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Hitchhiking Cat Is Going Home — 4 Comments

  1. I had to do a “story weaving” on this one. The information was scattered between two well written articles, but neither had the complete story. It was an interesting piece, but hard to keep it in line where everything would be clear to the readers.

  2. This is an interesting story because it has quite a lot of complexity – the way I see it.

    Firstly Mata was saved by Ron and then she decided to go. Why do cats want to leave a nice home belonging to the person who saved her?

    Then Michael saved her again. Took care of her and becoming close. Now Michael and Mata have to be separated. That will be difficult for Mata and Michel.

    When Mata returns home to Ron will she stay? You can see there some complicated issues here.

    All in all though the story has, for the time being, turned out well and two men rescued the same cat. Good for them

  3. I’m so glad Mata Tabor was lucky enough to find two nice men to take care of her and the second was able to return her to the first. She is one lucky kitty.

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