Healing hands speed up a cat’s recovery from injury

Teddy, a male cat with a pointed coat and a strong masculine face, had been run over by a couple of kids on bicycles. His caretaker and owner, Margrit Coates had sensed what had happened after Teddy had raced out of the garden and through a hedge. His back legs seemed paralysed. Margrit gently picked him up and took him to the local veterinarian. Against Margrit’s clear impression that Teddy had a fractured bone the vet diagnosed bruising, administered some painkillers and sent them home. Margrit wanted an X-ray, the vet said it was not necessary.

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A good friend of Margrit’s who was also a vet insisted that an X-ray was taken and it revealed what Margrit had sensed; a bad fracture of the ball part of the ball and socket joint at the top of the right hind leg. Teddy also had bleeding around his spine.

Margrit took Teddy to a specialist veterinary surgeon who operated and applied pins to Teddy’s hip joint. The vet said he might lose his leg or suffer from a limp. He was ordered to have 12 weeks cage rest. The whole thing was traumatic and it seems that healing was far from guaranteed.

Fortunately, Teddy’s human companion is described as “The World’s Leading Animal Healer and Renowned Animal Communicator”. Every hour on the hour, for the first week of confinement, Margrit applied her healing hands to Teddy’s injury. After the first week she did this every two hours.

Margrit works in NHS hospitals in the UK and she says that electromagnetic energy flows from her hands. This energy has a similar frequency to that required to stimulate bone and soft tissue repair. Healing in this way has also been shown in studies to “influence enzyme growth”. Enzymes are considered to be “the basic building blocks of the body”, says Margrit.

Then the miracle happened but was it a miracle? For Margrit it wasn’t. Within a fraction of the the 12 weeks scheduled, on a check up at the veterinary surgery the vet informed Margrit that Teddy’s bone has “100% repaired”. He said the speed of the healing was unheard of.

Margrit says that anyone can do this form of healing, which is a channeling of healing energy to their cat. It is a way of supporting a vet’s work.

Teddy had made a complete recovery from a nasty injury. The boy who ran over him on his cycle was seven years of age and could not be prosecuted. Teddy is blessed to have such a loving human companion.

I think there is something in the idea of a person who truly loves their cat being able to speed up recovery, whether you believe in this sort of healing or not.

Margrit suggests the following if you want to try it:

  • Offer hands-on healing with unconditional love (a “soul to soul connection”).
  • Have a clear mind when you do it.
  • Practice healing frequently as it makes for a stronger connection between person and cat.
  • Place your hand over (if the area is too sore) or on the injured area and imagine a “beam of light” travelling from your hand into your cat.
  • Even a few minutes can do some good.
  • Healing can be done at any time for a range of conditions but it is not a miracle cure.

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7 thoughts on “Healing hands speed up a cat’s recovery from injury”

  1. I’m so glad Teddy recovered. I do believe in healers like Margit and I think maybe we all have it in us to heal.
    Around ten years ago I attained Reiki level one which enabled me to give it to family, friends and pets, I intended to do level 2 and then Reiki Master with my Reiki teacher Catherine but she died, only in her 40s, which knocked my faith in it a bit.
    The person doesn’t have to believe in it to be healed and pets of course can’t believe as they don’t know, they only feel the comforting touch and the warmth of the person healing them.
    Maybe I should dig out my old Reiki manuals from my induction day and refresh myself on it all and take it up again.

  2. Reiki? They say it works very well and that you actually feel the area warm up from doing it. I have never tried it myself but its quite popular all over the world at the moment. I think we are seeing the collapse of our western minded society and its incapacity to sustain itself so more and more people are trying other options. I think it great. It a good exercise to get in touch with your energy and concentration and to actually focus it. It’s like a muscle that needs exercise to build strength, one must try to remain strong with ones personal physical energy. I can’t see any reason why it would not be of use towards helping a sick cat or animal to heal.


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