she claims. Please call PeTA and inquire. This entire article sounds like damage control by the page admin for allowing unqualified “writers” to post articles with flawed or no backup documentation.

  37. To ye ingrates that are slagging this page,get a clue,we dont care wot ye think,ye say we lie,hmmm,try looking in the mirror,like I have said before,I hope each and everyone of ye haters garners a death sentence because wot ye have done by ye hate of the CR and Craig will go down in history,do not think for one dam moment once this month of August has past that this is over,far from it,I have never ever hated anyone via the net like i do ye twits and John D,most of ye have not even been to the ranch as I and ,any others have been so ye go by wot ye read and are told,everything Elise,Dana and Pamela have wrote about are slanderous lies,those cats will be the ones to suffer when it should be ye instead.

    1. “I hope each and everyone of ye haters garners a death sentence ” & “,I have never ever hated anyone via the net like i do ye twits”. Okay so who is hating on who here again??

      And just FYI “Irish”, you would make my forreal Irish grandmother roll over in her grave. As a person of true Irish decent I am highly offended by your little act. You misrepresent the Irish-American community and are making a total fool of yourself. However, I do not hate you nor do I wish any harm or ill will to come to you. I hope you have a lovely day in fact. I just do not agree with anything you stand for or defend.

      1. As my mum would be ashamed of ye of ye words and actions,and ye will not stand for anything I defend or say well then I guess ye are all for animals being crushed to death by a woman wearing heels so the viewer can get his rocks off aye,too bad for ye,and why bring my heritage into this,I could care less ye are Irish,this has nothing to do with ethnic groups,I know many who are arseholes here in in my mums country,remember Lennox who we tried to save,is that another issue too ye would not defend,oh well,I must say ye made my day a wee bit brighter,slainte.

        1. Do you know who also wants to stop the ‘crush’ video industry… PETA 🙂 Just a fun fact for you.

          And for the record I was 100% for them saving Lennox as well as Wicca.

        2. And here’s another CR defender, character name BatShizzle. The Fauxrish thing really has to stop – you’re not even doing it well.

          Skitter back into the Watertown woodwork before a house falls on you.

          We’ll keep fighting to rid Gotham of filthy, fraudulent hoarders like your Caboodlettes.

    2. This article, although it may have been well-intentioned, is written from ignorance.
      Please allow me to add a piece of the puzzle the author is missing: some of the names on the list.

      Ian Barlow, aka Ian McDonald, found with 13 dead cats in his freezer. Animal abuser. Caboodle Ranch supporter.

      Anne Marie Duhon, arrested for felony animal cruelty and child neglect. Hoarder. Caboodle Ranch supporter.

      Samantha Sue Lee, aka Frisky Felines, arrested for animal cruelty. Hoarder. Caboodle Ranch supporter.

      Camille Hankins, convicted hoarder. Caboodle Ranch supporter.

      Other names on the list have admitted to actions that make them unsuitable candidates for adoption, such as Dale Swisher, who stated that she dumped two cats at Caboodle Ranch because one of them — she doesn’t know which — was peeing on her couch, and she didn’t want to be bothered with “drugged cats”.

      That would normally be a huge red flag to any adopting agency — if they were aware of it. And given the general dishonesty and evasion of the Caboodle Ranch supporters, it’s a sure bet that they would not willingly disclose these facts themselves.

      Michael, now that you have some facts to base your opinions on, do you still feel that this is an unfair obstacle to adoption?

      And since you are clearly a person who supports fair and balanced reporting, when can we expect an article spotlighting individuals on the Caboodle Ranch side who have expressed hate and intentionally spread lies that endanger the welfare of the cats?

      I notice that your article conveniently omitted any mention of the multiple attacks on Elise that prompted her angry response.

      I would love to see you give equal time to appalling statements made by Caboodle Ranch and its supporters. How about discussing how Caboodle Ranch claimed that Nanette’s cats were “mutilated” and all were “cut open” by the ASPCA, when in fact, only their bellies were shaved to check for a spay scar? Or Caboodle Ranch’s efforts to convince supporters that cats are being held in a “warehouse”, when in fact, they are in a fully renovated shelter and are receiving the best of care.

      But for some reason, your site has only focused on those who confront animal cruelty at Caboodle Ranch. Does your opposition to vitriol only apply to one side of this debate?

        1. David,

          That is your problem. You ignore the facts. Why do the “facts” (defined as an actual occurrence, a thing done, an action performed) so irrelevant to you? Before you pay your bills do you not verify that all charges are factual charges? Please explain why you “hate” facts so much.

