Headless Cat Picture!

This is a bit of fun, that’s all. It is, obviously, not really a headless cat. Charlie, the black cat (brown cat?) in this picture has three legs. When he is grooming, which he has a habit of doing to a slightly obsessive level, he can look like this:

Headless Cat
Headless Cat. Photo by Michael of Charlie a 3 legged black cat.
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I have a feeling only a three-legged cat can look like this because the right foreleg would normally be visible in this picture which would have made him look less like a round ball of brown/black fur.

The flash light has shown us how brown a black cat is. It does not take much to show up the dark brown eumelanin pigmentation granules in the fur that makes a cat black. Black fur is almost a visual illusion as the pigment is not black at all.

I am pleased to say that Charlie is pretty flexible and can wash all the usual accessible places of his body.

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  1. You’re joking! TOGETHER in the same photo? It aint going to happen, there would be blood shed, they’re like a pair of teenage hoodlums and would probably literally make each other headless if they had to pose together. And yet strangely, sometimes, like this week when Jo has been poorly, they CAN be nice to each other.Just not very oft.


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