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Healing hands speed up a cat’s recovery from injury — 7 Comments

  1. I’m so glad Teddy recovered. I do believe in healers like Margit and I think maybe we all have it in us to heal.
    Around ten years ago I attained Reiki level one which enabled me to give it to family, friends and pets, I intended to do level 2 and then Reiki Master with my Reiki teacher Catherine but she died, only in her 40s, which knocked my faith in it a bit.
    The person doesn’t have to believe in it to be healed and pets of course can’t believe as they don’t know, they only feel the comforting touch and the warmth of the person healing them.
    Maybe I should dig out my old Reiki manuals from my induction day and refresh myself on it all and take it up again.

  2. Reiki? They say it works very well and that you actually feel the area warm up from doing it. I have never tried it myself but its quite popular all over the world at the moment. I think we are seeing the collapse of our western minded society and its incapacity to sustain itself so more and more people are trying other options. I think it great. It a good exercise to get in touch with your energy and concentration and to actually focus it. It’s like a muscle that needs exercise to build strength, one must try to remain strong with ones personal physical energy. I can’t see any reason why it would not be of use towards helping a sick cat or animal to heal.

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