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  1. I clean my one and only 4 y/o cat’s litter box after each use and I do try to be prompt about it and if I’m not available I ask someone reliable to do it because I’ve observed that if it is soiled with either poop or pee she chooses to do it on my shoes, pillows or couch, this behavior actually started at about the time she turned 2. When she came to live with me as a 1 month old kitten she automatically just went to her litter box when she needed to without any training/coaxing whatsoever. It was a breeze. As she got older she became fastidious about its cleanliness. So I keep it clean.

  2. Monty didn’t poop outside for at least the first two years I had him, but then suddenly he decided he could go outside. So for about a year now he has been going in leaves outside. He prefers to bury it in them. Before that he was like Bigfoot, asking to go in to use his box and then wanting right back out.
    I might be diligent about poop scooping, but I don’t play with Monty as much as I should. Marx is really good about playtime. I seem to always put it off, though once in awhile Monty’s pointed glances at the top of the shelf where I keep his fishing pole toy will motivate me to get it out and play with him for awhile.
    The other day I fed him a large amount of food and took him out with me. Before we came in I was throwing little sticks and he was chasing them or jumping for them. When he came in he barfed. It was too much activity on a full stomach. So even when I try to do right by him it is wrong. I learned to just give him a little bite of food when I get home from work, take him out, and then give him the rest of the meal when he comes in.

    • I find it interesting that Monty preferred to poop outside eventually. He must have been used to cat litter and then discovered his roots and found earth the better substance. This is unsurprising since his wild cat ancestors preferred it too.

  3. Hmmm, about once every six months as that’s about how often one or the other of our boys use a tray, the rest of the time they go happily off to answer the call of nature outside in their own litle latrine corner.

    • That is certainly a preference for cats. Except for Bigfoot. I still wonder where Marvin goes. He’s very private about it. I may never know! Yellow cat loves the foot-deep fallen oak leave bed out back. Shadow likes the dirt pile behind the vegetable garden. Thank goodness not in the tomato garden!

    • Love it. These days I don’t do it at all as Charlie goes in the garden. He always has it seems. I wonder if some indooor/outdoor cats use a litter tray or whether they all use what is natural outside.

      • Bigfoot is free to go outside, but he chooses to use his own litter. He sometimes comes running in fast, up the stairs jumps in his litter tray…then goes back outside. Makes me scratch my head in wonder. He is odd on many fronts. I love him anyway.

  4. Here too. Bigfoot is the only one of my four cats that uses litter. I clean it two to three times a day. If I’m in a far way part of the house, or out he will wait on the landing of the stairs and meow loudly in a certain way that lets me know it is time to scoop the poop! He is a fastidious old man, and doesn’t suffer fools.

    I love the communication. He also herds me to his water fountain if the water is getting too low. The pump makes a certain sound he doesn’t like and he lets me know. I am most definitely his servant.

  5. I scoop every morning and sometimes in the evening if it looks like it needs it. Every weekend I scoop out about 75% of the litter – the saturated (crystals) under the suface and refill it with a fresh bag. That leaves about one quarter of the the cleaner stuff underneath 3 quarters of brand new. I have one small litterbox and one huge one. Its usually pretty clean with that routine. But Molly seems to be in heat right now and part of that involves her peeing really alot and in places she shouldnt – like on the couch and in the kitchen sink. She is in heat and it coincides with that although I did start to worry when she went on the couch that there might be something wrong. She drinks a lot, they all do, especially after playing and they have a nice water fountain which I occasionally put and ice cube in to make it nice and cool for them. I am booking their spay appointments for the 8th or so of December. Luckily Gigi is not in heat. I’m scared of the surgery, they both have fast breathing and also I am scared of the price for both of them!

  6. Monty’s litter box gets scooped every time he uses it as soon as I can get to it. If I work all day he may use it twice before it gets scooped, but often just once. I scoop it in the morning as soon as he’s been in it. I scoop it right when I get home from work. I scoop it before bed if necessary. I scoop it when my husband announces, “The cat pooped.” Monty also has the largest litter box I could find, so if he has to go twice in there he just uses the opposite side of it. He also sometimes uses the outside as a bathroom. He seems to prefer to pee outside but still comes in to use the litterbox for poop most of the time, though there are exceptions.

    • I think you are the “Poop Scoop Champion of Wisconsin”. PoC awards you that treasured prize and a free entry to the 2013 World Championships to be held in London, UK 🙂 Seriously, though, you are good, excellent in fact. Monty has a life that is as good as it gets for a domestic cat. I am impressed. Marc is in your league though 😉

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