          1. Let me see I guess because John is kinda like the church people who come to your door at at your house. If I want to be a convert I don,t need some asshole at my door shoving there Opinion in my face. I know where the Church is and I can find it on my own if I wish… Thank You !! And I can come to my OWN conclusions I don,t need Johns. Everyone here has to have your beliefs or they are fools and Idiots. No one is allowed to disagree with you Conclusions.

      1. Hi, I don’t want to be dragged into the argument because I don’t believe the argument is good for cats. I just wanted to highlight an example of what I see as a symptom of uncontrolled arguing to win points rather than reconciliation for the welfare of cats.

        I have no agenda here except cat welfare. You are perfectly at liberty to write an article for PoC to present your side of the argument. I’ll be happy to publish it. But I would like it to be more positive.

        You mention several people who are unsuitable for adoption. Great. Well done. But the FB comment applies to everyone who has said anything in favour of CR as far as I can tell. Is that right? Perhaps lots of people were naive about CR and were conned by Craig. They believed in CR. These could be good people, albeit misinformed, and after the court order they will know the truth that CR was a mess and a con and bad for cats. I don’t know. But you can’t say they are all nasty types who will do anything to get the cats back to Craig.

        That is the sort of point I am making.

        1. Facebook is not reality.

          Is it wrong to ban all CR supporters from owning cats? Of course. And the list did not include the hundreds of people who have commented on the Caboodle Ranch Facebook page. It only listed people who posed a credible threat to the cats.

          May I contact you privately to discuss the content of the article?

    3. And here we have a perfect example of the hypocrites that insist that those that are advocating for the best interests of the cats are “haters.”

    4. Ingrates? Is the bargain hair dye seeping into your brain? And who are you to be threatening anyone, when you’re one nuisance call from being front page news yourself?

      You and your Army of Disinformation can bring it on, Haggis… Téigh trasna ort féin!

    5. Irish you seem to have a thing for craig…you mention him more than you do the cats…he doesn’t have a job so why don’t you support him? craig and nanette are going to die down very soon…..and they are going to need your money….so keep supporting them because the cats are safely gone from him….Mr clorax!!

    1. I don’t think the Fan Page is ran by Craig and Nanette. I follow the official page and the writting tone is definitely not the same.

  38. So let me get this straight. It is perfectly okay for the Caboodle Ranch fans to talk about illegally cheating the surviving cats out of the only chance they have at finding a decent home by openly plotting to sneak in people to adopt the cats and then turn them over to Craig Grant, who is responsible for the hoarding deaths of hundreds if not thousands of their cohorts — but it is not okay to call these people on their reprehensible behavior??

    And somehow WE are the ones damaging the prospects for the cats to find good homes??

    Get a grip. You are simply not in touch with reality.

    1. People can’t return cats to Caboodle under the court order. The cats are microchipped and can be traced. I don’t see how Craig can start up under a different name. Also the FB comment refers to all CR fans. Are they all going to try and trick the court and ASPCA?

      1. Michael I don’t think Elise meant all cri fans because some are just not aware that that have been deceived. I think it is just the main group that is very aware of what craig has done that she is talking about.

      2. Simple hypothetical question, Michael. Craig Grant is enjoined from owning cats. Someone gives him a dozen microchipped cats illegally acquired from the ASPCA adoptions.

        Who’s scanning those microchips?
        Who’s verifying his compliance?

        Certainly not the Animal Control officers that let Caboodle Ranch’s abuse and neglect continue for more than 9 years. Certainly not Craig Grant himself.

        A microchip verifies identity — it’s not a GPS tracking device. Simply chipping a cat is not going to prevent it from being smuggled anywhere in the country, including into a new hoarding situation.

        So the injunction is a legal barrier, not a physical one.

        And the Facebook comment? It’s a Facebook comment, made in the heat of anger. It’s not a statement from the ASPCA or any other agency involved in determining the suitability of a candidate for adoption.

        If you’re getting your facts exclusively from Facebook… well, I don’t think I need to finish that sentence. I’m sure you see just how ludicrous that would be.

      3. Read their pages – yes that is their goal. They have been calling adoption outlets for days to get details about the requirements for adoptions, information about which cats are at each location, and are trying to form an “underground railroad” to get them back to “Poppy” (Craig).

