Headless Cat Picture!

This is a bit of fun, that’s all. It is, obviously, not really a headless cat. Charlie, the black cat (brown cat?) in this picture has three legs. When he is grooming, which he has a habit of doing to a slightly obsessive level, he can look like this:

Headless Cat
Headless Cat. Photo by Michael of Charlie a 3 legged black cat.
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I have a feeling only a three-legged cat can look like this because the right foreleg would normally be visible in this picture which would have made him look less like a round ball of brown/black fur.

The flash light has shown us how brown a black cat is. It does not take much to show up the dark brown eumelanin pigmentation granules in the fur that makes a cat black. Black fur is almost a visual illusion as the pigment is not black at all.

I am pleased to say that Charlie is pretty flexible and can wash all the usual accessible places of his body.

25 thoughts on “Headless Cat Picture!”

  1. Three lovely little warm bodies, cats are so photogenic, of course now I want the boys to pose. Michael, Charlie has a lovely shine on him and I love the auburn highlights.

  2. I have a photo of an orange and white cat asleep in a ball and she has no head and looks like a football also because of her orange patches. I’ll send it to you Michael – it’s on my cat Lilly’s FB page. Maybe you can all see it – but Michael you will get it via email in case the link doesn’t work.

    (Note: Michael used the link to find the picture and then removed the link because external links often end up broken – not working).

  3. Oh Michael, you so and so! You had me there, I couldn’t bear to look when I saw the title until Babz started laughing and said it was a pic of Charlie.
    What a contortionist he is lol

    • Sorry Ruth, when I saw Charlie on the bed next to me I had to photograph him and put the photo on the website. I just thought it looked interesting. Only cats can contort as well as this.

      • Thats what people are doing on our pictures-of-cats.org group page on Facebook. People can’t help but want to show off their cats. It’s becoming one of the largest groups on Facebook with over 4000 members and I post all of my articles there between photos. You should check it out more often. It gets the PoC website a lot of publicity.

  4. Sealy and Midnight are both black cats with a lot of reddish brown.

    I had a headless cat once. Her name was Smokey and she’d lose her head looking over into the bath tub. Wish I could find the picture.


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