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How I Came to Love Cats — 2 Comments

  1. Lovely story. Thank you for sharing. We always had cats around the house when I was young. I grew up with them and mom’s cat Fluffy hated all of us except me. This only made me love her more. She just didn’t like to be held unless she wanted it. I don’t think she climbed into my lap until I was in my early teens of her own accord. I was shocked and I enjoyed every minute of it. She was so untrusting because a pet raccoon got a hold of her when she was a wee kitten and tried to kill her. Her big brothers rescued her and she was sent to my mom, who was more than happy to take the wee little grey ball of fluff in. She lived to be 15-16 or so. Even though she hissed at me more often than not, she is why I began to love cats so much.

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