      4. Michael, most of the 18,000 CR fans liked the page a long time ago and have no clue what is going on now. But yes, a disturbing number of them have openly discussed sneaking in, taking or adopting cats, driving them to another state, and turning them over to Craig Grant to start up another “sanctuary.” It is reprehensible. We have been keeping tabs and have a long list of names of people who have done this. What’s more, just yesterday the CR Inc mod was telling someone they have a lot people “not on the list” who they plan to send in to do the same. So yes, they are openly plotting to cheat these surviving cats, who have already been through so much neglect and abuse, out of the one and only chance they have at a decent home. It is so low, so disgusting, so criminal, I can’t even put words on how reprehensible this is. Yes, the cats are microchipped, but if they never go to a vet, never go to a shelter, who is going to check the chip?? Someone adopts them, gives them to Craig, and he neglects them again until they die a slow horrible death — and there is no way to catch any of that. If Craig himself doesn’t do it, it could be done under the name of his hoarding associate Nanette Entriken, or his malicious son Rob Grant. You are being naive and unrealistic when you say it could not happen. Your naivete is falling right into the hands of the hoarders and abusers.

        1. Recent postings even suggest the Grants are preparing to cut their losses and move out of Florida for “Caboodle Ranch 2.0.” If we just hush and go away, who’ll protect the next 1,000 cats he amasses and then neglects?

          That would be like letting Sandusky coach Little League. Mental illness doesn’t just GO AWAY.

  39. If you spent even a little time on the Caboodle Ranch Inc. and Fan pages you can see far more vitriol and hate from those so-called “catlovers” than anything you have posted here. But one can expect nothing less from people that vigorously defend the hoarding and animal abuse that resulted in the torture and death of countless, innocent cats.

    1. Yes, and spewing vitriol for your side is an effective way to get things done. You are not setting a good example. Grow up Emma. “They started it” stopped being an effective argument in the third grade. Unless you are in fact still in the third grade, which would explain a lot.

      1. Thank you Alisha for being a perfect example of what I was describing.”Grow up?” Really? And you make accusations about others being in the third grade? Hypocrite much?

  40. You know what’s actually not acceptable? Animal abuse and defending animal abuse. You know what else isn’t acceptable? Hoarding. You’re turning this blog into a total farce. Who wants cat information from people who either sympathize with animal cruelty or commit it themselves! No thanks.

    1. Thanks for the comment but you have missed the point. It is not about sympathising with animal cruelty. That is history now. It is about helping rehoming the cats going forwards and this person is putting an obstacle in the way of that process. That is wrong and I expect you can recognise that. This website is not a farce. It is a damn good website 🙂 !

      1. Yes, but you are pointing the finger at the WRONG people. Do you think it’s appropriate for Caboodle Ranch supporters to try to trick the ASPCA into letting them re-adopt those cats to only return them to the ranch or worse? Don’t you think that sort of view point is totally irresponsible? Those cats deserve a second chance in loving forever homes. The idea of it is sickening. Nothing Dana or anyone else said was out of line.

        None of us care enough about any one of those people to hate them. We simply hate the gross cruelty against animals they have committed and support.

        1. The ASPCA is not the wrong people. ASPCA, PeTA, HSUS, the list goes on, are responsible for atrocities as well, you are just indoctrinated and refuse to see it. I personally think that shoving a cat into a cage, and then ultimately killing it (or immediately killing it, as in most PeTA cases) is far less humane than letting it live its life. Just because YOU don’t think its life is up to YOUR standard, honestly, the gall of you activists. I am a firm believer in karma, and have no doubt that people like you will get what’s coming to them.

        2. Are you saying that all the people who supported CR (wrongly or correctly) are malicious cat abusers whose objective is hurt cats? That seems to be what you are saying. That can’t be true. Is it their intention to ‘trick ASPCA’. Were do get this information from?

          And secondly we should leave it to ASPCA to organise the rehoming and select people. What is happening is a case of point scoring in an internet slanging match. It looks to me like Elise posted the FB comment just to score a point.

        3. Thanks Kaitlyn. You are so right. I don’t think Michael has been following the FB pages very closely or he’d know that the CR fans were actually scheming to adopt cats and take them back to CR. He’s actually speaking out of place. The list was sent to the ASPCA to prevent that. Not to prevent them from being adopted by good people.

      2. Michael, someone who has been presented with the evidence of Caboodle Ranch’s neglect and abuse, and who states categorically that “everything was fine there”, is an unfit candidate for adoption.

        Someone who actively supports hoarding is an unfit candidate for adoption.

        Someone who states that they are going to steal cats and return them to an animal abuser is an unfit candidate for adoption.

        Do you disagree with any of the above?

        The individuals on the list provided to the ASPCA were placed on that list for very specific reasons. Animal abuse convictions. Statements of intent to “steal the cats” or to adopt so they could return them to Craig Grant. Statements that animal abuse was exaggerated and that when 50% of your cats have URIs, that’s “normal” and “acceptable” for a sanctuary.

