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  1. Michael, i have never ever vaccinated my 2 cats after the initial inoculations received as kittens.Its been 5 years since my female cat Matahari aqnd 3 years since tomcat Matata last received their annual anti rabies/Etc inoculations.Both my cats are “Indoor Cats” and hence their own immune system protects them as they don’t come into contact with other domestic cats .I have taken matahari to the Vet for other injuries but never ever for the “annual mandatory vaccines”.Tomcat Matata once severely cut my hand during a cat fight with his dam matahari and i didn’t get infected with “RABIES”. What i am trying to prove is that house cats confined to homes are safe from external viruses as well as the dreaded rabies.Its all a question of “Cat Paranoia” that burdens most house-hold pet cats with unnecessary injections from the Vet.

    • I agree with you. I think the vets have a role to play here. They tend to promote yearly vaccinations which is overdoing it and they can affect the cat’s health. It is a way for a vet to get the cat in and make some more money beyond doing the vaccinations. I am know I am cynical but there is certainly some of that going on.

  2. Hi Michael,

    One perspective on this- and it has to do with requirements for adopting a cat in the US. I only have direct knowledge of my one adoption adventure. But, I’d say that this might be typical of organizations other than the one where I adopted Ms. Cat.

    Background: I had to go through quite a lengthy online process to be approved to adopt a cat, any cat, from the organization that held Ms. Cat. A very detailed questionnaire, include some trick questions like “how much to you think it costs per year to maintain a cat?”- I say trick questions, b/c most of the a,b,c,d etc. options were incredibly low. I had to provide references, two people they could contact. I had to state the name of the vet I planned to use (or the vet I used, if I had other cats).

    If I were wanting to adopt another cat from the same organization, I suspect that they would call the vets to see if I had been a reliable and good cat owner. Check out the entire history. See if vaccinations had been done at proper time, etc. etc. If I said that I had had Ms. Cat treated via homeopathy, then I simply wouldn’t be able to adopt a second cat. (Not that I am looking to do so.)

    I am offering a bit of perspective as to how adoption organizations behave in the US. I don’t know how things are in the UK. You got Charlie, inherited Charlie through family. So, you didn’t have to deal with the kinds of questions potential cat adopters do here.



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