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Helmi Flick Cat Photography

Siamese cats – photo copyright Helmi Flick

Helmi Flick cat photography stands out. Helmi Flick is a very high quality cat photographer. She works with her husband Ken to create her distinctive style.

She has agreed that I can use her photographs on this website, for which I am grateful.

Her quality photographs can be found throughout this website and credits have been given although her photographic “signature” (and I mean the style of the photograph) is readily apparent.

I have come to realize that Helmi Flick Cat Photography has become world renown. Please respect her work and don’t copy any of her images from this website for personal use. Please contact her and Ken first if you want to use any of her photographs.

What do I know about Helmi?

This is a short “Bio”:

“Digital cat photographer. Found this niche in my 50s in May of 2000 and now do it for a living. My husband, Ken, is my lighting guy, cat wrangler, roadie, techie and Business Manager. He is my specialist in photography; I’m the cat specialist.”

So, Helmi and Ken are very much a team. When you think about it, it is obviously essential to have at least 2 people involved in a photo shoot session as cats generally do what they want to do and that’s one of their endearing qualities.

The Flick’s have 4 cats, two of them are in this picture   >>>> Click on this link to see all of Ken and Helmi Flick’s cats(new window).

I can only add through my communication with her and Ken that they are not only perhaps the best cat photography team on the world internet (has anyone seen better?), but good people as well. If you want to know a bit more about Helmi and Ken click on this link. Since writing this I have been to their home and visited cats shows with, in fact, worked with them and they are a high professional team.

What makes Helmi Flick Cat Photography so good?

Like every human endeavor that is of fine quality it clearly takes an underlying talent plus bags of effort and commitment. Helmi and Ken have it all. They say success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration.

Helmi and Ken’s love of cats is also a vital factor as this shines through in their work.

For me her photographs convey the essence of a cat’s character, appearance and presence through the best lighting, timing and animation that can be achieved, while respecting the cat’s wellbeing.

Click hereto read about the photographic technique of Helmi and Ken Flick.

If you’d like to you can see Helmi and Ken Flick at work at a 2 day cat show in Waxahachie, a town about 50 kms south of Dallas, click on this link: Cat show with Ken and Helmi Flick (new widow), which shows the studio being set up. And day one of the show can be seen on this page. And this link shows the wrangling, image capture and the final product: Cat Photography with Ken and Helmi Flick (new window).

Click on the following link, if you’d like to know Helmi’s Cat Show Calender for 2009.

The picture below shows the Flick’s two British Shorthairs

Helmi is a generous person. There are givers and takers in the world. Helmi is one of the givers….

“..a rule of thumb I try to live by: if you have a talent: share it; competition, even from those you mentor, is good for society. I believe firmly in sharing what I have learned … Isaac Newton said, “If I have seen farther than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants.” NOT that I think I am an Isaac Newton! But because competition keeps you sharp, on your toes, and trying hard to develop your craft as well as the end product. So I want to say to those aspiring animal photographers out there that if they get help or assistance from someone, pass it on. Do the same for someone else. The world benefits.”

I’d just like to give a little update on Helmi and Ken’s contribution to this website as at 21st November 2007, about 5 months in to building this website.

copyright Helmi Flick

Although I have put a lot of effort into this site it would be nothing without Helmi Flick Cat Photography. The whole website’s success turns on whether the pictures are good, better than all others and they are.

At the risk of repeating myself and having trawled the internet for several months regularly for cat photographs I can categorically say that Helmi Flick Cat Photography is the best worldwide.

Note, that she makes it clear that this is a team effort. Throughout my relationship with her she has responded beautifully and quickly to provide her photographs. This website is for charity and Helmi so graciously wants to help that cause.

We all have are favorite photographs and the same goes for Helmi. She tells me that one of her favorite photographs is a Persian kitten in a bowl reproduced here.

I have quoted Helmi in the text box above. I can confirm that she lives by her word. As you know I have photographs by Dani Rozeboom on this site as well because she is a fine photographer too (but in a different way). Helmi tells me she thinks Dani is a fine photographer. Update Sept. 2009: I also use a lot of Flickr photos and the best cat photographer on Flickr is fofurasfelinas.

Helmi Flick Cat Photography also has an educational element to it. As she photographs primarily for breeders she has to illustrate the cat to best effect, to bring out all the features and textures. Her photographs are ideal for educational purposes as a result.

That is why I have incorporated her photographs in informational videos at YouTube. They are “plain” unfancy videos designed to give people a quick and easy overview of the cat breed. This is a link to my YouTube Home page(new window).

Helmi is open to invitations to work internationally. Please contact her direct. And recently (Aug. 2009) Helmi also discusses her photography on her Blogger site: Cats et cetera from Helmi Flick (new window)

Note late Aug. 2010: the site has grown hugely and this section is now outdated… For the sake of clarity her photographs on this website can be seen on the following pages and throughout the website where you will see credits for her fine work. Note: the list that follows was created at the beginning of this project. Since then I have placed a credit on all the photographs or near them and if not on the page prominently.

My page: The picture of the cat on hind legs and front legs reaching up.

Dwarf Cats: Top photograph (credit given below photograph). The Singapura cat credit given next to the photograph).

Muchkin: Both photographs.

Maine Coon:Top photograph, 3rd and 5th. The other 2 are stock photos and from Majesticoons a cattery (credit given below photo).

Ragdoll:Top, 3rd and 4th down (5th and 6th are stock photos).

Bengal cats for sale:All are by Helmi.

Persian cats:All are by Helmi.

Bambinos:Top photograph.

This page:All the photographs.

Persian kittens: All are by Helmi.

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Dana Animal Photography
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Click here to visit the Helmi Flick Cat Photography website

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