        All of the organizations are screening potential adopters to ensure that cats don’t fall into the hands of hoarders and animal abusers, and that they are truly going to forever homes. They are ensuring that cats are not being adopted for the wrong reasons.

        That is not an obstacle to adoption. That is what EVERY shelter should be doing.

        We have spent our money and countless hours ensuring that these cats were removed from harm and will find good homes. GOOD HOMES. Not hoarding situations, not people out to “teach the ASPCA a lesson”, not people who are utterly incapable of distinguishing between a healthy home and blatant abuse.

        Michael, you deliberately attacked me, Elise, and other people who exposed the abuse at Caboodle Ranch by calling us “so-called ‘cat lovers'”, and you owe us an apology for your insult. We have done a hell of a lot more to protect these cats from harm than you have.

        1. Glad you think so John LoL LoL !!!!! And I think you haters need to be Shamed You people have been taking it over the Top. A little of your own Medicine will be good for you. I know it’s hard for you to believe. But your not the only people on the planet. And yes I know my Grammar Suck”s but you get the Point.

          1. Ah, so this is about payback for shaming the Caboodle Ranch liars and enablers, David? “A little of our own medicine,” eh?

            Not surprising. Caboodle Ranch has been vindictive and hostile, because they are the ones on trial for crimes against animals. Need I share the blog entry where Nanette slanders the people who confronted the Ranch for their animal cruelty? Or any of a hundred disgusting comments by Caboodle Ranch’s official spokespeople making personal attacks against critics of the Ranch?

            The hate directed at the opponents of Caboodle Ranch has been vile and constant, yet you seem to think that CR is entitled to take revenge on us for responding to it. “It all started when he hit me back!”

            The critics of the Ranch have been subjected to incredibly immature, hostile, and disgusting attacks.

            The difference is, we don’t cry and whine about it and use it to beg for donations and sympathy.

          2. there is NOTHING you can do to shame us because we are not doing anything shameful. It those who support animal abuse and hoarding, and if you support Caboodle Ranch and believe how the cats were cared for was acceptable, it is you and anyone who supports that “notion” should be ashamed of themselves.

          3. David, You can call us haters all you want if that makes you feel better about yourself for supporting animal abuse. But get one thing straight, what we hate is animal abuse, not responsible animal caregivers.

        2. In this article I am saying that the FB comment was unacceptable and is an example of a person who wants to win an argument. It is too generalised and a mistake to be honest. It’s tenor indicates a desire to win an argument. It indicates to me that the CR case has become a human problem rather than about cat welfare.

          Once the CR matter was in the hands of ASPCA and the court I don’t see much of a role left for thousands of people who want to argue on the internet about CR. The court order as you know bans Caboodle from having custody of cats. So people can’t adopt cats from ASPCA and give them back to Caboodle. Plus the ASPCA have microchipped the cats.

          If a ‘CR fan’ was able to adopt a cat with the intention of returning it to Caboodle that person could be traced and might be in contempt of court in encouraging Caboodle to restart operations. Also Grant would be in breach of a court order. I don’t see how your scenario can happen.

          The FB comments says that all CR ‘fans’ should be banned from adopting. Is that fair? There must be a multitude of different circumstances and many of these people have a right to adopt and it would be good for the cat. And what is a ‘fan’. The FB comment is too generalised and unfair. Also the adoption process should be left to ASPCA. It should not be clouded and muddied up by people on the periphery. Those are my views and I don’t feel I have insulted you. I am criticizing the general behavior of people arguing over CR. I don’t believe this is good for cat welfare in the long term.

          1. Michael, you have mistaken an angry comment on Facebook for reality. That’s a recipe for disaster.

            Elise’s comments were off-the-cuff and overly broad, but the list submitted to the adopting agencies were certainly not. They were carefully chosen and most importantly, documented.

            The adoption process IS being left to the ASPCA, Cat Depot, and other organizations involved in the adoptions. It will always be the decision of the adopting agencies whether a candidate is suitable.

            The list provided to them is nothing more than a watch list of candidates who should be carefully scrutinized, because they have a history of animal abuse or statements indicating that their reason for adopting a cat is not to give it a good home.

            You are correct, someone adopting a cat and then returning it to Craig or Caboodle Ranch would be obligated to return the cat upon request by the adopting agency. But common sense dictates that it’s better to prevent such an occurrence than to have to take legal action to correct it.

            Further, there is no guarantee that Craig Grant is abiding by the terms of the injunction, or that he will continue to do so. This is a man who took in cats obsessively, despite his inability to care for the ones he had, despite court orders warning him of the consequences, despite urgent warnings from Animal Control, veterinary inspectors, and his own veterinarian.

            I am not convinced that legal action will have cured his hoarding tendencies.

          2. Micheal,

            You again miss the point. There is not “right” or “entittlement” that if you go to a shelter or an adoption event that you are guaranteed to adopt a pet. That is where you are confused. Its up to the OWNER of the animal who is adopting out the pet to determine if they view the potentional owner as acceptable. Telling someone “no” during the adoption scrrening process is NOT against the law. I do private adoptions all the time. They have to have a vet reference, be a home owner, and no couples playing house. IF they do not pass these tests, I tell them sorry, I cannot adopt to you. If you wish please go to Animal Control and get a pet. That is what the ASPCA will be doing. They will be vetting every individual who adopts the pet with restrictions such as the cat must be indoors. What is important here are the cats and not CR”fans” and that is the point they continue to miss. That its about the cats going to a good home. If the “fans” want to rescue a cat, then they should adopt from another shelter if they truley want to add thier family.

          3. There IS a role for us even though the ASPCA has the cats. It is to correct the massive amount of lies and misinformation coming from Caboodle Ranch, much of it lying about the intentions of the ASPCA, but also about their own fundraising, and about every other animal rescue group involved in placing these cats.

            We on the other hand have offered FACTS in the form of court documents, photos, exhibits, testimony and written orders. You can find it all at http://caboodleranch.net/

            Sure, Craig Grant has been banned from having custody of the cats. But if you had spent as much time looking at their page as you obviously have finding fault with ours, you would see they don’t care about pesky things like court orders. The judge has issued a statement asking them not to contact him, yet they are repeatedly instructing their people to send constant emails and phone calls to the judge! What kind of respect does that show for the court system? They are also openly plotting and encouraging people to adopt the cats and give them back to Craig, for example in this interaction:

            Caboodle Ranch, Inc And what happens to the cats that are already in these places? And when you call these places to inquire, some people who answer say the cats are there, others say the cats aren’t there yet.
            11 hours ago · 2.

            Perry J. Taylor Are you giving your name when you call? Maybe your name is on the “list”
            11 hours ago · 3.

            Caboodle Ranch, Inc I’ve got someone else doing it. We have a lot of people who aren’t on the “list” Perry. 😉
            10 hours ago · 3

            Sure the cats are microchipped, but how will that stop them? A microchip has to be scanned before a cat can be traced, and we know that Craig Grant never took cats to the vet. Your faith in the system to catch these people is naive and misplaced. THEY are the ones posing a threat to the cats finding good homes, yet you are attacking us. It makes no sense.

      3. Michael,

        You have missed the point. The point is these people wish to break the law and “adopt” cats and return them to the place the LAW says THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED to be because and I quote from the Judge’s Order: “. . . Caboodle is clearly and substantially lacking in the resources, ability, skill and (most importantly) willingness to follow expert veterinary advice essential to an operation dedicated to the care of such a large and apparently ever-growing number of animals it seemed intent on sheltering.” (Order ¶ 11)

        What I find unacceptable is people breaking the law and returning cats to Craig Grant to suffer abuse. Thus the reason the list was created and turned over to the ASPCA. If the people on the list are unhappy that I have thwarted them from breaking the law and further endangering the animals, that is fine with me. Also if anyone returns any cats to Grant who is going to care for them? Grant has zero income and no job. Also he could be in jail soon.

        1. Not only am I in agreement with what Elise states here, but I need to add that the grounds at Caboodle Ranch are CONTAMINATED. Even if the heavens opened up, the angels sang and Craig Grant became the perfect caregiver, cats brought there would continue to contract parasites and disease until the coyotes eat them.

      4. No, the web site is a farce. You’ve made it so by posting poorly written and poorly researched articles like this one.

        HRH Elise is doing right by the animals by tipping off the agencies to unsuitable adopters. These animals will find GOOD homes because of it.

        She is not being obstructionist. She is thwarting evil. And that is the mark of a superhero.

      5. Michael, if you want to be perceived as a responsible blogger/journalist, you need to do more than go off half-informed and put out a farticle when it suits you.

        If you explored this issue, for example, rather than being content to take HRH Elise’s comment at face value, you might understand that what she is doing is to facilitate placement of these cats into loving, sane, safe homes. Her actions are FAR from hateful.

        And yours are far from responsible.

      6. You still miss the point – Elise is NOT impeding adoptions. Her actions will greatly reduce the likelihood that a Caboodle survivor will be adopted by someone who wants to bring the cats directly to the Grants.

        You took 1 comment Elise made out of a very rich and complex context, and spun it into a very poor article. Edward R. Murrow you are not.

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